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7 Types of handyman services to solve all your home issues

Looking for a specific handyman, but unsure where to look for one?

We have compiled a list of the different types of handyman services to handle all your home needs. Here, you can view their description, services offered, reviews and contact them directly.

Contacting Professionals for your Handyman Needs

Here are the lists of professionals specific for your different home issue.

Tips to take note of

Hire a licensed contractor

Because a handyman covers a lot of different areas of work, there is no handyman license issued by Singapore.

Depending on your job requirements, these are the 2 licenses that you should look out for:

PUB Plumbing License

You can search for the plumber credibility through PUB’s licensed plumbers database. According to PUB, some simple plumbing works such as simple Water Service Works (Potable Water) and simple Sanitary Works (Used Water) may not require a license to be conducted.

For other advanced plumbing works, it is only legal when done by a licensed plumber or a plumber supervised by a licensed plumber.

Please ensure that you check for a plumber’s license if you are engaging the handyman for plumbing services. Be sure to only contact licensed plumbers for your home project.

Even though unlicensed plumbers may be cheaper, you may encounter possible incorrect servicing that may result in greater cost or time spent in curbing further problems.

Licensed Workers/Installation Licences

There are 3 types of Licensed Workers/Installation Licences, all licenses can be viewed here. Depending on the type of electrical servicing work, your handyman should have the necessary license to conduct safe and proper works.

Also, depending on the scale of Electrical Installations, the handyman may require certain level of license.

Usually, for home electrical repairs, an ELECTRICIAN will suffice. Here is a sample of the license card.

Electrician License

Confirm quote before engaging

Ensure that the handyman does a thorough check before you agree with the prices. You don’t want to be faced in situations where the handyman keeps adding additional charges to your final price as the work progresses.

It ie best to get a free quote from the handyman right at your house to view the project before agreeing to anything.

Get an insurance plan

Check with the handyman whether all works done by him/her will be covered by insurance. Handymen that are BCA registered contractors, are covered by public liability insurance coverage.

For handymen that are not BCA registered, they may have other private insurance coverage.

Check also whether you have insurance that covers repair/replacement of the lost or damaged property.

Get a specialised handyman

Handyman, known as jack of all trades, cover many repair services for your home. However, there are bound to be some handyman that are better and more efficient at certain areas that the others.

Hence, make a point to find a professional that is specialised at the specific service i.e. painters, carpenters, electricians, plumbers.

Speak to a few professionals

Try to speak to a few handyman and pick their brains before deciding on one. As you speak to them, ask them for:

  • Their diagnosis of the problem
  • The method to resolve the problem
  • Any guarantee or compensation if things go out of hand
  • Their license
  • Insurance if applicable
  • Their quote
  • Their schedule and time that will be taken for your repair work
  • Past reviews and testimonials

Speak to a reliable handyman

Handyman Cost Guides and Pricing Estimates

SGHomeNeeds provides a cost guide for your reference before engaging a handyman at home. Check out the average prices of handyman services by studying this cost guide.

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