Why & How to Hire a Confinement Nanny For Baby’s First Month?

Confinement Nanny

Welcoming a little one? Congrats! The thoughts of the welfare of your newborn and managing your own health may be whirling in your mind right now.

Especially for new mums who are experiencing it for the first time, it can be quite exhausting to deal with all the tasks during the postnatal period.

After all, it isn’t easy to give the unwavering attention to the newborn all the time while dealing with your recovery phase.

However, having an extra pair of hands to whip up nutritious meals and look after your baby can lessen your burden. A professional confinement nanny can be that extra pair of hands. Here is why you should think about it.


Reasons To Hire A Confinement Nanny

Infant Care

Your newborn’s welfare is your top priority, and you will not want to compromise with the care that your little bundle of joy should get.

Babies are vulnerable to many diseases, so they need special attention. But your own postpartum needs make it difficult for you to take care of your younger one.

Not only that, you may not be aware of some caregiving procedures such as burping, feeding or bathing the baby.

However, if you have a confinement nanny, she can show you the ropes in maintaining the well-being of your baby. Their wealth of experience can be beneficial in taking care of your infant’s needs.

Nutritional diet

At this stage, you will require proper healthy diet to speed up your recovery period. Also, a proper nutritional intake will improve the quality of breast milk that is important for your infant’s growth.

Thus, it’s crucial to stick to a healthy diet to ensure that you’re getting the best for both you and your baby. Confinement nannies can whip up tasty, nutrition-rich recipes that will ward off postnatal depression.

They are well trained in cooking special nutritional dishes to help you regain your strength quicker.

Household chores

Although the main task of a confinement nanny is to look after you and your newborn baby, they can also help you with your house chores.

Having an extra pair of hands will allow you to say goodbye to housework for awhile. Cleansing and organizing your home becomes daunting during the recovery phase of your childbirth.

Managing a newborn coupled with your household chores can be overwhelming, especially during the first month of giving birth.

Having a nanny for clearing your everyday errands will let you spend more time on resting and interacting with your baby.

Physical health

The postnatal period is accompanied by many physical developments in the body of a mother. If not taken care, the rapid changes can often increase the risk of psychological troubles.

The thought of bringing up a child alone at home amplify the stress even more and lead its way to the postnatal depression.

However, hiring a confinement nanny could easily provide the emotional support as well as physical care to recover fast.

Mental well-being

Your body needs rest after you gave birth and it becomes impossible to take rest unless you have a helping hand to take care of your newborn. A trusted confinement lady can lessen your burden while allowing you to put your feet up and rest for a while.

When you know someone is there to look after your baby, you can have time to rest to regain your strength.

Moreover, you will have someone to talk to while feeling lonely at home.  This will give you peace of mind and energy to recover during the postnatal phase.

Quality sleep

Dealing with a newborn can make you go through the sleepless nights.  As babies usually don’t sleep easily or soundly, you don’t get chance to have a proper sleep.

This is a bit stressful for new moms as they too need to rest to regain their strength. Nannies can help you get some quality sleep by taking care of your baby.

Role of A Confinement Nanny


Maternal Care

  • Cook and prepare nutritious confinement meals
  • Maternal health care to prevent common diseases of maternity
  • Guide to do exercises for physical recovery
  • Maternal psychological guidance
  • Ensure healthy environment for both mother and baby
  • Drying of baby and mummy’s clothes
  • Guide mothers on breastfeeding

Baby Care

  • Baby bath, bedding, and neonatal care
  • Neonatal massage, health care
  • Umbilical cord care
  • Baby supplies sterilization
  • Remind parents about vaccination
  • Exercise and cognitive training of baby
  • Expose baby to sun
  • Daily measurement of the baby’s body temperature
  • Regular measurement of infant height and weight
  • Household chores like sweeping floor, mopping floor and buying grocery
  • Preventive measures of common diseases
  • Nursing and observation

Tips For Hiring A Confinement Nanny


Outline your expectations

As a first step, you first need to understand and outline your needs. Find out which tasks you may need help with and the tasks you would rather do yourself.

Bring out some of your meticulous sides while listing down the important details of how many times the baby needs a bath or how often the baby should be fed.

Scout for potential nannies early

Pregnancy is a tricky phase, and you must be prepared ahead of time. Looking for a good nanny may take time and hence try scouting early.

Look for good agencies and recommendations

Leaving your bub in someone else’s care is not that easy. So, background check for safety and screening the skills to handle a baby is required before you hire any nanny.

When you need a trustworthy pair of hands to take care of your newborn, always look for a reputable confinement nanny agency.

They can offer you the right person from their network according to the convenience of your family. Moreover, they can find you a quick replacement when required.

