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Easy Steps to Find and Keep a Great Babysitter Singapore

Are you among those parents who are super busy with their hectic lifestyle in Singapore? Well, for working parents, seeking a good babysitter Singapore is undoubtedly a daunting task.

It is not easy at all to trust a stranger to take care of your kids and finding a good caretaker just makes it even harder.

In many cases, babysitters come and go as they do not meet the expectation of the kid’s needs. As you are going to leave your kids with a babysitter, you want her to be reliable and responsible.

Whether you have the worst experience with the babysitter Singapore or are a new parent, these easy steps will help you in picking the best for your infant care.

babysitter Singapore

Find a reliable babysitter agency

Steps to find a reliable babysitter

Write down your priorities

First, think about your requirements and expectations. Do you want someone experienced? Or a babysitter Singapore with early childhood education is your top choice?

What do you want from your caregiver? Do you want her only to feed and bath the child or is there something specific job you want her to do for you?

Writing down these needs will help you narrow down your list while interviewing the nannies.

Ask for recommendations

Next, tap your own circle of friends, family, and colleagues for the recommendation of babysitter Singapore.

Ask if they have a babysitter they love to recommend. It is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to find a babysitter.

If you can’t find someone this way, look at sites that provide detailed information on babysitting services.

Shortlist some candidates

Once you are done with your research part and background check, it’s time to shortlist some good options.

The recommendations from family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues will help you line up some potential picks or agencies that are suitable for your needs.

You can also check review and feedback on the various sites if you are hiring a babysitter form an agency.

Schedule an Interview

babysitter Singapore-Interview

Trusting someone with your kids is not something to be taken lightly, so try to devote quite a few hours to screen the candidates.

If you don’t have time to have in-person interviews, you can try phone screens first. Ask about the things that matter most to you and also try to figure out about childrearing philosophies and experience.

Do a little research regarding the background and eligibility to work before hiring.

Check whether they have the necessary permit to work.

Do a test run

Now you may think of hiring that candidate who impressed you the most in the interview. But don’t rush, as there is one more step to follow before saying yes to any babysitter Singapore.

Watch her interacting with your children as there is no better way to screen the true abilities than to see for yourself how a babysitter is on the job. Ask your kids whether they liked her or not and analyzed whether she will be able to handle your kids well.

Find out if she connects with your kids. Do you like her way of interaction with child? What about her teaching skills and discipline? This can be a big help while making the final decision.

In the end, having some great backup sitters doesn’t hurt. Once you get the perfect babysitter, you won the half of the battle. What about the next half? Read on to find out.

Hire a reliable babysitter

Steps to keep a good babysitter Singapore

babysitter Singapore

Hiring a good babysitter is not the end of the story. It is great to have a sitter you trust, but it’s also important to know how to keep that babysitter. If you got your Mary Poppins, you would not want them to leave the job.

Some of the babysitters abscond after the payday.  But if you have a great bonding with your babysitter, you can make they stay for years.

Managing caregivers after hiring is one of the arduous tasks to handle for most of the parents. If you feel the same, follow these super easy steps to keep a good babysitter.

Get to know them personally

Although technically she is your household employee, you shouldn’t always sound like a rude boss.

Developing friendship by asking about their interest and personal life can make her feel comfortable. This will help her to develop a deeper level of trust on you, and she will give her best to take care of your child.

She may have personal or health issues, so make a little effort to ask if they are facing any problem and try to help her. If she is happy working with you, she will never want to leave the job.

Explain your expectations to your babysitter

Well, she can’t read your mind, right? Politely communicate your expectation and make her understand. Set clear rules that you want her to enforce with your kids. For instance, if you allow the kids watch TV only for the specific amount of time, let her know that.

Pay them what they deserve

Again, they’re taking care of your children. So, they deserve to be paid for what they are doing.  Remember, you will get what you will pay for so pay them well. Also, try to compensate extra during the holidays.

A holiday bonus or a gift card would be nice to make her feel happy.  We are not saying that you must overpay, but you should compensate her well for caring for your children.

Hear them out

It is nice to ask them how the kids behaved while you were gone. If they say, they had some trouble, don’t get defensive and listen to them.

Your sitter is new for your children, and it may take time for the caregiver to understand the behavior of your kids. So help her better manage your children instead of concluding that she is not doing her job properly.

Appreciate the good work

babysitter Singapore

If you are satisfied with the way she manages your children, you must appreciate her work. A few words of appreciation can motivate the babysitter to do even better.  If you are happy with her performance, reward her with something nice.

A good babysitter is hard to find and if you got one, try to manage her well. As she is the one who is taking care of your kids who are most precious to you in the entire universe, she deserves a tap on the back for good work.

Try not to add extra jobs

Asking your babysitter to clean the floor and do the dishes while she is watching your children is not a good idea. If taking care of children is your priority, don’t add on distractions. Piling up too many tasks is something you must avoid.

You can rely on full time or part time maid for your household chores. If you want your caregiver to give full attention to your child, don’t ask her to do extra jobs.

Speak to a few babysitting agencies today

Final Words

Nothing can be more precious for a parent than the safety of their child. A little hesitation is obvious to have while hiring a strange to take care of your little one. But there are reliable and reputable babysitting agencies out there that can provide you great babysitter in Singapore whom you can trust.

Finding someone who will care for your children and get along well with them will take some time. A good babysitter will give you a peace of mind as you will know they will be safe and secure in your absence.

Take the time to interview and watch the babysitter play with your children. Once you find the ideal babysitter for your child, make her stay by treating her well. If you follow these strategies, chances are you will have a great babysitter to watch your children and give you a break throughout the week.

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