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A Complete Guide To Elderly Care Singapore

Taking care of an elderly parent is an emotionally complex experience. A small mistake in taking medication or a bathroom fall can thrust our aging parents into rolls of caregivers overnight.

Dealing with the hospital bill and health insurance while going through a hectic schedule can make you insane. Chaos right?

However, proper planning and getting equipped with right ways can make the elderly care process a bit easier for you.  Here is the complete guide to help you with the elderly care Singapore.

Elderly care

Signs That Imply Your Aging Loved One Needs Care

Ever heard your parents saying, “I don’t want to be a burden to my children”?

If yes, it’s time to initiate dialogue with your aging loved one. It’s a common thought that arises among the aging people.

Sometimes they don’t share their thoughts, so you have to look for some signs that indicate they need help.

Here are some warning signs that alert they should be given special care.

  • Trouble with walking or standing
  • Lack of personal hygiene
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Weight loss and loss of appetite
  • Trouble in shopping for groceries
  • Loss of interest in socializing
  • Trouble in decision making
  • Memory loss
  • Difficulty in taking medications
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Increased irritability and mood swings
  • Difficulty with finances and paying bills
  • Trouble in maintaining the home

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Things To Consider

Elderly caregivers


First of all, consider the location of your elders.  Are there any relatives, family members, neighbours or friends who can help them with things such as home care or grocery shopping?

Is there any doctor or chemist nearby who can help them out in the emergency? Also look for the local community programs and care services that can help them socially.

Medical issue

Another important point that you need to consider is their medical condition. Do they need extra care services or diligence?

Is it possible for them to manage their needs and home care by themselves? Find out if they require extra help with daily medical routines

Home safety

The layout of the room should be comfortable for your ageing parents. Many steps to climb can create difficulty in their functioning.

If possible, try to incorporate a little modification in the layout to increase safety and reduce fall risk.

Financial issues

Added expenses and services come along the elderly care facilities. They may require your financial support to satiate their need.

You must anticipate their expenses to cover the health charges, routine check-ups, daily expenditures and care services.

Available support

If you are living away from your ageing parents, you must consider their nearby available support. Think about whether they have family members or friends close by who will be willing to chip in and share the elderly care responsibility.

If they have a caretaker, you should find out whether the caregiver can manage their needs. Here are the chores a caretaker needs to perform.


A caretaker not only provides supportive and safe home care services but also make a good companion for your loved ones. The caretaker agencies for elderly care Singapore are taught to protect the health and well being of elderly folks.

Moreover, they can also lend an ear or help pass the time. They team up to do fun things to bring a smile to the elders’ face.

Cooking, meal planning, and grocery shopping

From meal planning to grocery, shopping and cooking, a caretaker will perform all the tasks. Sometimes, it is daunting for our elders to cook up the meal for themselves.

However, it is essential for them to have a healthy and nutritional diet to stay fit.  So, it is better to hire a caregiver for elderly care Singapore to prepare food for them.


Maintaining an orderly living space becomes almost impossible in the elderly phase. A caregiver will accomplish all the lighthousekeeping tasks such as watering the plants, doing and folding laundry, dusting of surfaces and vacuuming, etc.

Medication reminders

Proper administration of essential medications can be challenging for some seniors. They have to go through prescription and over-the-counter medicines due to their age factor.

Escaping medicine or taking an overdose by mistake can be harmful to their health.  This is why the elderly care Singapore agencies also include medication reminder services to track the medication times.

Caregivers can help them assist in medication management by reminding them to take their medications on schedule.

Personal care

A caregiver can also help with the personal grooming task such as getting dressed, bathing, etc.


Not only the home care but an appointed caregiver can also incorporate activities like escorting the seniors to doctors’ appointments, shopping, or just strolling.

Steps To Follow

Make changes in the house

You should start off with making little changes in your home. Whether small or large, these changes can save you from a lot of trouble.

Remove the clutter like excess furniture from living space and corridor that can make it difficult for them to move around. Make sure to fix grab bars near toilet and shower and have anti-scald devices.

Remove the loose wires or cables on the floors and have non-skid mats for the bathroom and kitchen. Here is a convenient senior safety checklist that will help you to reduce the number of hazards existing in the home.

