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Your Ultimate Kitchen Design Guide in Singapore

Designing your own kitchen may seem like a daunting task, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from approaching it with a sense of adventure and creativity. After all, you don’t get to be in charge of your kitchen design very often anyway.

Kitchen design

Planning the layout

You should start by planning the layout of your kitchen. Consider the space that is available in your kitchen and work within the limits. This will allow you to have a clear overview on how your kitchen design will look like once it is completed.

It also lets you have a better idea on what will fit in your kitchen and what will not.

Decorating your kitchen

The next step is to decorate your kitchen with a colour scheme. Try to start with colours that you feel would affect your mood positively. Different colours have a different effect on people. Red can energise the look of your kitchen while blue and green can add a calm feeling to your kitchen design.

Therefore, you should choose the colour of your kitchen wisely as it will determine the vibe that you get when entering your kitchen. In general, the floors should be of a darker shade as compared to the kitchen walls. This will add an overall elegance to your kitchen design.

Kitchen shelf decoration

Designing your kitchen walls

Your kitchen walls will often be exposed to the steam, grease and heat that comes from your cooking. Therefore, the design of your kitchen walls should focus on durability and not just the style.

For example, tiles is an ideal choice for kitchen walls as they are usually sturdier and moisture proof. Tiles also come in a variety of patterns which means that you can still achieve the style aspect in your kitchen walls.

Paint is also a good option for your kitchen walls as it is easy to clean stains off painted walls than wallpapers.

A basic style tip for your kitchen walls is to ensure that they harmonise well with the kitchen cabinets and other functional areas of your kitchen.

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Kitchen cabinets

Don’t ignore your kitchen floors

Aside from the walls, your kitchen floor is another part of the kitchen that will be constantly bombarded with spills, oil and smoke. This means that the material used for your floor should be resilient to such externalities.

You can consider using ceramic tiles as they are hardy, water resistant and easy to clean. Natural stone such as marble is also another popular choice, and fits well in rustic-themed kitchens.

Vinyl tiles and laminates are also good choices for your kitchen floors as they are both waterproof and can effectively reflect the look of natural materials.

Deciding on the best kitchen countertop material

The material used for your kitchen countertop should be determined by your budget as well as your usage of the kitchen. We have narrowed down 5 materials that are the most popular for kitchen countertops in Singapore. Here we talk about the range of kitchen cabinet designs.

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kitchen countertop material

  1. Quartz

Quartz is probably the most durable material in the market. Quartz counter tops offer the most flexibility and versatility as different colours can be used. Quartz blends the beauty of stone countertops and easy maintenance of solid surfaced countertops.

Stainless steel countertop

  1. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the most common material that is used in commercial kitchens. However, there are many modern kitchens that make use of stainless steel nowadays. Stainless steel is among the most popular options for kitchen countertops in Singapore due to its high durability. It is also extremely resistant to heat, which is useful especially in the kitchen.

However, stainless steel requires frequent maintenance if you wish for it to look stainless all the time. Fingerprints are easily detectable on the steel and have to be wiped away on a daily basis. It is also susceptible to loud noises when you put your pots and pans on it. Also, there are certain chemicals which may affect the colour of stainless steel in the long run.

Wood countertop

  1. Wood

Wooden kitchen countertops have a classical appeal and is best fitted into a conventional kitchen such as country style. Wood is also extremely durable and is highly resistant to stains and scratches.

However, it is not very resistant to heat and may be damaged if it is exposed to extreme levels of heat. Also, wood must be kept dry at all times which may result in more inconvenience, especially in a place like the kitchen. Bacteria might also be harboured in the wood and requires frequent cleaning in order to kill such bacteria. Therefore, wood requires high maintenance in order to keep up its appearance.

Granite countertop

  1. Granite

Granite is a natural material and is able to give your kitchen countertop a very distinct look. It is also resistant to spills, heat, scratches and water. However, the downside of granite is that it has to be sealed often in order to avoid stains.