Ask for personal recommendations from your friends, colleagues, and relatives. Hire a reliable agency to have a good confinement nanny to make your postnatal phase easier and enjoyable.

Do not settle for one agency only

Looking for a domestic helper can be a risky affair. Hence it is better to go to agencies as they have nannies who have been trained specially in handling babies.

Make sure the agency is not too cheap as that might indicate that the service is not that good as well.

Consider whether the agency has a refund policy, and reputation. Also, ask about their policies on replacing nannies and the frequency of medical checkup of the nannies.

Suss out her quality and personality

Patience and nurturing are the two most required qualities of a confinement nanny. So gauge for some skills and qualities of the nanny before saying yes.  Does she seem patient and nurturing? Or is she very strict about certain confinement practices and traditions?

Having differing attitudes about caregiving is okay. But you will not want to have a too forceful and insistent nanny who is insensitive to your needs and wants.

Find out whether she has a work permit

An increasing number of competent foreigners are also making themselves available as confinement nannies in Singapore.

But the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore requires those nannies to have a work permit and pay a levy. So, if you are hiring a foreign live-in confinement nanny, make sure she has a legal work permit.


You may find it difficult to communicate with the foreign confinement nannies. So, make sure the nanny you are hiring can understand you.

Otherwise, you may have difficulty when giving instructions. Demand to speak to the nanny that the agency is providing so you can get to know her language skills.

Ensure that she is receptive to your needs

The attitude of a confinement nanny also matters the most. Having a conversation can give you a picture of how the service will go.

Ask if she has a child as this would be a bonus point as she has adequate experience in the past with babies. Look for her nature, whether she is fond of children or just doing it as a piece of work.


Finding a confinement nanny is difficult. As there are a number of risks involved as you don’t have any idea about the person.

So, to make sure you’re bringing the right person into your home to help you through your confinement phase, first ask her some questions. Here is a list of interview questions you need to ask.

  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • What kinds of food will you prepare?
  • Do you know how to handle a baby?
  • What are your preferences while shopping for herbs or groceries?
  • Do you charge extra fees for peak periods?
  • What kind of household chores can you accomplish?
  • Is postnatal massage part of your service?

Agree on a schedule

You are employing a confinement nanny to recover from the stress of labor hence make sure you are able to take rest. But the confinement nanny also needs to take some rest so it would help if you agree on a schedule of her tasks according to both of your convenience.

Things To Look For While Hiring A Confinement Nanny


An optimistic mindset

During confinement, positive attitude is required to cut out the stress. Hence, a caretaker should have a positive attitude all the times.

If the nanny is complaining and rude, it makes even harder to recuperate from the delivery. As you are going to spend most of the time with the nanny, she needs to be relaxed and friendly. She should have enough patience to alleviate anxiety and create a positive ambiance.


Confinement nanny should be caring and affectionate. She should enjoy taking care of your baby instead of thinking it as a burden. Your needs and comfort should be her concern.


Infants are usually demanding, so the nanny should have enough patience to cater to the baby’s needs without getting pissed off.

Aware of her responsibility

A confinement nanny should be aware of her responsibilities. She should take her duty seriously. Ultimate care to a new mother and their infant should be her priority, and she must be attentive to your needs.

Cost Of Hiring A Confinement Nanny In Singapore

Cost of hiring a confinement nanny may vary depending on your needs. You can have a nanny for full time or just want her to come home for the fixed period.

So, the cost defers depending on how much time you need the nanny service. The cost includes the following factors.

Basic salary

The basic salary of a confinement nanny in Singapore is around $2,000 to $2,500 for a typical confinement period of 28 days.

However, more experienced one may ask for more. Prices also surge during the Chinese New Year period or the end of year holidays. An additional $500 to $1,000 is usually paid for buying marketing.

Red packet

Two red packets are usually presented to a confinement nanny. One is given upon her arrival with amount around 30 to 50 while the other is given after completion of duty. The amount can vary depending on her performance.

Extra fee for festival season

Some confinement nannies may ask for an extra fee during the festivals.

Other costs

It involves the daily expenses such as food and utilities that you need to provide. Work pass application administration fee costs 30, and you may also have to pay for the insurance and medical examination.

Final Words

Postnatal period is a special time for the new moms. It doesn’t matter whether this is your first baby or the third one; you need special care and attention.

It is the time to recuperate and rejuvenate from the delivery phase, and it isn’t easy to recover unless you get enough time and space.

With the helpless newborn demanding the unwavering attention all the time, it is hard to have some rest. You deserve to have peace of mind, relief and restful sleep to get through this challenging phase.

Your happiness is not only crucial for your own but for your baby’s too. A good nanny can be your wonderful support on those first few weeks.

Moreover, you will get more time to witness that big, toothless grin or the first wobbly steps. Enjoy your mommyhood!

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