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7 Tips to Choose the Right Carpet Cleaning Service in Singapore

Carpets require frequent cleaning in Singapore, where dust and other airborne impurities from construction sites are common. A dirty and stained carpet not only reduces the overall aesthetics of your house, but it can also harbour parasites like fleas and cause skin irritation to occur.

It is not worthwhile to purchase a new carpet whenever your previous one becomes dirty or has a stain. As cleaning a carpet requires effort and time which you may not be able to afford, a better alternative would be to hire a professional carpet cleaning service provider that will be capable of handling such a difficult task effectively.

Here are 7 useful guidelines that you can follow when hiring a professional carpet cleaning service in Singapore.

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1. Recommendations from Friends and Family

The easiest way to find a reliable carpet cleaning service is through referrals from the people you trust most, your friends and family. Use their recommendations as an easy way to shortlist the carpet cleaning services that you may be interested in. The fact that these companies are being referred to you indicates that they are capable of leaving their customers satisfied by their services. Once you have acquired a list, you can then conduct further research into these carpet cleaning service providers by visiting their websites or reading online reviews.

2. Cleaning Methods

Knowing the tools that the carpet cleaning service uses to clean carpets can help you decide on which company’s methods are suitable for your carpet. Also, you should find out if the chemicals that the company uses will be harmful to the fabric of your carpet. Using the wrong or inferior cleaning methods might be detrimental to its appearance and durability in the long run.  Some carpet cleaning services provide eco-friendly methods that are less harmful to the environment.

Therefore, you should try to look for a company that uses the right and appropriate cleaning methods for your carpet. The different methods of cleaning used by companies may affect your final decision in choosing the right carpet cleaning company. One indicator that a company uses the right carpet cleaning methods is if the company assesses the current condition of your carpet before deciding on the appropriate cleaning procedure for it.

3. Licensing and insurance

In Singapore, it is illegal to hire services from a company that is not licensed in its operations. Therefore, check that the company is certified properly before engaging in their services to prevent any situations of fraud. Also, ensure that the company is properly insured in the case of an accident occurring during the cleaning process. A carpet cleaning company that is properly licensed and insured is also an indicator of its professionalism.

4. Experience

The experience of the carpet cleaning service is an important indicator of the quality of its services. One way to determine how much experience a carpet cleaning service has is the duration in which it has been operating. For most cases, the longer the company has been operating translates to greater experience with regards to cleaning carpets. Experienced professionals are able to determine the most effective cleaning method for your carpet due to their knowledge. Therefore, choosing an experienced carpet cleaning service will ensure that you get your money’s worth.

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5. Professionalism

You can determine if a carpet cleaning company is professional by looking at their cleaning methods and work ethic. A professional carpet cleaning company utilises cleaning methods that are customised according to the material of the carpet. Moreover, they will be able to provide expert advice on how you can take care and maintain your carpet in the future.  Also, you can be sure that the staff under professional carpet cleaning companies are highly skilled and trained. Therefore, you should look for a professional carpet cleaning service as their cleaning methods and work ethic are reliable

6. Prices

It is common for Singaporeans to choose a carpet cleaning service based on price. This is because as Singaporeans, we are constantly looking for cheap deals. However, you should not compromise the quality of cleaning services just for affordable prices. If a company is able to offer low prices, it usually means that their cleaning methods will also be on the cheaper end. Such cheaper cleaning methods may damage the quality of your carpet. This may not be worthwhile in the long run as you might have to purchase a new carpet to replace your old one. Therefore, you should not choose a carpet cleaning service based on price alone.

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7. Technology

A good indicator of a suitable carpet cleaning service is by the technology it utilises. A company that utilises modern technology would mean that it possesses the relevant carpet cleaning equipment. This is essential for effective carpet cleaning as it goes a long way in maintaining the quality of your carpet.

In order to stay relevant in this digital age, it is imperative for companies such as carpet cleaning services to hop onto the digital platform when offering their services. A good carpet cleaning company is able to adapt to the changing times without compromising the quality of its cleaning services. Here at SGhomeneeds, we have identified a few reliable carpet cleaning services for you.

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Final Thoughts

Finding a company that provides carpet cleaning services in Singapore may be easy due to the accessibility of information online. However, finding a reliable and professional carpet cleaning service provider that will meet your needs is not as easy. By following the guidelines above, we hope that you will be able to find a carpet cleaning service that will satisfy your expectations of a clean carpet. Alternatively, if you do not mind taking on the arduous task of cleaning your carpet on your own, we have listed down a few DIY carpet cleaning tricks that will make your life easier.

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