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7 Best Kitchen Layouts and Designs for your new home

Your kitchen layout and design play a crucial part when it comes to designing a perfect kitchen. The layout will determine how you cook, eat and socialize. So, if you are planning your kitchen renovation Singapore, here is a complete guide to help you pick the right layout and design for your kitchen.

Choosing the layout for your kitchen

The triangle rule

Every kitchen has 3 fundamental work zones that are storage, cooking and preparation.

Refrigerator and pantry parts fall under the section of storage while sink and worktop belong to preparation zone and hob and oven are the part of the cooking zone.

The ground rule is, all these three reasons together must form a triangle but not to be positioned too far away from each other.

Here are some configuration options to consider while deciding the layout for kitchen renovation Singapore.

1. The Single-Wall or Straight Kitchen: Ideal for smaller home


It is the most space-saving layout where the work triangle looks more like a work line with the three zones placed along one wall.


With cabinets and appliances lining in a single wall, it typically contains sink in the middle of the wall while refrigerator and stove placed on each side.

On the downside, it is the least efficient for multiple cooks.

2. The L-shaped Kitchen: Ideal for small to medium-sized spaces


An L-shaped kitchen is created with continuous counter space on two adjoining walls that are perpendicular, forming an L.

L-shaped kitchen layout

You can keep the length of the legs of the L as long as you want but the length of 12 to 15 feet will enable you to use the space efficiently use.

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3. Galley kitchen: Ideal for narrow or rectangular spaces


In this layout, the kitchen features cabinets on two parallel walls which makes it spacious enough for one to cook and move between the workstations. The efficient, “lean” kitchen design Singapore is suitable for smaller spaces and one-cook kitchens.

Galley Kitchen Layout

The smart kitchen design Singapore enables you to use every square inch of space without any troublesome corner cabinets to configure.

4. U-shaped kitchen: Ideal for large spaces


U-shape makes a versatile layout while with three work centers placed forming a “U”. The work triangle thus created provides convenience and efficiency with an abundance of countertop storage space. It makes an ideal choice for a single cook who frequently uses the kitchen.

U- Shaped kitchen layout

The only shortcoming of this kitchen design Singapore is it is not suitable for entertaining or accommodating multiple cooks.

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5. Island kitchen: Ideal for large, square kitchens

island layout

Island layout is a flexible option with an additional counter located at the center of the kitchen. The island can be used as breakfast or snack bar or as a cooking or preparation zone.

Peninsula Kitchen layout

6. G-Shaped Kitchen

G layout Kitchen

It is a version of the U-shaped kitchen layout that includes a peninsula or partial fourth wall of additional cabinets and countertop space.

G-shaped kitchen layout

The benefits are the same as the U-shaped kitchen with plenty of storage and contiguous countertops. G-shaped kitchens are spacious enough to accommodate multiple cooks.

7. Peninsula Kitchen


InDesign Blog Post Peninsula Kitchen Layout - 7 Best Kitchen Layouts and Designs for your new home

If your kitchen has enough floor space, you can add an extended counter that will be perpendicular to the existing counter and hold the sink or the range.

Peninsula Kitchen layout

Such layout is known as peninsula that addresses a lack of wall space. The peninsula is a kind of connected island that can be used as a space-saving dining nook.

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Few tips for a kitchen renovation

Choose a design according to your cooking habits

If you cook regularly, it should be easy to clean and maintain. If you often deep fry and bake while cooking, built in deep fryer or oven will keep your counter-top clutter free. Decide the size and complexity of your kitchen based on your cooking habit during your kitchen renovation in Singapore.

Pay attention to your storage needs

The cooking equipment takes a lot of storage space in a kitchen. Therefore it is better to have extra storage solution apart from the kitchen cabinets and counter-tops to utilize every bit of space in your kitchen.

You can have an appliance nook, movable cart, overhead cabinet or rolling kitchen island for your extra storage need.

Choose the right material

If you have a kitchen that is heavily used, stainless steel metal cabinet works best for it. Being rust and stain resistant in nature, they last longer and are easy to clean and maintain.

Similarly, if you don’t use your kitchen very often and don’t have ovens and stoves next to the cabinets, Thermofoil can make a good option. But make sure to install a heat shield should be installed if you intend to use ovens and stoves next to the cabinets.

Add safety features

The kitchen is one of the most frequent sources of accidents like house fires and injuries. With flames, sharp objects, hot stoves and wet slippery surfaces in the kitchen, you need to be cautious to prevent any injury.  Therefore, it is essential to have safety aspects in place during the kitchen renovation in Singapore.

For instance, ensure that the electrical switches and lighting fixtures are at a safe distance from water sources. Also, add rounded profile edge to the corners of the countertops.

Furthermore, to prevent accidental movement, use movable islands and carts with brakes installed in it. It is better to use slip-resistant tiles or if you have slippery tiles add non-slip mats to it.

Lastly, always keep a fire extinguisher in place.

Keeping this kitchen renovation Singapore tips in mind and always hire an HDB Registered Renovation Contractor to comply with the rules.

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