General home safety checklist for elderly care Singapore

  • The home and staircases are well lit
  • Every room has a flashlight and nightlight
  • Staircase is in good condition with study handrails
  • Floors are not highly polished or slippery
  • There is a slip-resistant rug near the bathroom
  • No clutter or debris on the floor
  • Doors and windows are secured
  • Have good ventilation
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are installed in the home
  • Electrical cords are properly plugged
  • Power strips aren’t overloaded
  • Electric appliances are kept at a safe distance from water

Bathroom safety

  • There are grab bars in the bathtub or shower
  • Anti-slip materials or tape installed in the tub
  • A raised toilet seat

Bedroom safety

  • The floor is clutter free
  • A lamp, flashlight, and telephone are within reach
  • Nightlights are placed
  • A raised mattress to get in and out of bed easily

Kitchen safety

  • No throw rugs are there
  • No liquid, grease or food spilt on the floor
  • Have an easy to reach place to store food, dishes and cooking equipment
  • A fire extinguisher is installed

Safety outside the home

  • Safely and securely stored tools and yard equipment
  • Solvents, paints, and sprays are kept away from heat sources
  • Outdoor lighting is in working order
  • Walking paths are clear and safe

Keep track

Keeping track of their activity is another important thing when it comes to elderly care Singapore. Especially when your elders are at home alone, you should find ways to keep an eye on them.

If they are tech-savvy, a mobile phone with tracker can do the trick. You can even incorporate motion sensors to keep tabs on them to ensure they are safe.

Regular exercise

On this phase of the age, it is essential to ensure that they are physically active. Regular exercising will keep them fit and healthy.

You can encourage them to a golf or tennis club or just to be a part of a walking group. Apart from the health benefits, this will keep them mentally active and make them feel better about themselves.

Be careful of their medication

Poor medication management can be dicey for the elder people. Hence they should be under supervision. Their poor eyesight, memory loss or drowsiness may cause them to mix up their medications.

A simple mistake in medication can have severe consequences. So, what you need to do is label the drugs boldly and arrange them on specific drawers or compartments. This will make it easier for them to choose the right medicine without getting puzzled.

Visit them often

Living away from your ageing parents? No matter what cause you to stay away from your elders, you need to take care of them in every possible way.

Try to visit them often as it can make a lot of difference to them. A few minutes of caring conversation coupled with a little time spent together can be really helpful to boost their spirit and mood.

Moreover, you would get the opportunity to check around the house for safety. You should even visit their neighbours to maintain a good relationship with them.

Have fun with them

While ageing, people can easily get depressed due to loneliness. So, it’s a good idea to have some fun with them.

Watch movies, wear a goofy hat, click pictures and do all the things that they love to do. You know them better, and you know how to make them laugh. Just do whatever you feel like to make them happy.

Safety against scams

Older adults may find it difficult to understand the complexity and risk of hi-tech gadgets. If they are not too tech savvy, chances are they can easily get conned.

Rushing into any financial deals can make them vulnerable to a lot of scams. Usage of a credit card to mobile investment, there are a lot of ways that can lead their way to get cheated.

Appoint a driver

As the age catches up, it’s tough for the elders to drive safely. Their driving gets erratic with their cognitive capability starts waning and body stiffens. So, it is essential to hire a driver for them.

Hire a good elderly care agency

While living away from elders, you may not be able to take care of them every day even though you want to. In such cases, hiring a professional for elderly care Singapore can make things easier for you.

Various elderly care Singapore agencies provide excellent elderly care facilities. They can take complete care of your ageing parents while eliminating your stress.

Get in touch with a reliable elderly caregiver

Types Of Elderly Care Agencies

Most of us assume that elderly care Singapore agencies and their facilities are essentially the same. However, this is not true. Various levels of elder care services are designed to provide the required care to the elders. You can opt for any of the services based on your need.

Taking care of elderly people

Senior independent living communities

Seniors with a few medical problems or those who can more or less live independently can take help of these elderly care Singapore communities.

Here they will have an apartment-style living and take the benefit of custom-designed meal packages and elderly care facilities. Typically known as retirement communities, such people emphasizes the level of independence in the senior age group.

Assisted living communities

An assisted living is a long-term option for elderly care Singapore. They provide personal care services and support or help with some of the more rudimentary functions such as meals, medication management, bathing, dressing, and transportation.

Their medical staff will be available round the clock to spring into action if needed. They also make an effort to encourage sociability through several different activities throughout the day.

Nursing homes

Nursing homes provide a complete round-the-clock nursing, elderly care Singapore services to the seniors. Those aged people who require a high level of medical assistance can take the help of nursing home.

They share rooms with each other and also get meals. Some nursing homes also have special elderly care facilities and unit to take care of Alzheimer’s patients.

Home care

The home care allows the elders to stay in their own homes while receiving the assistance to keep them as independent as possible.

They get assistance in basic tasks such as cooking and dressing. Furthermore, they can also take help in more advanced tasks such as paying bills or making appointments.

Here you can read more about elderly day care vs in-home care.

Maid agencies for the elderly are popular too. You may opt for a maid to take care of your elderly love one at home.

Wrapping Up

You can’t deny that you would be nothing without the help and support of your elders. They still love and care for you, but now it’s your turn to look out for them.

Although the hectic schedule may not allow you to be with them all the time, with this complete guide you will be able to make their ageing years beautiful and jovial.

All you need is some effort and time, and you’ll be glad that you did your best.

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