Guide to Hiring Part Time Maid In Singapore

Do you keep worrying about the innumerable household chores? If you live in Singapore, it is apparent to fret as the fast-paced lifestyle doesn’t allow us to spend hours in house cleaning and organizing.

Especially when you have to deal with the arduous late night office work, you feel fully burnt.  Even if you see the messy kitchen and untidy rooms, you are so tired to clean and put it in order.

A number of times you may have thought of hiring a full-time maid, but you always step back due to the obligation and expense. Maybe you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket or interrupt your privacy.

Moreover, in a country like Singapore, the houses and the apartments have minimal and limited space. Hence it is difficult to provide extra room for live-in maids.

All these reasons may be stopping you from employing a helper and struggle with daily errands.

Heaving a sigh? Well, you don’t have to.

If you don’t like the idea of hiring maid services round the clock, it’s okay. You can still keep your house clean. How? Hire a part-time maid.

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Why Hire A Part-Time Maid Singapore?

A part-time maid will work for you on specific schedules of the day or week. So, you can enjoy your luxury of peace and comfort of your activities at home. Employing a helper for your part-time work will neither harm your privacy nor your pocket.

Employing a part-time maid is cheaper as compared to the full–time and you don’t have to make her stay in your house premises.

But choosing someone to depend unto is not a piece of cake. You have to consider several things before hiring a helper for your part-time work.

Here is the complete guide on how to find and select a part-time maid that will meet your exact specifications.

How to Hire a Part-Time Maid Singapore?

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Have a clear picture of what you are looking for

Before you start hunting for a reliable part-time maid, get a clear idea of what you want from her.

List the tasks that you expect her to accomplish. Include every detail and prioritize the household chores the way you want. Having a set of criteria can make your maid hiring process a bit easier.

Take referrals from family and friends

Instead of randomly picking any part-time maid Singapore agency, first, ask for references. Family, close friends or co-workers can be a valuable source of information when looking for a maid.

Having a part-time helper is quite common in Singapore, so you will find that many acquaintances will be able to make recommendations.

Good maid agencies can make your process easier as they have trained maids with skills to accomplish any household task.

Look for a maid from a reputable company

Hiring a part-time maid asks for a certain level of trust as your home, and even your children would be in the stranger’s hands.

So, it is better to rely only on a company or agency that has a good track record over the years. If a maid agency is not reputable enough, just skip it.

A company with good reputation in the market indicates that it has been meeting the demands of clients efficiently and on time. It will have many positive reviews and testimonials from previous clients.

Moreover, the years of experience of the companies will make it easier for you to trust the maid you are hiring.

Consider the cost

Another significant thing that needs to be considered while hiring a part-time maid is the cost.

Cost of hiring a part-time helper may vary from company to company. But with a budget plan, you can prevent overspending when hiring a maid from these agencies.

If you visit various companies, you can have an idea of the actual market rate. Go for the one that has most cost-effective charges along with great service.

Go for the experienced one

The experience counts when you are hiring a maid for your part-time work. Finding a good maid agency with years of experience in the field can provide you better service as compared to others.

A trained part-time maid from a reputable agency could render every type of cleaning service. They are highly experienced in operating any machinery needed for the job.

Not only they will clean your carpet or scrub your floors, but the holistic cleaning by the maid could give you complete peace of mind.

Therefore, you should go for a part-time maid from an agency that has been in the industry for a long time.

Interview your maid

After you shortlist some maids from a reliable maid agency, there comes the next phase that is interviewing the maids.

Conduct an in-person interview and ask what kind of experience they have, the amount they expect to be paid and so on. Questioning them will help you gauge whether they will meet your requirements or not.

Make the final decision

Interviewing the maids will help you narrow down your candidates to a couple of your favorites. Now, it’s time for the final decision.

You may have more than one maids that meet your criteria and able to handle your household chores. In such scenarios, think about whom you will feel most comfortable being part of your household.

Once you reach any conclusion, call the agency and confirm the details of their employment.

Benefits of Hiring Part Time Maid Singapore Over a Full-Time Maid

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Cost-cutting measure

Keeping a full-time maid is quite expensive as compared to the part-time maid. So if you need a cost-effective solution to take some of your load off, part-time maids are the way to go. You can limit your expenses by opting for a reliable part-time helper when you are on a tight budget.


Sometimes you feel like having some good times with family and friends without any interference. But the presence of a full-time maid may make you uncomfortable and disrupt your privacy.

