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SGHomeNeeds provides transparent, reliable and trusted ratings and reviews of home service providers in Singapore.

With SGHomeNeeds, you can hire local service providers from over 40 specialisation across 14 different home service categories in Singapore (island-wide), ranging from aircon mechanics, home care givers and even latest cutting-edge home technology providers.

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SGHomeNeeds aims to increase quality of home service providers in Singapore by promoting the flow of transparent, reliable information about them.

No membership subscription fees, just a platform for you to choose the best service provider from over 40 different home services and 14 home categories.

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Get quotes and bids from merchants, absolutely for free

We provide our unique feature, HomeMatch, to home owners who have specific requirements for our merchants.

Instead of approaching each merchant individually for quotes and troubled by the extensive search and research, our HomeMatch feature allows you to engage several of our merchants by just filling up our form. Sit back, relax, and wait for our merchants to bid and quote for your project. 

Verified, transparent customer reviews and ratings

SGHomeNeeds verifies each customers reviews with our merchants and vice versa, to ensure ratings and reviews of every service provider in SGHomeNeeds are 100% authentic.

Search through our extensive directory with reviews, ratings from their past clients for your home needs. Our service providers are categorised strategically for you to navigate easily in the directory.

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Insightful tools and tips by industry leaders

SGHomeNeeds work continuously to improve our content and bring you new industry insights frequently. We invite industry experts and leaders to give you tips on your home needs.

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We screen the vendors based on your requirements out of all the connections that we have.

Contact, compare and filter the vendors, and only hire when you are fully ready and satisfied.

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