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Electricians: Hiring Guide, Cost Guide

Looking for some reliable electricians?

No matter whether it is your flickering light or outdated electrical system that raised the need for a pro, you made the right decision.

Before your faulty wiring equipment and fixtures fries your big-screen TV, it is better to fix the issue. Well, the do-it-yourself videos are common nowadays, but when it comes to electrical equipment, it is better to leave it to the professionals.

But before hiring an electrician and finalizing the deal, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration.

Hire an electrician today

Rules and regulations

As the rules and regulations associated with homes and commercial buildings keep changing, you should be aware of all the legal requirements regarding the electrical safety requirements for your home or office.

According to energy market authority Singapore, you must hire certified and licensed electricians to do the electrical work in homes and buildings. Some areas may also have building codes that you must abide by while conducting an electrical work.

Violating such local regulations can lead you to fines and penalties and in some cases like damages and injuries due to your faulty electrical system may result in imprisonment.

Remember that the National Electrical Code changes every three years. So make sure you are hiring an electrician who is up to date with the code.

How Much Should You Pay?


The cost of hiring an electrician ultimately depends on the amount and type of work required. In general, the cost of a decent electrical job should not be too high or too low. The job could be as simple as repairing faulty power sockets and light fixtures to as complicated as full electrical rewiring. Most electricians contractors have fixed rates for electrical services to standardize the expenses.

Going for the cheapest option is not a great idea as it is like that you may get inferior material and service. So, look for the electricians who offer a fair and competitive price.

Here is an estimate of the price that you may have spent for your electrical work.

  • Lamp or bulb replacement – $8 to $20 per light depending on the type of light
  • Installing wall and ceiling fans – around $40 per fan
  • Powerpoint or outlets- $80 – $120
  • Major troubleshooting of supply faults and repairs – around $150
  • Installing a ceiling fan- $85-$150
  • Supplying and installing telephone wiring point- Starts from $40

Speak to a reliable electrician

Few Tips

  • Avoid cheap unlicensed electricians
  • Hire EMA licensed electricians
  • Go for standard electrician rates
  • Ask the electrician do a comprehensive assessment and list out all electrical works needed
  • Get a price list with the electrician fees included
  • Avoid doing it yourself

Why Should You Only Hire Professional Electricians?

You may have painted a wall in your room or may have fixed your gadget without any help. But when it comes to dealing with electric wires and connections, it is best to leave it to the pros.

The electrical job calls for the expertise of trained electricians who are duly certified and licensed to practice. You should not trust people without proper certifications or licenses to do your job.

Here are some compelling reasons why you should only rely on professional electricians when it comes to electrical work.


Doing the electricity-related repairs, installations, or maintenance with your limited knowledge of electrical work may lead your way to untoward accidents.

However, professional electricians know the necessary steps and tests to perform before handling electrical wirings.

In addition, they have the tools and protective gears required in their line of work. A qualified electrician can ensure that the installations or repairs made by him will not lead to any fire hazard to your home or building.


Of course, the cost matters when it comes to the electrical work. But hiring a cheap electrician can cost you double if you are not satisfied with the quality of work and need to hire another better electrician to fix the substandard job.

A professional may charge a bit higher as their job carries some degree of inherent hazard. But you will get total satisfaction and value for your money.

Abide local regulations

Electrical work should be carried out or supervised by a Licensed Electricians.

Whether you need installation, repair or modification of electrical wiring, you should always hire professional and licensed electricians to do the job.

Engaging an unlicensed electrical worker may cause damage to property and pose safety risks and even penalties.

Quality work

Professional electricians go through several years of training, and they also need to pass certifications and licensing examinations before practising their profession.

So hiring trained, experienced and licensed electricians will assure you that you don’t have to bother about the quality and electrical safety. Whatever repair or installation made by a professional will be working for a long time without any problem.

Get quotes from electricians

Checklist for choosing right electricians

  • Verify licenses and insurances
  • Do they provide a fair and competitive quote?
  • Do they have enough experience in the field?
  • Can they show you references?
  • Do they have a professional attitude and apt qualifications?
  • Do they offer upfront pricing?
  • Are they able to complete your work on the set timeline?
  • Conclusion

You must hire an electrician who is well equipped and qualified in every way. Finding the right one might seem a bit daunting, but it is worth to invest some time and effort to find reliable, safe, and efficient electricians.

With the above guide, you will be well on your way to finding a reliable and professional electrician to do the job. Putting in a little bit of time initially will save you time and money in the long run.

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