Marble countertop

  1. Marble

Marble is definitely the most glamourous and glossiest of the kitchen countertop materials. This makes marble a very good choice if you want your kitchen to look as elegant as possible. Marble is also considerably durable and is highly resistant to heat.

However, it is fairly susceptible to stains and spills, which makes it less popular to be used in the kitchen.

Marble countertop for kitchens

Open concept kitchen designs

Open concept kitchens are increasing in popularity due to more magazines featuring such kitchen designs. Such concepts break the traditional boundaries of interior design for kitchens as they feature a concept where cooking can be seen from outside the kitchen.

However, open concept kitchens require careful and meticulous planning, starting from having an effective extractor to prevent the smell of smoke and food in the kitchen from spreading to the rest of your house.

Moreover, the kitchen design has to blend in with the adjoining spaces such as the dining or living room. This ensures a flow from the kitchen design with the rest of your home.

Finding the right kitchen planner

It is important to hire a professional kitchen planner in order to ensure that you will be able to complete your dream kitchen. Finding the right kitchen planner is not easy as there is a plethora of kitchen designers available online.

One way to find the right kitchen planner for yourself is through going through reviews and ratings online. The next step would be to convey your ideas for your dream kitchen to them and see if they are able to make it into a reality.

You should also be open to suggestions and improvements from your kitchen planner as they are the ones with experience in designing a kitchen.

Making do with a small space

As houses in Singapore are usually very small, most kitchens are no bigger than narrow aisles. Fortunately, you can maximise the tiny space in your kitchen with proper planning and design.

Choosing the right colour for your kitchen goes a long way in giving it a more spacious look. For example, painting your kitchen white gives it a more spacious façade.

Also, having a single colour theme for your kitchen helps to create a greater sense of openness. Shiny surfaces such as stainless steel and glass are superb space enhancers. Making use of such tips will allow your kitchen to look bigger than it actually is.

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Choosing the right style for your kitchen design

Deciding on a single style for your kitchen can be tough especially when there are so many different styles to choose from. To help you make your decision easier, we have compiled a list of the top 4 kitchen design styles in Singapore.

Country-style kitchens

Country-style kitchens

There is something truly heart-warming about rustic kitchen styles. Maybe it is because rustic kitchens remind us of being close to nature. This country kitchen style blends soft colours, natural finishes and traditional wooden floors with vintage kitchen accessories to exude a sense of homeliness.

However, this does not mean that country style kitchens are old fashioned. Most country style kitchens today are able to balance the charm of the countryside and the most modern accessories, storage options and finishes to create a homely space that is both a pleasure to cook and bond in.

Modern kitchens

Modern kitchens

Modern kitchens are masterpieces of balancing style and functionality. They are able to blend elegant sleek styles with finishes that are trending in the market today. These include veneers, lasertech and high pressure laminates that bring a smooth and seamless chic into any setting.

Modern kitchens usually favour open concepts which create an oases for both cooking and relaxing in. Invisible storage options with handleless kitchen cabinets are usually seen in modern kitchens.

It can be tough to decide on just a single style for your kitchen. Therefore with eclectic style kitchens, you can blend styles, colours and designs to create a totally unique space. The end result might just be a quirky and personalised blend that showcases your unique style. You might even find it more appealing just because it represents who you are.

Scandinavian style kitchens

Scandinavian style kitchens

Scandinavian styles rely on the use of natural materials and sense of light and space. They are usually dominated by light colours such as white, mint, blue and grey. This is complemented with open shelves, which ultimately gives off a bright, airy and uncluttered feel.

The kitchen floors in Scandinavian style kitchens tend to be made of wood, which ensures that the natural grain remains visible. Scandinavian minimalism draws on the combination of soft colours and contrasts from brightly coloured kitchen accessories.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, we each have our own individual tastes and preferences. There is only so much the creativity of others can influence us. After all, it would feel wrong to call it our dream kitchen if we simply replicated its entire design.

Ultimately, kitchen design is a blend of art and science. Once you’ve gotten the right balance, the result will be a space that you will take pleasure to look at and cook in. Just remember to do your research beforehand and come up with a thorough plan before you embark on your first step in achieving your dream kitchen.

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