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Marketing Resources for Professionals

These are marketing resources that we have helped professionals with their online branding
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Google Adwords

Place your business right up on Google search engine through adwords. Adwords drives targeted and ready buyers right to your website using the right keywords, ad copy and design.

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Local Listings

We build your online presence by getting your business listed on Google Maps and over 20 other local listing sites including Bing and Yahoo. Now you can start getting traffic through another essential source. 

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Website Building

Build strong online presence with a website that is visually attractive, fast and responsive. We provide affordable website building services with page builders that allow you to edit the site by yourself in the future. 

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Grant Application

Expand your marketing efforts through CDG for research purposes (Branding and marketing) or MRA if you want to expand overseas. Experts in these areas will help to apply grants for your business to support business activities

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Search Engine Optimisation & Content

One important technique to do well online is ranking your website high on Google through good links, good content, good site structure and many more. Our professionals are here to carry out your online marketing with the right mix of online strategies

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Barter Trading

Do you have spare capacity and excess resources? Then barter trade in our network! If you utilise barter trading well, the benefits are endless - you are able to earn more or obtain your desired goods

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SG Home Needs work closely with Leading Solution to provide business owners greater marketing visibility than ever. Leading Solution provides search engine optimisation, optimised online listings, improved search rankings, content marketing to capture more customers for you.