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Residential and Commercial Interior Design Ideas

Looking for a quick home pickup or need a makeover for your office? Need some residential and commercial interior design ideas?

If yes, chances are you must be flicking through magazines and informative websites for interior design trends.

We know we do and get confused with a load of contradictory advice.

So, we set out on a mission to simplify everything by putting together the best residential and commercial interior design ideas of all time.

Read on to get the best ever interior design ideas that will blow your mind and add character to your home or office.

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Interior design ideas for home

Bedroom interior design ideas

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High beds make a room look bigger

You might be a fan of low slung bed when it comes to small bedroom room interior design ideas. However, a higher version with a tall headboard can naturally make your bedroom look more elevated and more spacious.

The trick? It’s the optical illusions that make much more of space.

Vertical storage

Replace the headboard with wall-hanging shelves, and you will be sparing yourself from cluttering the room with stand-alone bookshelves.

Nature-inspired neutrals

A soft color scheme can bring an element of serenity to your master room. Go for the muted brown, green, blue, and tan hues as per the surrounding of your home.

Kitchen interior design ideas

Singapore Galley kitchen designs with an island - Residential and Commercial Interior Design IdeasImage Source

Soften up

Yes, everyone loves solid counter tops, but that doesn’t mean everything in the kitchen should be hard and concrete.

How about putting a soft cushion on the dining chairs?

Play with shades by picking manifesting colors. Be it a bit darker but it should match the colors of your entire kitchen.

Functionality with style

While thinking of interior design ideas for kitchen, you should focus on functionality along with style.

Steel and wooden hooks are great to exhibit your cooking utensils or pan artistically.

Just make sure that the shade compliments your wall paint color or wallpaper.

You can even go for stylish kitchen cabinets for a clutter-free kitchen.

Living room design ideas

minimalist furniture ideas living room with living room ideas furniture living room furniture stone walls and glass windows and a white sofa and floor tiles - Residential and Commercial Interior Design Ideas

Furniture with low visual weight

Furniture with low visual weight will lend a breezy and lightweight perception to your space.

Opt for slim and sleek design with light tones. Addition of bulky or boxy pieces makes one of the common living room design mistakes that you need to avoid.

Statement rug

The key to a subtle living room lies at your feet. A patterned carpet will play up with the neutral furniture, while a similarly-hued pillow will add another punch to the armchair.


Display a tight grid of small frames to achieve the drama of a major art piece while bringing some depth to your living room.


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Types of home interior design ideas

Condo interior design

Owning a condo in Singapore may make you feel like you are limited regarding interior design ideas. But that doesn’t mean you can’t think big when it comes to interior designing.

LoresCostaSol 01 - Residential and Commercial Interior Design IdeasImage source

Cluttering up the small space with your possessions will make it look even smaller. If you don’t have any extra storage space, use your things wisely so that you can save space of your condo.

You don’t need tons of accessories to decorate; just the basics are good enough. But make sure to have a few pieces of multipurpose furniture with a contemporary vibe.

What about small kitchen space? Well, you can easily stash your kitchenware in hidden cabinets or elevated shelves.

HDB design

Thinking of upgrading the interior design of your HDB in Singapore? Here are some ways to turn your HDB into a cozy retreat.

For Hdb Flat Design Decor 76 On Home Decoration Design with Hdb Flat Design Decor - Residential and Commercial Interior Design IdeasImage Source

Most HDBs comes in basic white, but you can add small accents of color to bring life to your HDB apartment.

The darker the color, the more packed and suffocating a room will feel. Pale, neutral and bright colors will go well with your decor and wall.

Multi-purpose shelves, cabinets, and drawers are stylish and economical in space. Get that feeling of extra space by adding mirrors and hangings.

Compliment your carpets, rugs, and tiles with your walls.

A wooden floor is a great choice, but you can also consider concrete, bamboo, tile, and wall to wall carpeting.

Using light in the room is a great way to go green in your HDB flat.

BTO design

Looking for some interior design inspiration for your BTO flat in Singapore? You definitely need to check out these BTO design ideas.

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When you own a BTO, muted color schemes in soft, earthy tones look pleasing to the eye. However, wooden furniture in light shades makes classic staple that never goes out of style.

With funky chipboard wall and the chalkboard feature piece in the kitchen, you will not have to compromise on space.

