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Engaging a Good Cleaning Company: Tips, FAQ, What to expect

House cleaning is a messy and time-consuming process. It becomes even more complicated when you have a hectic schedule. This is where the need of a good cleaning company arises. Well, it is not easy to find a reliable cleaning service as many companies cater to this problem.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with loads of information on the web. If you are struggling to find a helper for your house cleaning needs, here are some tips and FAQs to keep in mind.

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Tips for hiring a good cleaning company

Go for a licensed, bonded and insured cleaning company

The most important thing to look for while choosing the best cleaning service is the license. Make sure the cleaning company you are planning to hire have NEA Clean Mark accreditation and comply with the licensing requirements. Good cleaning companies have policies in place to cover any damage or missing items during the cleaning.

Avoid extremely low prices

Just because the company has quoted you significantly lower than others that doesn’t mean they offer good services as well. Of course, cost matters but don’t make the decision based on the cost. Consider the quality of service and value for money while choosing a good cleaning company. Typically the cost of regular weekly housecleaning can be $250 to $350 per four weeks.

Get the estimate in writing

Words simply mean nothing when you don’t have it in writing. Don’t just trust the number given over the phone. Ask for a written quote to avoid a bad deal.

Look for upfront information

While hunting for a good cleaning company, avoid those who are not willing to provide upfront information. The company you are hiring should be transparent about their price and about what services they include. If they do not provide upfront pricing or refuses to give specific information, consider it as a big red flag.

Ask questions

It’s okay to ask questions. A bit of caution can help you avoid the scams around.  Nowadays, it’s easy to have a fake a website and sound professional. So, make sure to read reviews, do a bit research and ask about everything that seems you doubtful. Read further for more questions.

Signs of a Good Cleaning Company

Trained staff cleaners

If a company has appropriately trained staffs, it is likely that they will offer a quality cleaning service. In addition to basics, the staff should be aware of the advanced methods to properly disinfect and create a healthy, germ-free environment at your home.

Use of proper cleaning equipment and techniques

A good cleaning company will have up-to-date, proper equipment for cleaning. They should use effective cleaning tools and industry standard equipment that will properly sanitize and clean your space.

So, it is better to ask about the type of cleaning equipment they use before hiring a cleaning service. Apart from right equipment, a good cleaning company should employ efficient cleaning techniques.

Good reputation

Doing a bit of research can give you an idea of the reputation of the cleaning company. Ask about their experience and expertise. Word of mouth is a great tool to gauge their reputation.

Checking out online reviews is a great way to see what others think about the service. Going through the reviews of current and past customers will give you a clear picture of how the cleaning service operates.

Clear communication and good customer service

One of the critical traits of a good cleaning company is good customer service.  They ensure to have clear communication with clients and provide great service throughout the entire process. They clearly outline prices to avoid confusion and quickly reply to questions or comments by customers.

Questions to ask while engaging a good cleaning company

Are they insured and bonded?

Ask whether they only employ licensed, bonded and insured cleaners. It is essential to know if they carry proper license to operate in that area. Bond refers to the insurance that helps you rest assured if something is broken or ruined during the cleaning service as you will receive reimbursement.

How do they set their rates?

Get a written estimate of the price as well as the time required to clean your home. Make sure that they don’t have any hidden charges. Inquire to figure out whether they charge extra for seasonal services.

Do they conduct a background check on employees?

Allowing a stranger to enter your house involves a safety risk. Hence to avoid any mishap, ask the cleaning company whether they perform background checks before hiring their employees. This will ensure the safety of you and your home and give you peace of mind.

Do they bring equipment and cleaning supplies?

Some companies bring their equipment and supplies for the cleaning. However, others may ask you to provide the cleaning supplies. Some reputable companies use conventional and environmentally friendly products. Hence know the distinction beforehand by asking the question.

What services do they include?

Make sure to let them know what services you want for your house. The basic cleaning services may include spring cleaning, carpet cleaning, mopping, vacuuming, floor cleaning and so on. The services can vary from company to company. So, it is vital to know what you are paying for. Compare apples to apple before making a final decision.

How long have they been in business?

Experience counts when it comes to choosing the right cleaning company. A brand new company may not be able to perform that well as compared to an experienced one.

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What to expect from a reputable cleaning company?


First of all the company will provide you with an initial quote according to your cleaning need.

In-home consultation

Some professional cleaning companies can also visit your premises to get acquainted with the new environment.

Upfront price

The cleaning companies provide a detailed written estimate along with a comprehensive list of their cleaning routine.

The day of cleaning

The cleaning team will arrive at your place as per the fixed schedule and will tackle the cleaning services that you require.


Find reliable cleaners in Singapore

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