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Engaging a Good Pest Control Company: Tips, FAQ, What to expect

Tips for selecting a good pest control company

There are so many pest control companies in Singapore. How do you go about searching for a good, trusted, reliable pest control company in Singapore?

A good pest control company should be:

Having the right certifications by NEA

NEA Registered pest control company

Check with the pest control company that you are engaging whether they are registered with NEA as Vector Control Operators (VCO). Only companies registered as VCO can be allowed to conduct any vector control treatment.

Furthermore, employees of the licensed pest control company need to have the Vector Control Technicians (VCT) or Vector Control Workers (VCW) to conduct any pest control service.

You can view the list of registered VCOs here.

Hire a pest control company

Solving the root cause

Usually, a good pest control company will diagnose the problem first before taking any steps. They will ensure that the root cause of the infestation is accurately identified and well understood before proposing any solutions.

Information gathered can include:

  • Size of pest population
  • Pest species type and lifecycle stage
  • Area covered by the pests’ activity

Good pest control companies have advanced tools and technology to ensure they identify the right root cause. Make sure you ask them how they derived the conclusion of their diagnosis.

Conducting both preventive and reactive approaches

All pest control companies will treat the infestation with reactive approaches when damage is already present.

Good pest control companies will advise preventive approaches to prevent future pest infestations occurring at your home. Some approaches include:

  • Identifying and thoroughly removing sources of pest attraction
  • Identifying places where bug can easily enter your home and reducing the chance
  • Advising home practices such as keeping food in sealable containers

Depending on the type of infestation or home, some pest control companies could advise a routine treatment schedule or a regular review schedule. This ensures that the pest problem is fully eradicated.

Providing pest warranty


Good pest control companies issue a pest warranty to assure that future infestations do not occur within a specific time period. These pest control companies are confident in their executions and will gladly return and re-treat if problems occur again.

Educating the client

Good pest control companies always think for their clients and very well hope that the clients’ problems are fully resolved. They will advise and equip you the best practices to prevent future occurrence of similar pest infestation.

You should speak to a few pest control companies

Finally, speak to a few companies to get a ball park on the quality and value they are bringing to you. You can note for:

  • Pest knowledge
  • Technologies that they are using for diagnosis and treatment
  • Warranty and scheduled treatment
  • Safety level of treatment methods

A reliable pest control company should have its own technology and expertise in treating the pest infestation. They will also adopt safe treatment practices to keep you and your home safe.

It is good to find a company that provide innovative new technology to tackle pest problems so that you know that you are getting the best quality service and treatments.

Speak to a reliable pest control company

What can I expect when engaging a pest control company?

Here is what you should expect when a pest control company comes to your house. With this guide, you are able to expect the deliverables and service that you will receive from a decent pest control company.

1. On time Diagnosis Appointment

A diagnosis is required to ensure the companies are able to treat the infested area successfully and that you are agreeable to the price and type of treatment methods.
The technician will be bringing his equipment and diagnosis tools like moisture meters, telescoping cameras, and UV lights, looking neat and professional. Most of time, he will show you his identification (i.e. a verified employee of the company) and the necessary licenses.

2. Assessment and inspection

Before inspection, the technician should ask about the problems you are facing to better assess the situation. Some questions include:

  • What pests have you been seeing?
  • Where have you seen these pests?

The technician will then inspect the area using the necessary professional tools to correctly identify the pest type and the root cause of the pest problem.

3. Report of problem and agreement

After assessment, the technician should then address the plans – treatment methods, products will be used and frequency of treatments. He will also provide you a report, outlining the problems. This will be a good item clarify any doubts you have.

4. Treatment

Treatment will be carried out at scheduled appointments with safety precautions in placed.

5. Post-treatment

For post-treatment, the technician will advise you of possible safety precautions you need to take note of and precautions you should be taking to prevent future infestations. The technician will also try to address any questions you have regarding the job that was done.

Get quotes for pest solutions

Top 5 Questions to ask a Prospective Pest Control Company

Are you a certified business? Do the technicians have the right license? Could you show me your license?

Check if they have the right license – VCO, VCT, VCW provided by NEA before conducting any service. You can view the list of registered VCOs here.

Most pest control companies will not hesitate to show you their licenses when requested.

What treatments will you be carrying out? How do you get to your decisions?

They should address these issues in their diagnosis before offering a treatment:

  • What is the species of the pests in the infested area?
  • How serious is the infestation?
  • What life stage are the pests in?

Pest Life Cycle

Are your products safe for everyone in the house, including pets?

Check with the company whether the products are safe for your families and pets, what safety procedures are required and whether you are required to evacuate the house.

Usually, good companies use eco-friendly products that are friendly and safe to use, even if you are in the house.

What if the problem comes back again? Do you provide warranty?

Most good companies provide warranty because of their confidence in their treatment procedures. Some terms and conditions may apply, and you may want to clarify any hidden clause that may impede the use of warranty for future problems. Agree only if the warranty length is reasonable to ensure the services are fully delivered.

Is your quote finalised? Will there be changes after work is done?

Make sure the written quote given by the pest control company is finalised before any activities are carried out. Usually a list of services and applications will be written down clearly with the agreed pricing, as well as details like warranty, appointment times etc.

Look at the online reviews of the pest control company. If they have reviews indicating change of price by past customers, check and clarify with them. If you are still uncertain or doubtful, speak to another pest control company.

Find reliable pest control companies in Singapore

SGHomeNeeds provides a list of reliable exterminators in Singapore. Pest control companies typically deals with the following infestations:

  • insects: ants, bed bugs, termites, wasps, fleas, lizards, cockroaches
  • rodents: mice, rats

If you are looking for pest control professionals to match your personalised requirements, you can contact SGHomeNeeds HomeMatch for a more quick and fuss-free experience.

Find out more about commonly-asked questions when engaging a pest control professional.


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