Unlike a full-time maid, a part-time maid will not be there in your house round the clock. She will finish her work within the specified duration and leave you to your privacy. When you don’t need too much help regarding the household chores all day long and value your privacy, a part-time maid is a right option for you.

Freedom to focus

Scattered and unclean house keeps us disturbed. This is why we opt to hire a maid. But having a maid all the time around you may be a bit annoying. You can’t think of anything better.

However, the part-time maid will show up at your home on specific schedules of a day or week. So, you can move your focus to the more important things in your life.


Unlike full-time helpers who are entitled to live with you to serve, part-time maid Singapore work as per your schedule. They will adjust with the time constraints and give you the flexibility to run your house effectively.

No need to make living provisions for an extra person

If your space is too small to keep a live-in maid, hiring a part-time maid is the ideal option.

Things to Consider When Hiring Part Time Maid Singapore

Several benefits that come from hiring a part-time worker makes it a wiser option to go for. However, make sure to keep the following points in mind before you employ a part-time maid.

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Is it illegal to have a part-time maid?

It is illegal to work as a part-time maid in Singapore unless you have a legal work permit. The Ministry of Manpower or MOM has strict rules for those who do not abide by their practices when it comes to hiring maid.

There are serious consequences such as revocation of the permit for the maid and a fine for the employer who doesn’t follow the rules. So, make sure your part-time maid has the necessary permit card.

A valid ID proof and work permit is must

While hiring a maid for part time in Singapore, you must ask for the valid identification card and work permit of the maid.

Also, make sure to note down her contact number so that you can contact her when needed.  Even if you are going to hire her for the part-time work, she must have a legal work permit.

As you are taking the risk of inviting an unknown person into your home, look for her legal standing or contact a licensed company to avoid any severe consequences in the future.

Check reliability

It is crucial to be sure about the reliability of your maid before handing over the keys of your home. You can rely on her on with experience, but still, you should take care of your valuables.

You can contact the supplier agency to confirm her reliability.

The maid needs to be clean, neat and trained to deliver the services

While looking for a maid, you usually find someone who has worked before as a maid.

But having the experience in managing household chores is not enough. The hygiene of the maid and ability to serve your particular home need should also be gauged.

Before saying yes to any maid agency, inquire whether they provide training to their part-time maids.


Part-time cleaners obtained through agencies can cost between $10 and $30 per hour for 3 to 4 hours in a week. Or some agency may charge a one-time fee between $200 and $300.

But it is worth as you will be assured that the cleaners are legal and are not breaking any laws by moonlighting. Hiring a freelancer may be the cheapest option for you but beware as you will be risking your safety.

Responsible performance

When the maid comes to your home for the first time, you have to explain her the duties and responsibilities.

You should observe her work performance to gauge her capabilities as per your needs and expectations. If you are not satisfied with her performance, you can ask the maid agency for a replacement.

What Chores Can A Part-Time Maid Do?

  • Laundry and dry cleaning
  • House cleaning
  • Cooking
  • Babysitting
  • Ironing

Myths About Part-Time Maid Service

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Myth 1: A cleaning procedure takes all day

This is the most common myth that people often have in their mind.  For an efficient part-time maid, it only takes about four to six hours for a cleaning session.

Although the measure of time will vary based on the amount of work needs to be done, it will not take the entire day at all.

When you have the right helping hand and maintenance plans, house cleaning is just a matter of a couple of hours.

Myth 2: The part-time maid Singapore only work in the morning

Yes, it is a myth, and you don’t have to believe it.  There are both morning and evening services available throughout all of Singapore.  A part-time maid can be accessible according to your flexible hours, and you don’t have to worry about the timings.

Myth 3: Laundry isn’t an issue

Singaporeans often struggle to manage their laundry needs as they are too busy with other work. A part-time maid from a good maid agency can work on both the cleaning part and laundry.

Myth 4: Maids don’t work on walls

A part-time maid Singapore can care for many things on walls such as stains, cracks and even paint jobs in a home. Be it the use of professional materials, fillers or new coats of paint, a maid can easily work well with walls when required.

Final Words

Your house is a haven where you unwind and relax. Ensuring it is tidy and comfortable to live in is a need. If the hustle bustle of life doesn’t allow you to have time for your household chores, simply hire the right part-time maid Singapore.

There is no need to have a tremendous bankroll to employ someone to assist. But what you will get is well worth since you can really make the most of your downtime.

There are a number of part-time maids in Singapore who are diligent, hardworking and great at their work. All you have to do is to follow the above guideline to find a maid who will meet your circumstances perfectly.

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