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Tips To Save Thousands On Your Home Renovation

Planning to give a makeover to your HDB? Worried about busting your budget? Well, HDB renovation is no doubt a costly affair in Singapore that can eat up around $55,000 of your savings. But fret not, here are some effective tips that can save you thousands on renovation costs.

Split Your HDB Renovation Into Different Phases

HDB Rennovation - Tips To Save Thousands On Your Home Renovation

Built-in works for areas like kitchens & bedrooms, painting and plumbing should be done first, as they can become troublesome and messy to work on once you move in. Start by doing the essentials first and then gradually go for other HDB renovation things. Zoom-in on the finer to add more aesthetic details.

Go For Cost-Saving Themes

Shape Line Colour 5 1 - Tips To Save Thousands On Your Home Renovation

The design of your home plays a huge role in the renovation cost. A house with the minimal décor would be cheaper to renovate than a house that has a sense of opulence.  However, it doesn’t mean you should compromise on style, go for something simple, but didn’t make your house look dull.

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Pick The Ever-Affordable Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style kitchen design Do not also forget about bright details e1429966069133 - Tips To Save Thousands On Your Home Renovation

Scandinavian style is always a hot trend, so go for that! Pair the interiors with the bright yet neutral colors, add stylish cost-friendly furniture and give your home an on-trend scandi look.

Paint Your Feature Wall

freshome feature wall 3 - Tips To Save Thousands On Your Home Renovation

Instead of spending thousands on troublesome wallpapers choose a cost-effective alternative to paint your feature walls during your HDB renovation.

Save up by cutting down on a bunch of lighting points

Good Lighting Arrangement Design Every Room At Home Family room with dining room and adjoining kitchen so it looks quite spacious - Tips To Save Thousands On Your Home Renovation

Instead of including many lighting points, use tricks to bring in light, naturally.

Repurpose Your Old Furniture into New Built-Ins

DSCN3192 204 1 - Tips To Save Thousands On Your Home Renovation

Who says to spend bucks to buy new furniture when you can creatively re-purpose them? Simply know what furniture you already own and how you can use it in different ways. For instance, when remodeling a living room consider using an old side table with one level of drawers as a coffee table for the new space. Refurnish an old dresser to decorate the corners or use a solid wood round table under the staircase for adding decorative elements like flower vases.

Avoid Costly Design Changes

luxury bedroom furniture auckland for and with astonishing photo - Tips To Save Thousands On Your Home Renovation

Don’t go for major design changes when you are looking for ways to save money. Things, like installing new gas lines, reinstalling plumbing or adding new gas lines, can lead to high costs because of labor and supplies cost.

Let’s say: your bathroom has a functional and smooth layout that goes with the shower, sink and bathtub, don’t change it. Keeping all the things where it initially minimized the reinstalling costs.

However, if you still want major changes, stick to it! Any small fixtures can put a hole in your pocket especially when you are using experts in your HDB renovation process.

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Use Less Expensive Material with Rich Look

Making house luxurious doesn’t mean adding king size sofa’s and installing costly lights. Instead, you can even look for inexpensive things that give the rich-look. For instance, you can go for adding a fresh coat of paint on cupboards or accessories old wood cupboards with the new knobs and pulls.

modern luxury bedroom ideas fabulous modern luxury bedrooms for luxury hotel bedroom ideas on master bedroom ideas luxury modern bedroom design ideas - Tips To Save Thousands On Your Home Renovation

You can even add some richness by incorporating a clean yet mid-range carpet or can go for under pad for a luxurious under-foot feel. Also look for creative ways to incorporate decorative items in the unusual form.

Differentiate your needs and wants

Every homeowner has few or many things that they want but doesn’t need. So, when shopping, ponder, is that fascinating, colorful juicer you really need, or you simply want it because it adds to the beauty of the kitchen? Consider if what you want to purchase really going to help you in the future.

Stay away from unnecessary frills

patrick ht1 1 - Tips To Save Thousands On Your Home Renovation

If you have pets at home or have small kids, investing in a costly carpet will not be a practical thing. Moreover, wallpapers will not work if you are moving to the tropical climates.

Refurbish Or Reuse Whenever Possible

landscape 54c03e780d80a 4 hbx yellow wicker table dining area 0212 harper04 s2 - Tips To Save Thousands On Your Home Renovation

If you are moving to a second-hand home, consider only those things that you actually need like a piece of furniture or a structural element. Refurnish them, if they are in good condition. If you already have furniture, consider what you are reuse and what you need have to buy.

So, those were some cost-saving tips that can save thousands on your home renovation.

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