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The Best Tiles Designs for Every Corner of Your Home

Giving an oomph look your house is really not an easy thing. But with creative and intelligent designing, this task is not even difficult.

Confused? Have a look at tiles designs which will not only embrace the look of your home but also make it classy and smart.  People it’s a high time! Go and buy the best tiles in Singapore  and  decorate each corner of your home with these stunning tiles.

Mix the traditional white and black hex tiles

white and black hex tiles

Black and white hexagonal tiles look wonderful when mixed together to create a new look. These opposite colors make the floor more attractive and eye-catching. Even you will get surprised after seeing the modish look that going to give your space later. To get the best results, you can hire the designers. You can go in the dark to light colors for your wall. Colors fading from dark to light and giving your home a mesmerizing look.

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Subway tiles are love

Subway tiles

The modest subways tiles are mostly white and come in the shape of square and rectangle. You can give your home areas like bathrooms a sophisticated and decent look with subway tiles and can create an ultimate diagonal herringbone wall patterns. The tiles can give luxurious look to your bathroom, so go and get them now.

Wooden finishing tiles can be the good option

Wooden finishing tiles

Wood grained tiles are the best option for those people who love to have wooden look for their home but prefer to ignore the wood because of the fear of getting wood rot. Wood grained tiles are sturdy, durable and luxurious. So, if you want to install the tiles at your home, then go and buy the best Singapore tiles and keep your eyes soothing with the magnificent look.

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It’s time for Arabesque tiles

Arabesque tiles

Small and repeating tiles are always been an important part of your home and till date, these tiles are ruling the household. The pattern will never go the out of fashion. New modifications are being done in the designs from changing the shape of tiles to different types of colors and nowadays Arabesque tiles are in. These tiles can work well in your home areas and give your home a soft and graceful feel with eye soothing effects.

Get an exposed brick look for your home

exposed brick look

You can get a Rustic look for your home with exposed brick tiles. Bricks are cut in the form of thin slices and mounted over the wall with grout for creating a rustic look. Nothing looks grounded and fashionable like brick tile walls. The tiles are very easy to carry off for any type of home. If you do not like the red, you can paint the bricks with different lovely looks.

So, get escaped in the charm of these different types of tiles by installing them at your home. So, go and buy the best tiles  for your home and create an artistic look with unique allure for your home.

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