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Your Ultimate Easy Moving Checklist – From Start to Finish


Excited to move into your new home, but unsure where to start from?

You can engage professional moving services for your project, or you can choose to do it yourself.

Overwhelmed by the immense number of items to move?

Don’t worry! We have compiled a comprehensive moving inventory checklist of household items that you can track when moving.

Before you move, check and tabulate in numbers – what items are required to be moved into your new house and what items are required to be disposed of. This will help in:

  • Making sure that your items are not lost during the move.
  • Clearly differentiating the items to dispose of and items to move.
  • Ensuring that you have packed and unpacked all the necessary items and nothing is left out.
  • Serving as a moving inventory checklist that you can confirm with the mover. This is to ensure accurate quotation with no unnecessary additional charges by the professional mover.

After the move, unpack the items that you have indicated to be unpacked, and tabulate the numbers again to ensure no lost items.

Here is a moving checklist to assist you in your move from the start to finish.

Most moves require 2 months preparation in advance.

Our moving checklist will ensure that you have smooth-sailing and fuss-free moving experience. Let’s get started!

Engage a reliable house mover in Singapore

2 months prior to move

Major Sort and Declutter

Do a major cleanse of your entire house. Decide what you want to keep and what you want discarded. There are so many items accumulated since the start of your stay in this old house. You want to purge unnecessary items that will most likely not be used again. Achieve a hassle free moving and clutter-free new home by getting rid of unnecessary items.

Here’s how you can get started:

  • Get some boxes and trash bags for sorting
  • Get everything out from your closet, cabinets, drawers and display them on the floor
  • Categorize them into Trash, Recycle, Donate, Keep, Sell, Undecided, Documents
  • Trash and Recycle: Get rid of these items
  • Donate: Contribute to charity by donating your unwanted items. Here are some avenues for donation in Singapore:
Where What to donate What is it for
Salvation army Furniture and almost every kind of donations Underprivileged elderly, families and children
Humanitarian Organisation of Migrant Economics Household items, computers and desktops Migrant workers
Pass-It-On Medical aids, furniture and home appliances Voluntary Welfare Organizations (VWOs)
The Food Bank Canned food, dried goods Voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs), charities and soup kitchens.
Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore Apparels, furniture, houseware Intellectually Disabled
Room to Read Books Children in more than 10 countries in the world
Babes Crisis Pregnancy Support Baby-related supplies Pregnant teenagers (21 and below
Singapore Council of Women’s Organizations Clothes and accessories Victims of domestic violence, Young women
Metta Welfare Association Clothes and accessories, soft toys, bed sheets, covers People with special needs, elderly folks

Decluttering might take a few days or a week depending on your schedule. So, do set aside ample time to do a good one-time clean up!

Get quotes from a few movers

1 month prior to move

Know what you want to move

Before you contact movers, you need to know what you want to move. After decluttering, you are at a better arena to choose what you want in your next house. If you are deciding whether to change certain furniture, change during the move to reduce the time, effort and money on moving furniture you are about to change soon.

Download this moving inventory checklist to keep track on what you want to move.

Contact Multiple Movers


Call multiple professional movers for moving quotes. This may take a week or more as you need to schedule meetings with the movers for viewing of your house. Follow this comprehensive moving guide on how to hire the right mover and the estimated pricing guidelines.

Your moving inventory checklist will come in handy here!

Also, ask the movers what supplies will be required if you want to purchase moving supplies by yourself. Here is a moving supplies checklist that you can download and fill up for easy purchase.

Create a moving file


Store and keep track all your receipts, supplies checklist, inventory checklist and contracts in this file. You will need the inventory checklist to ensure the movers delivered all the items and keep them intact.

Confirm the mover and schedule a moving date

Call the mover and confirm the date of move. You may need to put down your deposit to confirm the booking date.

Ensure that you are free for the day of move

Make proper arrangements so that you are free on the moving day. Take work leave if you have work that day.

Check with your apartment management

If you are staying in a condo, you may need to fill up and submit a moving form to the condo’s management. Most condos allow moving during weekdays working hours (9am-5pm) and in Saturday mornings (9am-1pm). Moving on Sundays and public holidays are not allowed. Check with them. If moving is not allowed on your scheduled date, coordinate another date with the mover.

You may have to deposit an amount that is refundable after the move.

Speak to the movers, and ensure that they lay the lift with padding before moving to protect your deposit.

Parking labels and access cards

Access card

Notify the authorities which car will be accessing your apartment during the day of move. Ensure they have the right access cards so that they do not get stuck outside the building due to multiple trips.

2 weeks prior to move

Purchase supplies


You can purchase supplies directly from the moving company. Some moving companies do include these supplies in their moving package so, do check with them. You may purchase supplies from these online companies as well:

Take photos

Empty house

It is vital that you take photos of your house, important items, electronics, equipment. If anything goes wrong during the move, these photos can be used as evidence to confront the moving company. Moreover, if an insurance claim is required, these are evidence for claims. Also, you can use these images to remind yourself how things are supposed to be placed or connected.

