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Home Cleaners: Hiring Guide, Cost Guide

Looking for some good home cleaners? You are doing the right thing. After busting your back all day long at your office, cleaning the house must be the last thing on your agenda.

If, you are worried about the expenditure, remember, life is short, if you are always busy and don’t even have time for yourself, what’s the point of living at all?

You know as per a survey 45% Singaporeans aren’t happy with their jobs; dual stress at office and job is a major reason behind it.

Hiring a helping hand becomes unavoidable when you have kids or pets or both in your house.

Now that you are all set to hire a help, we are here to assist you in this task. So, here’s a hiring guide and a cost guide for hiring cleaners in Singapore.

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Home Cleaners Hiring Guide

First Thing First


The very first step towards hiring home cleaners is making a list of work you want your domestic help to provide. There are certain things you may wish to your helper to steer of, like your precious vases or your wedding china.

Plus, there are specific tasks that you might need your helper to do, which not every cleaner would do, i.e. cleaning windows or washing baseboards.

Full time maid/Part time home cleaners

It is essential to determine first whether you want a full time cleaning helper or you want your helper to visit you for just a couple of cleaning sessions per week? It actually depends heavily on the size of your place and the fact that how dirty your house becomes every day.

This selection is also heavily influenced by the money factor, which you are going to read all about, after reading a few more bullets on this topic.

Try your options

The internet is full of such options, and there must be no chance at all that you are going to hire any first person you met. You must spend at least 4 hours on research before hiring a house cleaner.

Read the reviewsHome Cleaners Reviews

When the internet is your smartest assistant in this task, it can also spell some beans that are not meant to be. There are so many options available on the internet nowadays that it can be confusing and overpowering at the same moment.

To rescue you from this rut, online reviews are here. You can read the reviews about the professional home cleaning services and one with the maximum positive reviews win.

Things to look out in/from the cleaner

  • The Experience
  • Reference letter from the previous employer
  • Confidence
  • Attitude towards the job
  • How punctual is the person?
  • Loyalty towards you
  • Work permit and Visa documents (If the person is not a native of Singapore)
  • What will be the mean of transacting the salary?
  • Is the person going to pay the tax?
  • Does the person want an employment contract?
  • Is the person insured?
  • Is the would-be helper having any serious health condition?
  • Will the person be bringing own equipment or will want yours?
  • Will the company need some advance money too?

You can also add some other question to the list you think you should know before letting a person into your house.

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Define the Budget

The most important part must be reserved for the last because now you have all the needed information with you. Now, you can decide how much you should pay.

You have to set two limits an upper limit and a lower limit; maximum amount of money you are going to spend and minimum amount that you believe you totally have to pay, there’s no running. Sticking to your budget is also an important part here.

What is the company’s policy on pets


Some companies have this policy that they only choose the houses without pets, and some are pet-friendly, so it is wise to clear the sky well before penning down a contract.

Remember some companies also count pets as an additional chore and pay extra for them, which make this query even more critical.

Cost Guide

Time per Session

Usually cleaning session of a four-room apartment ends in about 3-4 hours. One hour per room is entirely understandable, knowing your spouse, kids or pet.

Full-Time Cleaner

Typically, a full-time house cleaner will cost you anywhere $300 to $380 for four weeks, in Singapore, depending on your location, space, cleaning requirements and density of work.

Freelancer/ Part Time Cleaner

Freelancers or Part-time helpers usually charges around $15 to $19 per hour, which when multiplied by a single session will be around $300 per four weeks, for weekly cleaning rituals. It is more or less $82 per session, not bad.

Also, the freelancers will negotiate prices once they know you are providing them with the business more extended period of time

Obtaining a part-timer through the agency

Some may run away from this task, but you never should, employing a freelancer or a part-timer from a hiring agency will cost you much but comes with an assurance.

The reason behind companies charging big for freelancers is because they certify if the freelancer is a right person for you or not. When a company provides a freelancer to you, it then is their responsibility that the person is not a criminal or is in the country illegally. Helpers hired from the agencies will cost you around $10 to $30 per hour, not a lot for you and your family’s safety.

Ending note

So, these were your two step by step guides that you need to follow while hiring home cleaners. Mind you; rates may go up during the weekends because of the massive demand.

It will be more accessible and more affordable if you hire the cleaner to do the job on weekdays; evenings are great for this stuff.

Happy Hiring!

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SGHomeNeeds provides a list of cleaning professionals in Singapore. If your project is customised and would like to speak to a few reliable cleaners to compare their service, SGHomeNeeds can also match you to reliable cleaners with your personalised requirements quickly and fuss-free.

You can find other specific cleaning professionals, such as:

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