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Elderly Day Care Or In-Home Care: What Is Better For Your Seniors?

There is no doubt that modern day society has changed a lot. Years ago, people had enough time to spend with their adored aging parents. But, today the scenario is different and people do not have any option other than seeking help from elderly day care services or in-home care.

With hectic lifestyle and a chaotic schedule, it becomes almost impossible to have time for complete elderly care.

Luckily, there are mélange of caregiving assistance. Well, on the other side, choosing senior care options is indeed a complex task.

Now the thing that comes to highlight is: what you should go for, in-home care or elderly day care services? Here is a guide that can lend you a hand in picking the best for your seniors.

elderly day care services

What does Elderly Day Care Services offer?

Elderly day care services are comprehensive programs tailored for the supervision and assistance of adults during the day. They offer social activities and health care services for adults with physical disabilities or cognitive impairments.

A safe, supportive environment for older adults can give you the peace of mind as you know your elders are in safe hands. They organize activities to stimulate essential mental and social abilities to those older folks who are frail or may be lonely. Here is what an elderly day care service can offer to your seniors.

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Nutrition and meals

Some elderly day care services provide nutritionally balanced meals that are served in a friendly and social group setting. They pay attention to the special needs in the diet. That means you need not have to worry about their diet and nutrition while you are at work.

Comprehensive health screenings

A professionally licensed team of therapists, nurses and other professionals are also available at some elderly day care centers for conducting a series of comprehensive health screenings.

Activities and events

Social interaction and cognitive stimulation are also important for mental health and well-being of seniors. This is why elderly day care services provide a wide range of activities and events. The events may include spiritual discussion, games, relaxation and meditation, exercise and gardening.

Socialization and peer support

Getting out the house to participate in activities can be beneficial for the older adults who don’t like to stay alone at home. With adult day care programs, they get the chance to meet new friends and experience new things. After all, you’re never too old to have fun! Increased socialization in a safe, nurturing and comfortable community setting can boost their morale to a great extent.

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What does In-home care offer?

Taking care of elderly

Some senior love to be at home and they don’t want to leave the comfort zone of their house. But the age factor makes it difficult for them over time.

This is where a reliable in-home care service can help.

In-home care service is a personal care or health care support that is provided to the old folks at the comfort of their home.

They provide seniors with health care and non-medical care along with companionship. Here is what more you can expect from an in-home care service.


Regular hygiene and grooming are crucial and effective for seniors. The diminishing phase of age that is more prone to diseases call for more care and hygiene. Those who have physical or cognitive limitations need special care for grooming. A good in-home care service can assist them in their grooming needs such as bathing, hair combing, and styling.


A nutritious diet makes one of the imperative needs of seniors. Most of them have prescribed meal plans to stick to for health issues. The in-home care services help with all of these diet needs and make sure your loved ones get proper nourishment.

Assistance in mobility

Does your senior need assistance in moving around the home and getting in and out of bed or wheelchairs? The caregiver can also help them with these mobility needs while ensuring that they remain active in their golden years. They can assist them in getting from place to place in comfort and contribute to reducing bedsore risks.


Lack of conversation can lead the way to anxiety and depression. However, with a caregiver at home, they will stay social, engaged and upbeat with a lower tendency to develop depression and general cognitive decline.

Light housekeeping

Some caregivers also help with the light housekeeping such as mopping, dusting, vacuuming, house cleaning, and organizing. They can also run around for accomplishing the tasks like grocery shopping and other errands for the seniors.

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Although the caregivers don’t administer medications, they can help the elders by reminding them about the prescribed medication. They make sure that your loved one regularly takes their medication. They can help with opening medication containers, reading labels while reminding them of the next dose.

Adult Daycare vs. In-home Care

elderly day care services

What to choose for your elderly care largely depends on your requirement. Here are some deciding factors based on your needs which may give you a clear vision of what is suitable for you.


If you need a service that will be available 24 hours a day, in-home care is what you need. You can opt for an agency that specializes in home care. Elderly day care services will be only during some specific hours of a day. Hence, it is beneficial to opt for the service if you need it for certain time in the day.

Types of care

The services you choose will also rely on the type of care you need for your senior. If you need a little help with cleaning and cooking chores for your loved one, you can look for good daycare service. However, for round-the-clock care and assistance, in-home care is the right option for you.

The level of freedom

Some old folk may love to be at home while some need to be socialized. If they can be left home alone, occasional in-home care is apt to have. But for the seniors who need daytime supervision, elderly day care services are the right option to go with. With daycare service they can have the basic meals and snacks, and medical care and a change of pace.


Although the price may differ on the basis of services required, general in-home care can cost up to $15.00 per hour. For more skilled nursing help, you may need to spend around $25.00 per hour or more.

The average daily charge for the daycare can be around $40 to $60 which includes a wide range of special services such as a personal or nursing care, therapeutic activities, nutritional meals and health screening. If you don’t need any specialized care, it will cost you around $25 per day.

Social Interaction

If you feel like your loved one can have the risk of feeling isolated with an in-home care service, adult day care is the way to go. Social interaction can help them avoid such feeling of abandonment that can lead their way to quick depression. elderly day care services can stimulate their willpower to make them feel like a productive and active member of society.

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The key point is that elderly parents demand support and attention. Being their offspring, it is our duty to do our best for them. When they are in the stage of retirement, they need special care. Therefore, it becomes imperative to look for the best option when it comes to home and center-based care services.

Every individual is different so as their need. Both in-home care and elderly day care services have their own share of benefits. The option that best suits the need of your aged parents or senior is what you should opt for. Researching every option for elderly care is the key to have peace of mind.

Whether you choose in-home care or a daycare service, make sure it is reliable. So, now you only need to seek the prominent caregiving assistance services to rest assured that your elders are in safe hands.

Elderly Day Care Or In-Home Care

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