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What is Home Match?

Based on the your input in this guided form, Home Match will scan through its entire database of qualified professionals to suggest the best suited professional(s). Based on the suggestions, you can choose which professionals to send the guided form to.


Simply fill in the details of the work that needs to be done and home professionals will be suggested instantly for you to choose from.

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Why home match?

Timer Saver

We propose professionals according to your requirements. You no longer need to be burdened through the extensive filtering of businesses for your home needs.


You are not obligated to contact any of the professionals suggested to you. Feel free to enter your details and shop for services.

Entirely Free of Charge

Worried that we charge more for Home Match services from you? Fret not, Home Match is built to service you as a visitor to our site.

How it works

Introducing Home Match


State your requirements with a guided form

The questions in the form is designed to capture all your requirements for your home needs. You can also choose to call for a faster application or for emergencies.


Our software proposes a few professionals instantly

According to your input, the home match software will search for and propose professionals that are best suited to your home needs. Professionals are all vetted through for reliability and professionalism.


Pick the professionals you want to reach to

You can choose any or a few of the proposed professionals to send the guided form to. This is entirely non obligatory - You can choose to exit and not contact these professionals.


Get your services delivered!

Finally, the chosen professional(s) will get in touch with you for further discussion or to get your services delivered promptly and satisfactorily.


Quality Professionals

Be assured when finding a professional through HomeMatch. Only Quality Professionals are allowed in Home Match. Professionals are closely checked and monitored. 

To be a professional in HomeMatch, the professional:

  • Must have achieved at least 20 reviews online (more than 4 stars) or 10 SGHomeNeeds reviews (more than 4 stars)
  • Is interviewed and background checks conducted by our team for quality assurance
  • Must have the appropriate business licenses and authorizations in their industry to be part of HomeMatch.
  • Must be a registered business in Singapore

Customer Satisfaction

If the professional did not deliver services at all, customers can reach out to SGHomeNeeds team. If the professional did refund the customer the full amount, professional will be penalized with 1 strike. If professional did not refund the customer the full amount, professional will be ousted from the program.

These are the consequences of each strike:

Customer Satisfaction

If customer is not satisfied with professional’s services, customer can also provide his/her feedback by rating the professional on the professional’s listing page.  

In any point of time, if the professional’s ratings on SGHomeNeeds reach below 4 stars on SGHomeNeeds, professional will be out of Home Match until ratings hit at least 4 stars.

Delivery of Service

Home Match is not reponsible in the delivery of service provided by Gold professionals. Home Match aims to find customers the best fitted professional for the customers’ home needs.