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DIY Home Safety Tips You Can Rely On

Accidents occur every day. Whether you are in the comfort of your office or working on your most precious home project, we are all prone to them.

So when your home renovation, creative juices are flowing, and you get down to modifying your living space, you are challenging yourself both creatively and functionally. That is the reason you need to be especially careful when you are tackling your DIY home projects by working at heights; with power tools or sharp blades; with cumbersome or toxic materials; or with electricity or natural gas.

It is never, at any one point, worth it to do your home renovations if you run a significant risk of seriously injuring yourself.

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By employing these proven to-be secure home safety techniques, however, you can significantly reduce your risk of danger or injury:

#01. Use Hand Tools Properly for home safety

Hand tools

Like power tools, hand tools are both convenient and incredibly useful. They are mainly functional in those hard-to-reach areas that power tools cannot fit appropriately like the indented screw hole, non-ventilated rooms which do not encourage the use of gas-powered appliances and living areas without electricity.

So, to ensure safety when working on your DIY project, make sure that you inspect the tools on a regular basis for any defects, and use them for their intended purpose. If you misuse these tools, you can causeirreversible injuries to yourself or family.

Considering preventative measures is vital when operating either hand or power tools. Also, you should always beware of any other workers in the room and possible trip hazards like loose wires. Last but not least, always keep the blades sharp and rust-free; it helps eliminate chances of unwanted accidents.

#02. Use Power Tools Appropriately

Power tools

There are assortments of power tools for commercial and home-based usage. They can get their energy from gasoline, batteries, electricity, compressed air, hydraulic fluids, and even gunpowder.

While each is brilliantly useful, all of them come with numerousdangers. For instance, gasoline is flammable, and thus one MUST always keep it far from any open flames. Battery-powered tools, on the other hand, can trigger massive shock waves to your body, and they can also leak battery acid if abused. The electric ones can cause severe electrocution if they have any damages on either the wire or the body of the tool, or when you submerge them in water.

Therefore it goes without saying that you MUST use each power tool carefully and before you use it, ensure you go through the manual for proper directions.

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#03. Put on the Right Attire

When engaging in your DIY project, the choice of dressing is massively vital. So, avoid loose-fitting clothes, watches, and jewelry. They can cause significant bodily harm to you and also end up destroyed.

Instead, ensure that you have tight-fitting clothes. Clothing materials tend to be inherently flammable. So, make sure that you take caution primarily when you are working near open sources of heat.

#04. Make Use of the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Every DIY home project and tool has a different type of associated risk. For you to be entirely ready for these risks, you MUST get yourself the perfect protective gear.

PPEs include:

  • Safety Goggles
  • Welding Masks
  • Cutting Gloves
  • Safety Harnesses
  • Steel Toe/Composite Toe Work Boots

Ensure that you dive into research on the protective gear associated with the tools and renovation methods you will be using in your DIY project. Often composite toe work boots are a good investment for general DIY activities. Specific protective equipment is reserved for particular projects – for example if you are working with electricity you would need rubber boots and garden / tree felling specific activities might benefit from logger boots.

#05. Make Other Considerations

Most traditionally-designed households have lead paint and piping. As you might know, lead is extremely toxic to the human body, and thus one needs to approach such cases carefully. Rather than working on lead issues by yourself, request the services of an expert.

Asbestos, on the other hand, are notoriously known carcinogens that pose huge issues when remodeling your home. Though they are harmless when dormant, you can accidentally release these harmful substances. Just like lead issues, you should immediately contact a professional to deal with asbestos.

You also need to ensure that you ALWAYS have a fire extinguisher within reach when improving your home.

fire extinguisher

In addition to all that, you also need to remember that cleaning up your mess after long working hours is imperative. Therefore ensure that you use an air purifier to clean the air (especially if you have been painting or using strong smelling chemicals such as turpentine). Additionally, make sure you vacuum thoroughly to make sure you get rid of all nails and sharp debris so that the area is safe to use.

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