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Things You Should Know About Storage Space Renting

Let’s face it, moving or relocating is very daunting and time-consuming task. Especially when you have a lot of belongings to carry, the job becomes arduous.

But while dealing with the hustle bustle of relocating, a lot of hurdles comes in our way. It is possible that our moving task doesn’t go as planned.

For instance, you may have to move to your new place before it is ready or you may have to downsize. Although you can hire a professional, he will put a hole in your pocket.

So what else? Well, there’s another midway to save dollars that is to rent a storage space.

Secure storage units are saviors, especially when you are moving and have so many things to carry. They offer a flexible and customized way to take belongings from one place to another.

They minimize the load and make your moving experience handy and stress-free. Bonus! They save dollars.

Storage units can lessen your burden to a great extent but that doesn’t mean you can hire any storage space without thinking.

There are few things you need to consider before showing a green flag to any storage rental service.

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storage space

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Types of storage

When you have to put your things into storage between moves, it’s a good idea to check out the storage options. Here are some types of storage that you can consider to store your belongings.

1. Short-Term Storage

Short term storage is an ultimate way to get a temporary storage space for a period of three months.

Packing items for a move

When to consider the short-term storage?

You can consider short-term storage while:

  • Relocating to a new apartment

    Relocating to a new place? Looking to move but the contract for your new apartment is taking its time?

    You are about to move, and your new home isn’t geared up for your arrival?

    Need some time off between your moving out and moving in dates? Go for short-term storage.

  • Renovating your home

    Renovating a house is a nerve-racking affair that can damage your furnishings or valuable items.

    Using short-term storage facility to store your apartment furnishings during the house repair will help you maintain your valuables for a long time.

2. Long-term storage

Long-term storage is a cost-effective solution to store your belongings for more than three months.

When to consider the long-term storage?

  • Travelling abroad

    Flying abroad and relocating for an extended period? Be it the work or vacation that make you move, storing your valuables for a longer term will make you earn the peace of mind.

  • Lack of storage space

    Do you have plenty of valuables but unable to store them in your house?  Moving to a new house which does not have a basement or enough storage place?

    Moving from a smaller house to an apartment? Need to sort out your house contents and clear items that are not frequently used?

    A long-term storage unit is an optimal solution for all these storage needs.

  • Business and professional content storage

    If you own a business, you will better understand that businesses often require storage room. Especially when your space is not large enough or intended for storage, it becomes crucial to rent a long-term storage space.


Be it the need for temporary shelter after moving to a smaller apartment or de-cluttering the furniture store, self-storage gives you a temporary avenue to keep your possessions.

A self-storage is a great option for short-term storage or a long-term storage that needs frequent access. The access to the storage space is usually granted at specific times.

In this storage option, you will be provided with a lock and key so that no one can have casual access to your belongings. Thus, the safety of the storage space is ensured.

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How can you use storage units to make moving easier?



Boxes for moving

  • Start as early as possible

    If you have to move next month, start packing today. We often rush on last days and end up putting ourselves in stress.

    Instead, start packing before one month and keep only those things you need the most. Start putting your possessions in one of the storage containers and lighten your load on the day of locating. If you are hiring movers, ask questions regarding their moving process prior to your moving day.

    You can move containers in stages thereby reducing the carload and stress on your moving day.

  • De-Clutter

    Not only packing but unpacking all stuff is also frustrating during the time of relocation. You have to unpack, sort, arrange and decorate everything from the boxes lying on the floor.

    Plus, if you accidentally open an unimportant box, unpacking becomes more annoying. Here’s a trick, empty one box, and start putting the least important stuff in that.

    Meanwhile, you can arrange your furniture and other big stuff. It will help you de-clutter more items that you feel is less important.

  • Stay sorted and organized

    Most logistics companies use “storage in transit” approach to keep things organized. Apply this strategy to your move and give yourself a hassle-free moving.

    Maintaining possessions and other important stuff in one big frame make moving a stress-free task and gives the liberty to plan the move-out and move-in accordingly.

    You can also use these boxes to put things from your garage, garden, closet, and bathroom a little early so that you can focus on big stuff off late.

