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Your trusted partner for your home needs.

We bring you leads, you fulfil the job.

Leave the customer engagement and filtering to us. We bring you qualified leads, ready for your services. 

Be part of the quality assured community for local home needs. 

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Verified Seller

Verified Merchant

Your business will be approved as a verified merchant, trusted by SG Home Needs and the community. 

Customers will trust your brand more readily and choose your services over your competitors. 

Constant Leads from SG Home Needs

Through the Home Match system, we will match you with customers that are ready to buy your matched services. 

Pay only when you get leads. Leave your lead generation to us!

Easy to use platform

We have designed a platform where you can receive lead notifications and respond to the corresponding lead request accordingly.

Provide greater customer service through the platform and receive more favourable reviews for your services.

How to be a verified merchant?

  • Register and create a listing on SG Home Needs

    More information here 

  • Fulfil these criteria

    • Your business is a Singapore registered business
    • You have the team readily available for any home match requests
    • Your listing on SG Home Needs is well written to showcase your services well
    • Ensure that the categories are accurate

  • Register as a Verified Merchant

    Register through the contact form below. We will process the application and approve within 3 working days. Request for more information may extend this time period. 

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