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How much should it cost?

SGHomeNeeds cost guide help you to make detailed price estimates when it comes to hiring a professional for your home project. With over 100 kinds of home improvement projects, you can be better informed when it comes to planning and budgeting through our cost guide.

Electrical wiring

Home Electrical Works and Repair Cost guide

As our society progresses, we need more electricity and energy consumption for the betterment of our lives. Over the years, as electricity dependency increases, we become ever more reliant on…

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different paints

Painting Cost Guide & Estimates: How Much Does Hiring A Painter Cost?

All homes require painting to maintain its look, appeal and definitely resale value. Painting can be one of the most effective way to make your house look more vibrant and…

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hand-drawn aircon

Air-Conditioner Cost Guide & Estimate 2018

In the hot tropical weather, most of us in Singapore will notice immediately when our air-conditioning unit isn’t working. Most of us are used to enjoying the cold air in…

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Faucet with water

Plumbing Cost Guide & Estimate In Singapore

Almost every home will experience a time when you urgently need a plumber. Be it a burst pipe or a leaking faucet, when something goes wrong with your plumbing system,…

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Boxes for home moving

Moving Cost Guide & Estimate In Singapore

With more than 1.1 million homeowners, according to HDB statistics, there are more than an estimated 100,000 house moving occurring in Singapore every year. If you have experienced home moving…

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Handyman tools

Handyman Services & Pricing Guide

In Singapore, most homeowners need to engage a handyman at least once every year for maintenance work of their home. A handyman (or handywoman) is a skilled generalist, a jack-of-all-trades…

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About SGHomeNeeds

SGHomeNeeds | Trusted Home Service Providers In Singapore

SGHomeNeeds’ vision is to provide comprehensive, unaltered and honest feedback about all home service providers in Singapore. Our platform aims to empower homeowners to select the home service providers which can best suit their needs.

With our transparent and open ratings and reviews system, Singapore home owners can filter through credible, trustworthy home service providers on our platform. With HomeMatch, SGHomeNeeds focuses heavily on the best user experience, allowing them to customize requests such as budget, time, venue and even ratings of the home service providers in Singapore.

The best part? Our services are absolutely free for all users. With just a few simply clicks or taps on your mobile screen, you can have multiple home service providers bidding for your project. Furthermore, you can view their background and history before choosing one that can best suit your needs. Try out our HomeMatch for free!