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We bring you leads, you fulfil the job.

Leave the customer engagement and filtering to us.

We bring you qualified leads, ready for your services. 


Be part of the quality assured community for local home needs. 

Entirely Free

HomeMatch is currently free for professionals who meet our criteria. Shortlisted merchants will get leads generated into their inbox when a new request comes in.

Qualified Leads

Our tailored guided form and home match software will only match you with the customer of your choice, based on your profile and settings.

Quality Service

Our customers do not choose solely by quotes. Discuss your business offerings to the customer before the customer makes a decision.

Our Algorithm

HomeMatch is a form that instantly suggests the suitable professionals to the customers. Here are what affects your probability of getting suggested:

  • Reviews & Ratings

    Professionals with higher reviews & ratings on SGHomeNeeds have a higher chance of appearing on the suggested list. So, do encourage more reviews & ratings on your business profile page!

  • Services Fulfilled

    If you fulfil most or all of the requirements requested by the customer, you will rank higher in the suggested list. Hence, please do indicate the services you provide accurately.

  • Performance on SGHomeNeeds

    Based on customer feedback on services provided on SGHomeNeeds by you, we will alter your frequency accordingly. This is to ensure customer satisfaction.

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