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Top Interior Design Singapore Trends to Style Your Home

Love to be on the trend? When it comes to being on the top of the trend, it shouldn’t be just about what we put on.

It should also be about how we style our homes too. Fashion trends are now running beyond the runway to persuade what’s hot for our home décor.

While thinking of interior design ideas for your home in Singapore, you should be aware of latest interior design Singapore trends options.

The sweet home where you unwind at the end of your busy day must reflect your character, style, and preferences.

Looking for great ideas for your new house? Or, need to revive your house with a detailed makeover? Whatever! Here we plowed into the top trends in interior design Singapore that are going to rule in and after 2018.

The interior design styles rely on the type of your home you own. So, first let’s consider the interior design trends for distinct types of house.

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Condo interior design

Condo Interior Design Singapore

Condos are the minimalist homes that are reduced to its necessary elements, and the function is more emphasized than the form. Here the trick is to get a clean and clutter-free look to make the home fuss- and stress-free. Here are some ways to add in the spirit of minimalism to your condo in Singapore.

Living room design

Wood on White

Simple carpentry with clean lines and camouflaged storage are in trend. No protruding handles, no messy outlines is the hymn for a trendy condo design.

Furniture in muted cream and wood tone

Muted cream and wood tone is loved for its comfortable and lived-in vibe. Having only the essential accessories that accentuate the natural feel is enough and a messy look is a living room design mistake to avoid.

Tones of grey and black

Cement screed walls and sleek, modern furniture are embracing the condos in Singapore. The shades of grey and black match up with the masculine vibe of the apartment.

HDB Interior Design Singapore

With the Interior design industry buzzing with many styles, it’s tough to decide the best one. What’s the word on the hottest interior design Singapore trends for HDB flats?  Read on to figure out.

Kitchen walls are hacked

Open-concept spaces with the kitchen walls being hacked for airy, spacious dining areas are what we see these days.

Standalone counters

Another trend that has been seen this year, and will perhaps continue further is the standalone counters neighboring the main kitchen area. Be it the breakfasts on lazy Sunday mornings or late night drinks with your buddies, bar countertops are what we look for.

Gallery walls

Unless it is done in a tacky and rightly cliché, gallery walls are not for yesteryears. Another feature that has been phasing out is the chalkboards. Tapestry, a statement mirror, or even greenery can give a fresh approach to a blank wall.

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BTO Interior Design Singapore

A BTO (Build To Order) flat have a limited amount of square footage. But that doesn’t mean it can’t look great. Here are some BDO interior design trends that are adapted to suit the ergonomics and comfort of the minimal space.

 Illusions through mirrors

Illusions through mirrors

Cladding the entire feature wall of a room in floor-to-ceiling mirror leafs can create an illusory effect of doubling the space.

Emphasizing the white

A small hack that most of the two bedroom BTO flat have been utilizing is to emphasize the white. The addition of white color is one of the great small bedroom design ideas to make it look spacious.

Open-floor concept

Every small-style interior design Singapore takes in the open-floor concept. It can visually merge the living area, kitchen and dining space while creating extra leeway for circulation space.

A Glance Into a Few Popular Interior Design Styles

You are right; we are looking at you. We can see the spider lights and barn doors that you need to replace.

Want your sweet home to stand out? It’s high time now to swap out those cookie-cutter looks for some fresh ideas.

We are here with the top interior trends that are a hit with Singaporeans.

Scandinavian Interior Design

The tidiness and simplicity of the Scandinavian style are making it one of the huge trends among the Singaporeans.

Along with its exquisite simplicity, the reasonable amount of bucks make the reason for this style to have a huge fan following in Singapore.

Read on to have a clear idea of what actually it offers to make your home paradise on earth or a trendy place to live.

Scandinavian Interior Design

Clean, streamlined designs rule the theme by sticking to the simplistic styles that evoke soothing and relaxing vibe to everyday living.

A touch of colors and bright accessories brings the cheery tone to this style. No wonder why every Singaporean is going crazy over Scandinavian inspiration.

Warm Hygge Style Interior Design

Whether you call it Hoo-ga” or “Hue-guh,” you must have heard a sound bite of this latest interior design Singapore trend. This is the style that is dedicated to the happiest people on the earth.

Warm Hygge Style Interior Design

Focusing on coziness, the interior style creates a sanctuary to escape the hustle bustle of life. When you need a home that is laid back and effortlessly warm, there is no great option than Hygge.

Although, snuggling up with a thick throw is not what Singaporeans do, you can still add fur textures and candles to incorporate Hygge into your home.

Minimalist Theme Interior Design

The style that is making the homes in Singapore a timeless space to live is the minimalist theme. Rid of clutter and simple living is what the style focuses on.

You can’t go wrong with a minimalist-themed home.

Minimalist Interior Design

Play around with materials like wood, cement floors, and metallic elements and top it off with a raw, edgy feel.

Who doesn’t like a relaxing resort-style abode? The neutral color tones of this theme calm your senses from a hectic day.

Different shades of brown and scented candles in every room will make it smell like you’re living by the sea.

Bohemian Touch Interior Design

A Mix of playful colors makes the spirit of the bohemian style. Great for creative soul, the interior design is a right option for simple space with art classes and little intricate details.