Adding some texture to the wall can shake the monotony of the sleek white walls. Keep the lights to bare spotlights to have a BTO that has no fuss and frills.

Light wood furnishings are extremely versatile and enhance the rustic feel.

Interior design ideas for office

A cubicle surrounded by white walls and lit by fluorescent lights is what we used to imagine when it comes to a typical office design.

But now the scenario is changed with people ditching crisp white walls for graphical wallpapers and a total overhaul of the office layout.

So if you too are trying to inject some character into the place where you spend your daily 9-5, how about giving it a makeover? Here are some ideas to take a cue from.

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First of all, lighting is a very crucial element in any workplace. When space is well lit, it helps in maintaining a good work environment.

Natural light is also essential while designing an office. So, make the most of the sunlight with windows, glass walls, and skylights.

Office furniture

Appropriate furniture makes the office look organized, and there is a lot of options when it comes to choosing furniture.

We usually match the furniture with the wall color or curtains but adding contrast will make it more playful and create a balance.


Neutral colors are the best pick for offices, but they are not the only choice to consider. Light blue makes a great choice for enhancing concentration.

You can even consider a contemporary color with a blend of intriguing textures for your office design. The shades of red and orange signify energy and make an appealing option for office walls.

Break-out spaces

While designing the office interior, it is essential to have space where your employees can relax for a few minutes on the coffee break.

Consider to bring in some natural ambiance to the interior with a little greenery.

Meeting room

A meeting room is a space where you take the most of your important decisions.

The space dedicated to meetings will witness the exchange of ideas and foster creativity to lead your way to the success of your projects.

So, the interior design for this room needs to be subtle yet creative with right furniture.

5 Most popular interior design styles

Modern interior design

Own a small space but want to make it look spacious? The modern interior design will do the trick for you.

Approaching spaces in a simplistic way, the design will highlight functionality opposed to unnecessary cluttering.

Luxury Modern Home Singapore 1 1 - Residential and Commercial Interior Design IdeasImage Source

It offers an illusion of space while not overcrowding it with accessories. This design highlights geometry and focuses on clean lines and asymmetrical cohesion.

Modern interior design typically refers to a design with clean, crisp lines with a simple color palette and materials such as metal, glass, and steel.

It employs a sense of simplicity in every element along with the furniture.

Bohemian interior design

Bohemian style reflects a carefree and adventurous spirit of the avant-garde lifestyle.

It involves the creative melange of rich patterns and vibrant colors especially the shades of red or purple. In other words, the bohemian design will be all about carefully presenting a purposefully “messy” look.

florence welch house living room 1024x681 - Residential and Commercial Interior Design IdeasImage Source

This design calls for a layer on textiles, throws, pillows, rugs, and tapestry for a warm ambiance. For the furniture, it should evoke an ethnic or nomadic vibe.

Floor pillows and comfortable seating spaces paired with an ultra-glam chandelier and a well-worn rug are common to spot in this style.

The key to this style is a laissez-faire attitude where everything goes well as long as you love it.

Industrial interior design

As the name sounds, the industrial design is inspired by the warehouse or an urban loft.

You can feel a sense of unfinished rawness in many of the elements. It’s common to see exposed brick, ductwork, and wood in this interior design.

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High ceilings, old timber, and dangling metal light fixtures are something you will often notice with this design.

However, sparse functional furniture with one or two pieces of abstract art adds a finishing touch to this look.

If going neutral is your hymn, you can stay with its basic concept of primary materials of wood and metals.


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Scandinavian interior design

Scandinavian design is the off-shoot of the mid-century modern movement.

Introducing a popular minimalist look to the interior architecture world, the design display the simplicity of life demonstrated in Nordic countries.

web costa2 1100x825 - Residential and Commercial Interior Design IdeasImage Source

The Scandinavian furniture with gentle contours, playful accent colors feels like a work of art.

Other common characteristics include steel and wide plank flooring, natural fiber throws or furs, natural lighting and fewer accessories.

It carefully evokes a simple, easy going lifestyle without being overcrowded. Some use white with gray tones as the foundation colors for this style.

Rustic interior design

Drawn from natural inspiration, the rustic design uses raw and often unfinished elements including wood and stone. It involves accessories from the outdoors with warmth and emulate  from the design.

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Architectural details may include features like vaulted ceilings adorned with wood beams or reclaimed wood floors.

Many designs now integrate rustic design with more modern furnishings and accessories.


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