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Overview of Different Maid Insurance in Singapore

Your maid plays a crucial role in running your household smoothly. So, maid insurance is essential to keep her well-protected from accidents and illnesses.

However, finding an insurance policy that offers good coverage without being a financial burden is not easy.

This is why we have assorted a list of some best maid insurance policy that will look after your maid’s well being without making a hole in your pocket.

Some maid agencies do include maid insurance in their packages. So do enquire whether they include this in their maid agency fees and prices.

Maid Insurance - Overview of Different Maid Insurance in Singapore

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Maid Insurance Policy Based on Coverage

  • Basic Maid Insurance Plans

As the name suggests, the basic insurance plans are inexpensive to purchase, and hence offer lesser protection and coverage. Costing at about S$290, these plans are a good fit for the money. With a basic insurance plan, you may get the wage reimbursement and a few thousand dollars of liability coverage.

  • Middle Coverage Maid Insurance Plans

Mid-tier policies are for those who want to save some money but are looking for better coverage. A mid-tier maid insurance plan costs around S$325, and they provide the best coverage for every dollar that you pay.

  • Best Coverage Maid Insurance Plans

Those who want the maximum possible cover, for their domestic helper, against a risk. The plan costs about S$360, and last for 26 subsequent months. They are well suited for those who do not have a trustworthy maid and want to insure themselves against any harm done by the maid.

Here are our top 5 picks for the best maid insurance policies based on coverage.


FWD Insurance

FWD Insurance

FWD’s Essential insurance plan for maids provides a well-balanced coverage in the initial cost of about S$185. Its cost is thus, well below the average cost of any other basic level policy.

The good thing about it is that it provides much more medical and non-medical coverage than any other insurance policy of its price. It even covers the insured’s belongings and potential lawsuits.

  • It covers up to S$3000 for the maid’s belongings.
  • Even if it is the negligence on your maid’s part that has caused the harm, this covers against the lawsuits as well.
  • Your maid, if harms you or your family, FWD’s Essential has the coverage of up to S$3000.

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Etiqa eProtect Maid Insurance

It is a package designed to ensure you against the expenses that your maid might incur, whether related to work or not. It covers the accidental death and permanent disability of the insured, medical expenses which include any hospital or surgical cost, expenses required for the replacement of maid, insurance guarantee bond, and some other benefits.

You just have to ensure that the insurance meets the eligibility criteria fixed by the Ministry of Manpower. Being a mid-tier plan among the three levels, it has the following features:

  • It has an S$65,000 of coverage for the personal accident and death.
  • If the maid causes you harm, this insurance has includes the helper’s liability coverage of S$7,500.
  • It includes hospitalization coverage of S$15 per day.
  • If you need to hire a temporary maid owing to the illness of the former one, you get a cover of S$450.

China Taiping Domestic Maid Insurance

Domestic - Overview of Different Maid Insurance in Singapore

The China Taiping domestic maid insurance is necessary for you when hiring a maid because you have to look out for the wellbeing of a person working for you. Since it covers the medical expenses in case of an accident or permanent disability, it is a good thing to get for your worker. Just in case the worker has to be sent back to his/her country in the event of an accident or illness, China Taiping Insurance will take care of the conveyance fares. It also includes covers the termination, recuperation, and wages & levy reimbursement.

  • It ensures a sum of up to S$10,000 as the repatriation expenses.
  • The annual limit of coverage of hospitalization and surgical expenses of this plan is up to S$20,000, while the total is up to S$40,000.
  • It covers the termination expenses of up to $500 for you.

MSIG Maid Insurance

MSIG - Overview of Different Maid Insurance in Singapore

MSIG’s Maid Insurance is designed exclusively for the domestic workers. It covers the medical expenses which can be hospital charges or surgical expenditures and ensures against the accidental death and disablement. The insurance also includes the Ministry of Manpower’s requirement in it as well. It comes under the mid-tier plan and covers:

  • If the maid has to be hospitalized, this insurance plan covers up to S$15,000 for hospitalization and surgical charges.
  • While your maid is in hospital, the insurance company pays you S$50 every day up to 30 days as domestic help benefit.
  • It covers S$60,000 in case of a personal accident and S$1,000 for accidental medical expenses.

Maid Protect

Maid Protect - Overview of Different Maid Insurance in Singapore

Maid Protect is one of the most affordable insurance plans. It covers all the necessary risks and comes with an option to enhance the plan to comprehensive premiums. Here’s a list of its coverage and features.

  • It has an agency fee of S$0.
  • With a personal accident cover of S$6,000, it also covers at least S$15,000 against the hospital and surgical expenses.
  • If in case you need to replace your maid owing to the accidental injury or sickness as certified by a doctor, you get an insurance cover of S$500.

Maid insurance regulations in Singapore

According to Any domestic helper hired in Singapore needs to be covered by a medical and personal accident insurance prior to her landing in the country. Most of the maid insurance policies that are available in Singapore include all the necessary components, as the law suggests. The only thing that is up to the employer is which plan to buy, but it is necessary according to the maid insurance regulations Singapore.

Here are some of the parameters that must be covered in an insurance policy:

  • Hospitalization

Since the domestic helpers do every possible thing for their employers, their hospitalization charges must be covered because if they are not well, well, the work at home will just dwell.

  • Wage Compensation

This is the compensation that an insurance company must pay on a daily basis when your worker is hospitalized.

  • Repatriation

To send the helper back home in case of death or permanent disability, this is the cost that the insurance company bears for his conveyance.

  • Security Bond

Make sure that the policy has a service bond; else the money will be recovered from you.

  • Critical Illness

This cover is meant only if your helper is diagnosed with some critical illness. Not all of the policies cover this parameter.

  • Theft

If your helper takes away some of your assets, this cover will ensure you against the damage that you incur.

  • Replacement Maid

If you need to hire a new helper because something tragic has happened to the earlier one, the insurance company will cover agency fees for you to find a new one.

  • Outpatient Treatment

For any treatment for your helper which does not require hospitalization, this parameter will cover the expenses as well.

  • Third Party Liability

If someone files a lawsuit against your helper, third-party liability will cover the attorney charges for you.

  • Personal Accident

If your helper has met an accident and has died or become physically challenged, the insurance company will have to cover it under personal accident, the amount of which is variable with the laws.

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