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6 Types of Modern Wardrobe Designs For Your Bedroom

What is a bedroom without a wardrobe? It is something that accentuates the design and the look of the room. Cleaver hacks for wardrobes can change the way your bedroom looks in general and that is exactly how it should be.

But how do you pick out furniture for your bedroom? Wardrobes should complement the entire set up without which it makes no sense, literally. Depending on your personalised taste, you can choose a contemporary look or a traditional one that speaks volumes about your personality and your style!

Confused which one should you be choosing? Well, that where we help you out.

1. Wardrobes that have mirrors

Wardrobes with mirrors

Mirrors are important. Period. Wardrobes with full length mirrors are something that comprises the watch words these days. If you bedroom has a smaller floor space, having spacious wardrobe with mirrors can give it a spacious look in spite of all the jazz. It fixes all your space requirements and adds that much needed volume and light to the entire space. Singapore Wardrobe designs gives you the perfect portfolio to choose the specifications such that you can customise the space as you like.

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2. Shifting panels

Shifting panels

Sifting doors and panels have been restricted to hotel rooms for a really long time. However, with times and designs changing over the days, it has now made its way into the bedroom in houses too. It is flexible, easy, and compatible with the design of the space, this couldn’t get any better. Tired because those doors closing and opening keep taking up a lot of space making it tough for you to move around in your own room? Well, you know now what would fix it.

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3. Built in Cupboards

Built in Cupboards

What does that mean exactly? Well, these are cupboards that are generally fixed to the walls where you can customise the exteriors only. Use different materials, colours and textures to accentuate the look of the room. What’s better? You can change the colour scheme any time you renovate the whole room!

4. Building that cupboard around the window

Building that cupboard around the window

Save space and gives you a cosy idling corner.With cupboards built around the window you have a divisive negative space in and around which is helpful in general. With a practical hole in the wall, you can snuggle up with a great book and coffee which is clever and economical as well.

5. Wall Divider Wardrobes

Wall Divider Wardrobes

Have a smaller apartment or a room? Well, this wall divider wardrobe is something that can be helpful in general. You can make use of a wall divider wardrobe to convert it into a TV unit or a second function inclusive of a wardrobe. Make it a wall like structure and a storage space, all summed up into one.

6. Customise the headboard of your bed and have horizontal wardrobes.

headboard of your bed and have horizontal wardrobes

If space is a constraint, you can make use of the space around the bed headboard to customise it as a wardrobe to save ample space as well.

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