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What is a Scandinavian Interior Design and how to create one for your house?

When simplicity meets modernism, Scandinavian Interior Design is born.

Using a unique blend of textures and contrasts, this exceptional style of interior design makes sure to make minimalism look warm and inviting.

If you are a fan of how the Nordics have transformed their living spaces into something so beautiful, here are some ways in which you can adapt Scandinavian interior design into your living space.

1. Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring

How to move a house is a rather easy question, the difficult question is, how to turn it into a home? If you want to live the Scandinavian way of life, then get ready to embrace wooden floors.

Scandinavian interior designs incorporate wooden floors in all their floor plans except their bathrooms.

You can use oak wood or ash wood floors for your home. This will not only rid you of the extra cost of installing tiles but will also look visually appealing when paired against the rest of your minimalist furniture inside the house.

Natural wood floors or stained wood floors will warm up your space when paired against the other stark colors of your furniture.

2. Muted Colors

One thing that you will never see in any Scandinavian home is the presence of loud, garish colors. This specific style of interior design is all about muted colors that pair off well with each other.

One such example would be pristine white walls paired off with grey and blue furniture. For adapting a Scandinavian Interior Design, the color white is your best friend.

Whether it is white countertops or white walls, make sure to incorporate as many shades of white, as you can in your design.

This will ensure that your house gets a sleek futuristic look. The idea behind this color palette is that these muted colors will give you a sense of calm every time you glance around the house.

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3. Minimalist Furniture

Minimalist Furniture

One of the most important parts of interior design is getting the best possible furniture for your living space. Your furniture speaks volumes about you and it’s very important that it should go along with the rest of the designing of your house.

Scandinavian interior design places a lot of focus on minimalist furniture. It’s no use following all the other designing rules and then cluttering up your house with furniture that you do not need.

Minimalist furniture is often very delicate and you should invest in a professional moving company in order to protect your furniture.

The furniture should be light in color and material in order to merge with the rest of the elements in your living space.

4. Natural Light

Natural Light

Natural Light is an extremely important part of Scandinavian interior design. Incorporate large windows in your house to make sure that light flows throughout the whole house.

You will also have the added bonus of always having natural light for all your selfies. Natural Light will also make your house look bigger than it actually is as the light will look all spaces look more open.

Aside from the inclusion of natural light, the Nordics also like to install different light pieces inside their home to have their houses as full of light as possible.

In this case, you can install table lamps or floor lamps in different rooms to ensure that regardless of the time of the day, your house remains fully lit.

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5. Incorporation of greenery

Incorporation of greenery

Take advantage of all the huge windows and natural light streaming into your house by planting some greenery inside your living space.

Bring a little bit of the outdoors inside your home by having plants by your windows or near your doors.

You will have the added satisfaction of playing your part for the environment while making sure that your house looks as fabulous as possible.

 6. Mixture of different textures

Mixture of different textures

Scandinavian interior design works so beautifully because it brings together unlikely textures in one single setting. You get marble tables with fur rugs or metal frames with soft linen.

If you want to opt for a more refined look, opt for raw materials without any tampering such as raw marble or unstained oak.

This is where IKEA comes into play. You can go crazy with trying to find the perfect mashup of different textures for your house.

Sure, it may look daunting to adopt this gorgeous style of designing into your home but there’s nothing about designing that a few DIY articles and Pinterest cannot fix.

So you can put on your creative hats and get to work in making your house look sleek and modern.

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