Here are some vital points that you can take images of:

What to take photo of What to check for after move
Take photo of every vital area of your new and old house: walls, doors, floors, inbuilt furniture, lights, panels, balcony, kitchen. Check for any scratches, dents, damages to areas of your old and new house.
Snap the back of electronics such as TV, radio, speakers, computers, modems, gaming consoles. Take note of the serial number too. Check that the wires are connected correctly to the right outlets and ports.
Photos of electronics, glassware, musical instruments, furniture, big items Check that there are no scratches, dents, or breakage to these items.
Take videos of your electronics and appliances working. Power start the electronics and appliances. Ensure that they are working fine. Some damages may not be seen easily. These videos will help in justifying any potential spoilage made by the movers.

Make sure that you timestamp your photos. This proves that the photos were taken right before the move, hence making the movers highly liable for the damages.

After the move, check these areas again and raise any issue if you have with your mover.

Clear perishable items

Try to get rid of perishable items you don’t want to move like food and cleaning supplies. Buy cleaning supplies sufficient till the day of your stay in your old house. For food, arrange those food to be all cooked before the day of moving. Too much food? Maybe you can invite your friends over a last meal at your old house.

Speak to reliable local movers

Find the average moving cost here.

1 week prior to move

Pack the necessary items

Using your packing supplies, pack your items into boxes and label them accordingly. More packing tips can be found here. It is important to keep all your important personal items, belongings and valuables in a box, so that you are able to keep track of that box during the move.

Change addresses

Change of addresses is something that can be easily left out during your move. Set a time to sit down and contact all the necessary parties for an address change. Let them know when the change will be i.e. the date of move, so that your mails and important documents are delivered correctly.

Here are some addresses to change:

Items to set aside

Have a bag of essential items. This is because you may be too tired on the day of moving to unpack your items.

Essentials include:

  • A set of clothes to change
  • Wallet and cards
  • Essential Toiletries
  • Medicine

Cleaning supplies

Have a bag or box of cleaning materials. These cleaning materials will come in handy after the move. You can do the necessary cleaning before you unpack your items.

Have a bag of spare items for emergency. Items include:

  • Measuring tape
  • Penknife
  • Portable charger
  • Extra set of keys for both houses
  • Markers and pens
  • Masking tape

A few days before

Settle the old house

Here are some things that you need to do:

  • Defrost the freezer
  • Switch off and clean all the appliances
  • Close your safe deposit box
  • Confirm the time and venue for the movers again
  • Prepare water and snacks for the movers and yourself
  • Prepare payment after deposit
  • Finish the final packing

Spring clean the new house


Arrange a cleaner to clean your new house prior to the move. You may also get the moving company to do that, but most of the time, they outsource this task to third parties. So, you may want to hire your own or do it by yourself.

During the day of move

Follow the movers as they pack, load and unload. As they unload the items, check it against your inventory list to make sure all items are accounted for. Then, check for damages against your photos. Test out the toilets, appliances, utilities, water heater etc.

Once everything has been checked, you can start unpacking.

After move

If you require any insurance claim, you can do so after your move.

Also, check your mail box in your old house in a week’s and a month’s time – some mails may continue to be sent there. Or you get the new home owner to contact you if any of your mails come in.

Also, don’t forget to give your movers a good review if they had done a good job!

Talk to local movers on SGHomeNeeds

Services you may require

Furthermore, we have included a services checklist that can help you decide what services you require the professional to fulfill. This ensures nothing is left out during your move and your move is as smooth sailing as possible.

Services that you may require:

  • Packing
  • Moving (with vehicle provided)
  • Moving (without vehicle provided)
  • Unpacking
  • Cleaning up
  • Storage services
  • Disposal services

Additional moving service that you may require:

  • Flooring Protection (to protect against scratches)
  • Moving Insurance
  • Piano Moving
  • Elevator Carry (if elevator is involved in the moving)
  • Flight service (for stairs in the house)
  • Auxiliary Service (change of truck midway because the big truck cannot access your home compounds)
  • Assembling and Disassembling of furniture (E.g. Beds, Cupboards)
  • Appliance installation and preparation (E.g. TV Install)
  • Others

Things to note

Here are some tips and tricks that you should practice during your move.

Home Moving

  1. Tabulate the number of items before and after the move, and notify the professional mover if you notice any missing items.
  2. Take as much photos or videos of your personal items and valuables such as artwork, musical instruments, refrigerator etc. If anything valuable is lost during the move, these evidence will help in insurance claims.
  3. Label your boxes for different rooms and different parts of the house. This ensures quick and efficient unpacking when you move into your new house.
  4. Label your boxes in sequence. When you unpack, you can unpack easily and efficiently in the right sequence.
  5. Handle your valuables by yourself such as cash, jewelry etc.
  6. For items that require storing after you move in, store them similarly so that you do not need to pack twice.
  7. Stick the fragile sticker on items that you want to be handled carefully with caution by the movers.
  8. Highlight items that are highly flammable to the movers so that they handle them with extra care.
  9. Get clearance at the loading and unloading bay of the new and old house.

Download your checklist now

Comprehensive moving inventory checklist

Also, read the ultimate guide to moving. It covers:

  • Things you need to know before engaging a professional mover
  • Things you should take note when speaking to the professionals
  • Whether you should with or without a professional
  • Cost of hiring a moving professional & cost of moving by yourself

Looking for a reliable moving company?

SGHomeNeeds provides a list of reliable house movers in Singapore for you to engage with.  You can find professionals in the following areas:

If your project is customised and would like to speak to a few reliable movers, SGHomeNeeds can also match you to a house mover with your personalised requirements quickly and fuss-free.

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