Why You Should Hire a Transfer Maid in Singapore

The demand for transfer maids in Singapore has been on the rise. According to an article by The Straits Times, more families are changing their preference to hire transfer maids instead. Transfer maids refer to maids who are already residing in Singapore as they look to transfer from one employer to another. We take a look why you should consider hiring a transfer maid over a new maid in Singapore.

Reasons for hiring transfer maid over a new one

1. Lower costs

Hiring a transfer maid is considerably cheaper compared to a new maid. This is because transfer maids have already been residing in Singapore. This means that you do not have to pay for the expenses that accompany hiring a new maid.

This includes airplane tickets here, medical check-up fees, mandatory courses conducted by MOM and other miscellaneous fees. Usually, these fees are already included in the overall costs by agencies when hiring new maids.

2. Transfer maids have been trained

In a modern society like Singapore, it is expected for every household to contain at least one electrical appliance. However, as new maids may come from a more rural background, they might lack the knowledge on how to operate such electrical appliances.

Hiring a transfer maid will be a better option as she will already be trained on how to use them from her previous employers in Singapore. Hence, you will not have to spend time to teach her how to operate such electrical appliances in your home.

3. Transfer maids are more experienced

In addition to having already been trained, transfer maids usually possess enough prior experience to perform their tasks well. Their vast experience allows them to meet high expectations set by current employers.

Most transfer maids have become experts at their jobs thanks to many chores being repetitive in nature, such as washing the dishes or cleaning the floor. Thus, transfer maids are able to provide services with a much higher quality as compared to new maids.

4. Adapted to living in Singapore

Transfer maids are less prone to suffering from homesickness as they have more or less been living in Singapore for a while. This means that they would have already adjusted to living by themselves away from their families. Also, they would have gotten used to the culture in Singapore as they would have left if that weren’t the case.

This is also why transfer maids are known to have better communications skills as their English would have improved after living in Singapore for some time. Do not be surprised that some transfer maids might even know a bit of Singlish. Therefore, transfer maids will be less likely to quit their jobs unexpectedly.

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5. Greater availability

The fact that transfer maids are already here in Singapore makes it very convenient for you to contact them. This means that in the case of an emergency, you can always hire a transfer maid to assist you almost immediately.

On the other hand, the process of hiring a new maid takes a much longer time due to the more steps being involved. Settling the travel bookings for your new maid alone would already take a few days at the very least. If everything goes well, you can even enlist a transfer maid’s help within a few days.

6. More information available

There is greater transparency of information for transfer maids as compared to new maids. You can always find out more about transfer maids from their current or past employers. You can then make your hiring decision based on the past records that the transfer maids have with their employers.

However, the only source of information for a new maid that you can get is from the agency itself. Even so, there is almost no sure way for the agency to guarantee that the maid will be able meet your demands.

This is especially crucial if you are looking to accept her into your family in the future. The availability of information with her past employers will allow you to trust your maid more easily as well.

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7. Able to establish personal interviews

One of the benefits of hiring a transfer maid is that you are able to conduct an interview with her in your house. Having an interview with the transfer maid will allow you to have a better gauge on whether she will be a good fit for your household. This is why almost every company still conducts face to face interviews when they are looking to hire.

On the other hand, the interview process will usually be done by the agency for new maids. You might not get the opportunity to interview the maid in person. Therefore, you are in a better position to decide on your ideal helper if you were to hire a transfer maid instead.


There are 2 ways to search for a transfer maid online.

  1. Recommendations from your friends and family

It is always a good idea to get contacts and recommendations of transfer maids from your closed ones. This shows that these transfer maids have already met the standards of the ones you trust most.

  1. Search online

There are many online sites such as Anisya and Familiz which make it easier for you to search for transfer maids online. These sites contain a wide variety of online profiles of currently available transfer maids in Singapore. You can select your preferred transfer maid based on her online reviews, ratings, skills and stated requirements.

Example of an online profile of a transfer maid

Name: Fitriyah

Active today, 35 years old

Available to start: 18 Jan 2018

Work permit expires: 18 Jan 2018

Profile: Hi. My name is Fitriyah but you can call me Fitri for short. I have 2 years of working experience in Singapore. I am currently residing at HOME shelter due to an ongoing case. I’ll be happy to share the details in person. I can speak good English,  follow recipes and cook very well. Currently, I am the kitchen leader at the shelter. I also am comfortable working with toddlers, and small families.

Salary Range: between $650 and $700

Strengths: Caring for young children (6-12 years) English; Bahasa Indonesia; Vegetarian dishes; Malay dishes; Indonesian dishes; Cooking from recipes; Grocery shopping; Using public transport in Singapore; Indian dishes; Chinese dishes; Western dishes; Thai dishes; Baking Pastries

Source: https://www.anisya.com/domestic-workers/

Both of the above methods has its own advantages. However, we recommend the latter if you are short of time and require help with your housework immediately. This is because it is much faster to search online for a transfer maid in Singapore.

Whereas on the other hand, it is definitely more time consuming to ask around for recommendations from your friends and family. The downside is that you will have to trust online reviews rather than those from your closed ones.

Final Thoughts

If you desperately need an extra pair of hands to assist you in your endless list of house chores, then you surely will not regret hiring a transfer maid. Therefore, if you follow everything that we have shared so far on transfer maids, you will find yourself not knowing what to do with all that extra time saved.

However, if you already hired a transfer maid and wish to build a better relationship with her, you can take a look at our earlier article here.


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