  • Find out what size of box you need

    You don’t want to waste dollars on the box which is too small or too big to be used. So, determine the size of your possessions and then invest in the boxes.

    If you don’t know the exact measurements, you can seek help from the representatives who work at self-storage shops.

  • Keep security in mind

    If you have already started your moving process, then don’t leave your possessions unattended.

    Invest in some good and lock-proof storage box and keep all your essential things to ensure its safety.

  • Save money and hire few trucks

    If you have kept everything in the storage box, then you will probably be left with furniture and other big stuff.

    So instead of hiring multiple trucks, one would be enough, and you will be able to save money.

    So that was some life-savior tips that could help you in moving.

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Tips for using storage rental

storage warehouse

  • Pick the right sized storage unit.

    Before you start googling about the best storage company, you should first evaluate how much room you need.

    Figure out how many boxes or things will be going into the unit. In this way, you will have a rough estimation of how many square feet you will require.

    This information can help you narrow down the list of available storage units in your area.

    Landing in the storage space directly without estimation can pull you into the trouble once you’ve purged your belongings.

    If the storage space is too small, you will be jeopardizing your belongings by having to stuff them in. Too large space will be wastage of money.

  • Consider the location of storage space for rent

    The location of the storage facility and the storage unit matters while choosing a storage space for rent.

    A storage space that is closest to your existing home might tempt you, but what if they don’t have the facility that is required.

    A better plan is to expand your search diameter and find one that offers better amenities at a lower cost.

    Once you are done with the storage location, figure out where you want your unit to be, indoor or outdoor.

    The comfort to access and better protection at a relatively uniform temperature are some of the benefits of indoor storage. However, you may have more difficulty in loading and unloading items with this option.

    Outdoor storage facility comes with the ease of loading and unloading. But it is not a great idea if you have to move stuff in the rain, snow, or other weather issues.

  • Look for latest security measures

    You will not want your precious belongings to be stolen, right? Well, this happens too often when you hire a storage company without looking for their security measures.

    While visiting the storage space, make sure to check if they feature digital video surveillance. Figure out the type of access system they use and inspect the perimeter fencing of the facility.

    Many higher-end storage facilities offer heated storage units or climate-controlled units. If you need to store sensitive items, this is the way to go.

    Lastly, don’t forget to check the types of locks in the storage units themselves.

  • Check the reviews

    You must do some research on the storage facility you’re considering.  As you are going to store your precious possessions, you should not blindly trust their words.

    Check the reviews on the company’s site as well as on multiple sites to get a clear picture of the customer experience.

  • Know about the insurance

    If your homeowners or renter’s insurance does not cover your items in storage, storage insurance will be available through the storage company itself.

    The storage insurance is typically very inexpensive and covers rodent damage and items in transit.

    Often the insurance comes with no deductible. However, if you claim with your homeowner’s insurance, you have to pay your deductible with the peril of your insurance being upped or canceled.

  • Ask about the leasing and payment policy

    Determining the company’s leasing and payment policy is very crucial before hiring any storage rental. Find out whether they provide month-to-month leasing without any deposit or the rent of the last month.

    A company that allows you to rent from month-to-month without a long lease agreement will be great option to hire. They won’t charge for a full month even if you have to leave mid-month with proper notice.

    Learn about the late payment policy and payment methods of the company. Some have direct payment options along with online bill payment to make paying your bill easy.

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Storage checklist


Checklist, while packing always help; it makes sure that you won’t miss-out any item or important stuff. So, here are some general things you should include in your checklist to make your storing and packing process smooth and stress-free.

  • Make a list of all items
  • Secure items that are moving
  • Label every box and container from all side
  • Consider clear plastic container that is reusable
  • Keep lighter boxes on heavier ones
  • Do not pack any toxic or flammable stuff
  • Do not pack any food item in the box
  • Use paper pads to protect furniture from scratching
  • Use bubble wrap to pack all electronic items
  • Label each cord before packing
  • Keep mirrors and glass framework at the end
  • Label fragile boxes separately
  • Use wardrobe containers to hang clothes
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