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How to Clean a Vinyl Floor

Even if you have the most furnished house, but the vinyl floor is not clean, your guests will forever talk about the bad odor in your dining room. That is what will stick in their mind. Your guests can say when your floor is dirty. A dirty floor becomes a breeding site for germs and bacteria. Dirty vinyl floor jeopardizes your health. It is advisable to maintain high cleaning standards in your house.

If you don’t know how to clean your vinyl floor, worry not, you are on the right track. I will show you how to clean it. Use these steps to clean your vinyl floor, and you will never regret.

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Step 1. Sweep the Floor

Vinyl Floor

Before you start mopping the floor, sweep the floor. Sweep the dust and dirt to avoid accumulating on the floor and end up grounding as people walk through the room. You can use a broom or a vacuum cleaner to pick all the dust and pet hair on the floor. Be sure to clean under the furniture and under the cabinets where dirt hides. Removing the dust first makes it easy for you to mob the vinyl floor.

Step 2. Use a Cleaning Detergent for Deeper Dirt

Hard to remove stains cannot be eliminated with a small broom. Use a cleaning detergent to get rid of them. Mix up the standard apple cider with a spoon or two of cleaning soap. Use a mop made of nylon scrub bristles for deeper cleaning. For scuffed areas, use oil or WD-40 to remove them. Apply the oil on a soft cloth and rub the scuff marks.

Stains from food like berry juice and wine are invertible. Remove them from the vinyl floor by mixing a baking soda with lukewarm water to form a thick paste. Use a soft cloth to rub off the stains. The mixture will leave your floor spectacular clean. For parts on the floor with ink stains, use alcohol to remove them.

Step 3. Use a Soft Nylon Brush

If you let dirt to accumulate on the floor, it cements and removing it becomes an issue. You cannot remove it by only using a soft cloth. For you to remove the notorious stains and dust, scrub them using a soft nylon brush. Make sure the bristles are soft to avoid leaving scratches on your floor. The brush should only remove the dust and leave the floor intact.

Do not scrub the floor too hard, cleaning too hard takes off your vinyl flooring making it look old and outdated. Some people tend using a knife to pry dried substances off the floor which is not advisable; it leaves permanent scratches.

Step 4. Rinse the Floor with Clean Water to remove the Residue

After you, a done scrubbing all the stains, rinse the vinyl floor with clean water so that the residue does not stick there. Soap and other cleaning substances used in cleaning will damage the floor if left on the floor surface.

Step 5 Dry the Floor with a Piece of Soft Cloth

After rinsing the vinyl floor with clean water, dry it with a piece of dry soft cloth. Soaking the floor with water will cause damage to the glue that keeps the vinyl intact. water gets under the tiles via cracks between the tiles and loosen the glue hence the tiles starts pilling off. Use little water when cleaning the vinyl floor and make sure it is dry when your task is over.

Dos and Don’ts when Cleaning your Vinyl Floor

Do: Put rubber on your furniture legs – Moving chairs and tables from one point to the other tends to scratch the floor. To make cleaning easy, put felt tips or pads on the bottoms of your furniture legs.

Don’ts: Do not scrub the vinyl floor too hard – Be gentle to the floor. Use soft brushes that will remove the stains but will not scratch the floor. Avoid using a knife to remove stains since it will leave permanent scratch on the floor. For notorious stains, soak the area in a solution and remove them with a soft cloth once it is soaked.

To Sum up

Vinyl floors are known for their attractiveness and comfortability when walking on them. They are warmer than their counter floors tiles. With proper care and cleaning, your vinyl floor will forever remain gorgeous and as clean as new. Always use the right cleaning detergents when cleaning the vinyl floor, avoid using abrasive cleaners that cause floor corrosion.

When rinsing, dry all the water on the floor surface. Make sure it is dry. Take good care of your vinyl floor, and it will take care of your savings. You will spend less on the repairs. You can also use a “vacuum cleaner” to pick all the dirt, dust and pet hair on the floor.

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