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Natural Remedy: How to get rid of ants and stop them from returning forever

Ants are noticed in the garden and house areas, mostly during rainy seasons or warm weather. From research, they have it that apart from ants being the most sociable insects, they also live together in colonies that range from 100s to millions of ants. The ant colony depends on their species. There is a variety of different ants’ type. However, the typical ants that often invade the house include acrobat, odorous house, carpenter and Pharaoh ants.

These types of house-invading ants are sometimes harmful, dangerous and cause a lot of damage. They get to every corner of the house, including the kitchen, and you might find them in your food. As many as they are, causing damage to your furniture or even plants in the garden is not a hard task. Not to forget, they can also create stinging bites on you and your family members.

Seeing them in your garden or home environment is very frustrating, and you might want to do anything to have them disappear. On the other hand, using pesticides to eradicate them is a good option, but the chemicals contained in them are harmful to both human beings and the environment.

The good news is that there are non-toxic and natural ways that you may use in controlling the ants. The methods are handy, but they will require some of your time and patience. We have listed a few natural ways to get rid of ants and stop them from ever returning to your home and environment.

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  1. Cinnamon to get rid of ants

Cinnamon get rid of ants

The smell from Cinnamon discourages the ants from coming close to the house or surrounding your kitchen walls, making it a useful repellent to household ants.

The International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications researched in 2014 and published their reports about the essential oil in cinnamon yielding a positive outcome, not only in ants’ repellency but also in insecticidal activities.

All you have to do is;

  1. To a cup of water, add an estimate of ¼ – ½ teaspoon of essential oil of cinnamon before soaking a ball of cotton in the solution.
  2. In the areas where the ants may seem to access the house or points you don’t want them in, wipe the solution severally on a daily basis, until when you cannot see any ant anymore.
  3. Alternatively, put some whole cloves and ground cinnamon on the entry points of the ants.

That is quite an easy way to say goodbye to them.

  1. White Vinegar

Vinegar get rid of ants

The house-invading ants cannot handle the strong smell of white vinegar, thus applying it to their entry points sends them an immediate eviction notice. White vinegar, in addition to that, masks the scent trail of the ants, therefore they cannot trace their direction. The procedure for using white vinegar as a repellent is as below;

  1. Mix equal portions of water and white vinegar
  2. Have the solution poured into a spraying can
  3. To the solution, add a couple of drops of any essential oil and shake well the mixture
  4. Spray the mixture onto baseboards and around any entry points of the ants
  5. Give it an hour then wipe the accumulated dead ants by use of a paper towel
  6. Repeat the procedure frequently until the ants are no more

Some people clean their windowsills, floors, and counterparts with the above vinegar solution as a preventive measure of the ants.

  1. Borax

borax get rid of ants

Borax is an ant repellant. It is toxic to the ants and helps you to eradicate them in your house, environment, and garden. Ants will be attracted to it, and they will be killed after they have ingested Borax. To use borax, use the below instructions.

  1. Estimate equal portions of borax and food jelly and mix the two.
  2. Put the mixture on a plate where the ants have infested.Alternatively, you can mix granulated sugar with borax in a 3:1 ratio. Make a syrup out of it by adding water consistency. Apply the paste on the ants infested areas.
  3. Coming up with a paste of an equal portion of borax, water, and cornmeal and applying it on the entry points is another option to get rid of the ants.

Borax is toxic, hence, advisable to keep out of reach of small children and pets.

  1. Lemon

Lemon get rid of ants

Using lemon in your kitchen or the entire house is another way to get rid of ants. Lemon is an ant-proof. Its smell chases away ants while its acidic properties mask the ant scent trails. Below is how to use lemon to kill ants in your premises.

  1. Rub or apply lemon juice on the windowsills, door thresholds and any other area that the ants may break in through.
  2. You can also opt to put a couple of lemon essential oil on a ball of cotton and leave the cotton ball inside the cabinets or ants infested areas.
  3. Scattering tiny peels of lemon slices around the compound and entry points of the house.

Frequent use of these remedies pushes ants away completely.

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  1. Cucumber Peel

Cucumber get rid of ants

Cucumber peels are also another trick that has been in existence for a while to get rid of ants in your home and garden. Ants naturally avoid aversion to cucumber. They cannot handle the taste. The bitterer the taste of the cucumber, the better. Although, regular cucumbers can still work efficiently.

  1. After peeling a cucumber, scatter the pieces of the peels in places where the ants have infested.
  2. Replace the fresh peels on a daily basis
  3. Repeat the procedure until you cannot see any ants.
  1. Keep the house, compound and garden clean

Cleaning to get rid of ants

To stop the ants from making your home their home, you must put some extra effort when it comes to cleaning the house. Make it a guarantee that the countertops, cabinets, and floors are always clean and clutter free.

  1. Food containers should be kept tightly sealed, especially the ones that are used in sugar storage, syrup, honey and any other food that can easily attract ants.
  2. Food spills on the cooker, floor and table should be cleaned right away to avoid accumulation and avoid at all costs to leave dirty dishes in the sink for a longer duration.

This way, there is no way your home will attract ant infestation.

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