Encapsulating the free-spirited and avant-garde lifestyle, the bohemian chic decor is stylish and sophisticated.

Bohemian Touch Interior Design

The style is inspired by Eastern designs found in the Mediterranean, Morocco that has now been given a modern twist.

Mixing contemporary and vintage pieces, the style is gaining hype in Singapore these days. By mixing up colors, textures, ethnic patterns, the style cleverly reflect one’s personality.

The best part? There are no rules. It is all about making truly unique and artistic abode.

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Vintage Style with Patterned Peranakan Tiles

Pattered Peranakan tiles have boomed in popularity in the stylish homes of Singapore. Simple yet elegant, this style can accentuate a small area of your room.

Patterned tiles in the entire house may become too much of an eyesore so try to incorporate it into a little space where you’d like to have your eyes focus on.

Vintage Style with Patterned Peranakan Tiles

Heavily patterned and overwhelming design balance out by plain and undecorated surfaces.

For instance, in the kitchen, they can be used on the floor as well as in cabinetry and countertops in one color.

You can follow the same for the bathroom to complement the white sanitary ware with the heavily patterned floor.

Muji or Japanese-style Interior Design

Muji or Japanese-style is great to design a home that is clean and soothing on the eyes.

Striking and functional at the same time, the Muji home is often accompanied by wooden accents and white walls.

Muji or Japanese-style Interior Design

The smart storage ideas are incorporated to make your home look uncluttered and manicured.

Keeping decoration to a minimum while white-washing the entire home with light-colored furniture make it hit all the right notes.

Airy and soothing, this design style puts you into a relaxing mode every time they step in.

If you’re a fan of clean-cut, timeless designs, MUJI is your bible.

Classic Kinfolk Interior Design

Singaporeans often dream of living a carefree lifestyle and maybe this is why the Classic Kinfolk is gaining publicity in Singapore.

You will ogle herringbone parquet flooring and soft shades in this design that seems to enjoy a slow living.

Classic Kinfolk Interior Design

Simple lines, light shades, and smoky greys exude an ethereal vibe that appeals to Kinfolk fans.

Do take note that here you have to sacrifice the need for tons of storage compartments.  This interior design Singapore trend will prevent clutter from building up over the years.

Masculine Neon Industrial Interior Design

The industrial design calls for raw concrete floors and walls, track lights and brick walls. It seems as if it is deliberately left incomplete for that grunge look.

Masculine Neon Industrial Interior Design

Add a posh leather sofa, and it will stand out from rest of the elements in the house. Of course, we can’t ignore a neon light feature across the living room’s wall for some extra cool points.

You can mix up these trendy styles, and you will end up with spending all your time curling up at a unique comfy abode to call home.

The top interior design trends to look for different rooms

Minimalist living rooms

Keeping the living room in line with the principles of minimalism is in vogue these days in Singapore. Living rooms are now more elegant, stylish as well as functional.

Too many items create a cluttered feeling and disrupt the harmony of the home.  Few paintings that speak to your soul is enough for the wall.

Minimalist living rooms

However, the furniture should be minimal including a comfortable sofa, two armchairs, and a small wardrobe.

Trendy shades of milk, lemon, and coffee are embracing the walls in Singapore along with a stone trend with wooden pieces.

Warm bedrooms

The relaxing master bedroom is getting an especially big trend this year.

A warm yellow color with feelings of sunlight is great to brighten your mood. But overdoing it will be over stimulating.

Warm bedroom design

Blending it with other shades of green, brown, and grey works wonder.

When there is a need to give your bedroom a slight pop without adding chaos, raspberry hue is the way to go.

Contrasts of these colors will be great to incorporate into the furniture, bedding, and décor.

Moreover, minimalism is the key to rock a bedroom interior now, so no need to add more of the furniture. A stylish bed, bedside tables, and dresser are enough.

Bare bones bathrooms

Simplicity is the key this year to maximize space in the bathroom.

Interior designers are following the metal trend for fixtures while harmonizing the floor with wood.

Bare bones bathrooms

Natural stone flooring is also acceptable. Shades of blue and white are making the trendiest color palate for bathrooms in the HBD flats in Singapore.

No need for too many items in the bathroom. You can save some for a few key pictures or even flowers.

Marble is still in these days, so you can have it in your bathroom without tearing it up.

For bringing your bathroom into a fashionable zone, a facelift with new paint is a great idea.

Spacious kitchens

The interior design trend Singapore for the kitchen is to keep it as spacious as possible. Anything beyond basic furniture is not cool.

Working with straight, defined lines will keep it ergonomic.  A green light is getting hype in the kitchen this year.

Kitchen design

You will notice most of the professional interior designers recommending bright shades of colors especially green, red, and blue.

For instance, the bright and saturated hue of these shades makes a wall pop in the kitchen. But make sure to contrast it with the color of surrounding furniture and appliances.

Unless your kitchen utilizes modern materials and monochromatic hues to create a feeling of discord, vintage items are good to include.

Final words

Trends come and go, but sweeping up only with the hype is not a wise move. Going for an interior style that reflects your personality as well as the lifestyle is paramount in designing a home. Take cues from these interior design Singapore trends to design a home that you’ll truly love for years to come!


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