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How to get rid of cockroaches – Sanitation, Sprays, Baits and IGRS

It takes one to do more than just spray an insecticide or put down dust or a bait in order to get rid of cockroaches. They are likely to be found in every corner of the house and getting into anything they come across. The worst news is that with cockroaches, they multiply rapidly (just a few infestation within a day, multiply to hundreds within the three days), they survive without food for a couple months and weeks without water.

When these pests get into your house, it can be quite challenging. The bell is rung and it is time to say goodbye to being worried about being embarrassed when you find them in the hotspot before you serve the food.

The days are gone for unhealthy living. But you can only emerge victorious in this battle if only you use the right tools and cockroach killer products. Watching cockroach management programs can also help with strategies and eradicate them.

Cockroaches come in different species, which include, German Roaches, American Roaches, Brown Banded Roaches, Wood Roaches, Smoky Brown Roaches and Oriented Cockroaches.

In this guide, we have done, you a favor. We have narrowed down the best effective ways to get rid any types of roaches. Following the steps to the later of the methods will keep at a better and happier place.

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Sanitation and preparation

Sanitation is among the best methods of getting rid not only cockroaches, but also other pests like ants and dirt. Furthermore, sanitation also prevents the roaches from even approaching and entering your home because they are afraid of tidiness.


If skipped or implemented poorly, a cockroach treatment program is likely to fail and get you back to square one with regrets.

Eliminate what seems to be attracting the cockroaches. This may be the many food and water sources in the house. You should also seal off the hiding places of the cockroaches.

1. Eliminate food sources

This is the most important cockroach control strategy. Sanitizing the kitchen and the rest of the home areas will require you to spare some quality time, hard work and dedication.

You might also have to deepen your pocket to buy the tools to use for the process. However, all these are worthy. How happy will you be to wake up in a cockroach free space?

Dirty Kitchen

There are a full list of activities that you do, especially in the kitchen area of the house where the roaches love most.

  • Clean all the appliances in the kitchen
  • Empty the cabinets before cleaning them
  • Food leftovers and all the food in the kitchen should be sealed in clean containers
  • Have limitation of food consumption to only one room of the house and have the kitchen cleaned thoroughly every night before you head to bed
  • Sweeping the entire house often and keeping the garbage cans emptied, cleaned and covered are the other important activities in this method.

2. Eliminate water sources

Leaky pipe

Yes, you should keep water near areas infested with roaches. This might be difficult, but do your best to eliminate as much as possible. How?

  • Have sweating and leaking pipes fixed
  • Make an attempt to clean, dry all the sinks, showers and tubs before you go to bed
  • Dry all the brushes in the house and empty the refrigerator drip every evening
  • Place wet sponges and dishrags in the appropriate places.

3. Harborage elimination

Cockroaches will hide during the day and choose to move around during the night (dark). This could be because there is no movement of people in the house in the dark.

Wall with crack

Eliminating their potential hiding zones will have them to come to the open in search for another hiding place.

  • Seal all the crevices and cracks in the house by use of a caulking gun.
  • Tightly close the door and window frames to prevent cockroaches from entering the house.
  • Also, close all the holes that may surround drainage points of the house.

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Use of sprays, baits and IGRS

Now that you have sanitized and prepared the house, we are ready to commence products application process in order to cut off the infestation of the cockroaches.

There are three recommended key products to use here; concentrated insecticide, bait and insect growth regulator.

1. Baiting

Cockroach Bait

Baiting is the next essential component to cockroach control after sanitation and preparation.

The trick behind using a bait as control program is that each cockroach gets to feed on the bait (which is poisoned).

Any other roaches that might not get to eat the bait, but get into contact with the carcass or its feces, die too. Some cockroach species tend to eat the carcass of their fellow roaches, and they make it easier it getting rid of them both because it dies too.

The cockroach population is knocked down at a very high rate.

Where are the locations to place the bait?

Cockroaches love the kitchen more.

The bait will be of great importance if kept inside kitchen counter tops and cabinets, beneath the stove, under storage bags and boxes, behind picture frames, medicine or books cabinet and all drawers.

Apply the bait twice to thrice times in a week until you cannot see any cockroaches in the house.

2. Using of an Insecticide spray


There are a lot of insecticides that are labeled to be used for eradicating cockroaches. These insecticides contain Cyfluthrin as the main ingredient.

All you need to do is spray it on the areas inflicted by the cockroaches, inside the cabinets where they could be hiding, or their entrance point.

Before you spray the regions, make sure that your children or pet (in case you have any), are not on the scene. To be safer, let them not be in the house when you are spraying. It is also important to go through the instruction manual that come with the spray and follow all the precautions.

If you want to use both the bait and spray to get rid of the roaches, avoid spraying the insecticide on the bait because the insecticide can contaminate the bait and make the cockroaches to avoid the bait.

While using the spray, be aware that it only gets the roaches away temporarily. If you do not use it properly on the right places, it will only push the roaches to hide further and deeper in the shelves where you cannot be able to see them. This makes the problem even worse.

Make sure that you check well the area you are spraying to kill them all. Often check the place to see if they come back.

3. Using Insect Growth Regulator (IGR’s)

Insect Growth Regulator

Sanitation, preparation and use of insecticides and baits have worked successfully at this point.

But then, did you notice any egg capsules?

May you did, may you did not. These capsules are hidden at the tiniest home in the cabinet or the corner and hatch after 1 ½ months, after sighting of the adult cockroach.

The IGR will help you to disrupt the insect life cycle in the larvae development stage, thus, they cannot make it to adulthood.

Spraying it to the points where the cockroaches were infested and all the cabinets’ corner will disorient the egg for any further growth and development.


The level of cockroach infestation to your space will determine the day you are waiting for, no cockroaches anywhere in the house. This may range from two weeks up to six months for them to be completely eliminated.

Try using a glue board to gauge and monitor if they are still available. Have the treatment continued until you see no cockroaches on the glue boards.

Glue Board


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