About SGHomeNeeds

SGHomeNeeds Creed For Customers

SGHomeNeeds aims to be the number one trusted and reliable platform for choosing the best home service providers in Singapore. Started in December 2017, SGHomeNeeds has since enlisted over 80 home service providers (as of January 2018) who buys into our vision to give customers a peace of mind choosing the most suitable home services for them. 

We bridge the information gap between customers and businesses. Customers can use our website (absolutely free!) to source for a suitable business for their home needs, or to connect to an ideal business as quickly as possible through HomeMatch. Businesses can also reach out to customers by setting a strong website presence. 

Information about home needs, tips, practices and many more will be consolidated in the articles section for users to benefit from in their home environments. Stay tune to more update and services by subscribing to our newsfeed!

SGHomeNeeds Creed for businesses

We strongly believe in empowering businesses and professionals to reach more sales and the awareness of their target audience by ensuring the transparent flow of information.

We do not charge merchants any directory, listing fees, and merchants enjoy almost all the benefits available on our platform, including putting pictures, videos, ratings and all other information of the company. 

We continuously improve our operations, systems and interface to ensure your prospects and leads find and work with you in the easiest way possible simply by leveraging on our platform.