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SGHomeneeds provides reliable aircon servicing professionals in Singapore.

We list the ratings and reviews of aircon servicing professionals in Singapore that can suit your aircon needs.

Aircon Servicing In Singapore

SGHomeneeds provides a directory of aircon servicing companies in Singapore. You can compare and view a list of aircon professionals that can suit to your home needs.

Find out estimates of your aircon project with our aircon cost guide.

What do aircon service company do?

Different air conditioner service providers offer different services. As different brands of air conditioner may require different know-how to repair/service, it is important to clarify their services before engaging them.

The most common types of services are:

  1. Aircon installation
  2. Aircon maintenance
  3. Aircon repair
  4. Aircon servicing
  5. Aircon cleaning
  6. Aircon chemical overhaul
  7. Chemical cleaning / Chemical flushing/ chemical wash
  8. Evaluate and advice
  9. Aircon installation
  10. Diagnostic and inspection
  11. Aircon gas top ups and inspections
  12. Troubleshooting

How To Find Recommended Aircon Servicing In Singapore

With over a hundred aircon companies in Singapore, how can you ensure the one you are hiring is a reliable company?

Before we go through some details, it is best to not assume all contractors are the same or is better than others just because he/she works on a particular aircon brand such a Daikin or Mitsubitshi.

You can also find many aircon brands that middleman like Gain City is selling.

Your goal is to find an aircon contractor who will ask questions about your unit, perform diagnostic tests, explain all your options thoroughly, and work with you to find the right solution for your home and budget.

When should you hire an aircon contractor?

Air conditioning contractors generally provide aircon installation, maintenance and repair works.

Good aircon professionals will advice you on the ways you can save money on your home’s energy bills either by replacing the whole unit to a more efficient one or have additional fixtures to insulate your home from the hot weather in Singapore.

They will also ensure your aircon servicing with them has the longest effect and guarantee possible.

You may also want to view specialists from other areas of cooling your home, such as fans , outdoor mist cooling systemrefrigeration.

Should you need more information on air conditioning needs, or have special requests (such as latest cooling or heating products with anti-allegens), you can always speak to a few reliable aircon servicing professionals who can give you solid advice given their deep experience in this field.

Questions to ask prospective aircon contractor

When engaging an air conditioning company (air conditioning contractor), you should go for a company that is established and reliable. Find out their profile and experience and their after-service warranty.

Does the aircon professional provide warranty for the service?

We also provide 30 days of post service warranty for all jobs rendered. Usually air conditioners have warranty for one year and its compressor for five years. Please clarify this with the professional whom you have engaged.

Is the aircon company licensed, bonded, and insured for general liability as well as worker’s comp?

More questions to ask:

  • What is the size of your company (total staff strength)?
  • What kinds of training have your staff been through?
  • Are your aircon technicians certified to handle refrigerant gas?
  • Can you provide a free written estimate outlining all the terms and conditions of what we discuss?
  • What are the payment terms? Do you offer financing?
  • Do you provide warranty or guarantee for your service or the unit?
  • Do you provide 24 hours emergency aircon services?
  • Do you have a refund policy for customers not satisfied with your service?
  • What aircon brands do you carry or service?
  • How are your brands rated for energy efficiency?
  • How long will the job take? Will you clean up after the job is completed?
  • How will a new system affect my utility bills?

This list of questions, albeit a long and tedious one, can ensure your air conditioning install or repair process goes smoothly.

You can view more questions in our full list of questions in our FAQ.

Common Air Conditioner Problems and Repairs

  • Air-conditioner not running at all: Before hiring or calling an aircon technician, there are a few things you can check. Firstly, ensure the thermostat is set to “cool” and the temperature is set correctly. 

Next, locate your main fuse panel, and determine if the fuse or circuit breaker has been blown or tripped. For a blown fuse, simply replace it and see if your AC turns on. 

For a circuit breaker, simply reset it and check the AC again. If all these things do not work, call an aircon technician.
  • Aircon is frozen: If your aircon is frozen, the cause could be blocked or restricted airflow preventing the unit from working properly. In this case, you can try washing and cleaning the air filters. The coils should also be free of dirt and debris. It is best to engage an aircon professional to look at this issue.
  • Warm air or no air: There are several factors causing this. Before engaging an aicon technician, look at the outside unit and ensure no debris (such as leaves and branches) blocking the airflow to your air-conditioning unit. 

Check ductwork to ensure it is still attached to your vent system. If these actions still do not solve the proble, it could mean your aircon is low on refrigerant. In this case, it is advisable for you to call an aircon specialist to handle the issue
  • Drainage issues: Should you spot any leakages in and around your unit, the unit’s condensation line may be clogged. If water is visible in the drip pan, you may attempt to DIY unclog the line by blowing compressed air inside the pipe to remove any obstruction. 

If these actions do not work, it is advisable to engage an aircon specialist to unclog the line.
  • Constantly running or switching on and off: This usually mean sizing issue with your AC. If the unit is too large for your home, it will cycle on and off often. If the aircon power is too small, your unit will run constantly to keep your home at the desired temperature. 

There are many other factors that could cause improper cycling, such as air-conditioning unit being low refrigerant, faulty thermostats, and faulty relay switches. It is advisable to engage an aircon specialist if this is the issue.

When do I replace my aircon and when do I repair?

The decision to choose whichever option can sometimes be tough and require a good judgement. The general advise is that if it is relatively new and can be fixed with a low cost repair, the answer is obvious – repair your unit.

Should your aircon be more than eight years in operation, you may want to replace it instead of servicing it.

This is because aircon units are undergoing constant improvement in terms of energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Installing a brand new aircon can make more economic sense if it can bring greater cost saving to you over the long run.

It is advisable to have inspection after some time even if your aircon is working properly as small leakages or faulty ductwork can undermine the efficiency of your air conditioning units.

Technicians can spot these problems before they turn into major nightmares when it gets big, helping you reap the most benefit from your existing aircon system.

How long does the aircon installation take?

Typically takes between 4-6 hours depending on the scale of installation. This is only a raw estimate as every project is different, depending on:

  • Location
  • Brand of aircon
  • Experience of aircon contractors
  • Layout of your home

Aircon Chemical Wash

Why does the air con needs chemical cleaning/chemical washing?

When an air conditioner is badly clogged or choked and a general service can’t improve the condition, an overhaul is necessary.

Chemical cleaning is a more thorough process in servicing an air conditioner unit. It is advisable for those units which are badly clogged. In an overhaul, the air conditioner is dismantled part by part and chemically wash.

When Do I Need Aircon Chemical Wash?

When an air conditioner is badly clogged or choked and a general service can’t improve the condition, an overhaul is necessary.

Chemical cleaning is a more thorough process in servicing an air conditioner unit. It is advisable for those units which are badly clogged. In an overhaul, the air conditioner is dismantled part by part and chemically wash.

It is best recommended for you to engage a professional who does aircon chemical wash in Singapore, compare quotations and select one that is the best for you.

What does chemical flushing and overhaul include?

Aircon chemical overhaul, includes:

  1. Lubricates fan bearings to ensure the unit operates quietly without producing any noise
  2. Checks thermostats and controls of the unit
  3. Cleans pipes, blower wheel and drain pans with appropriate chemicals
  4. Cleans fan evaporator coil to facilitate smooth transfer of heat without the build up of dust and grime
  5. Replaces faulty bearings and eliminates operational noise

Can I do my own chemical flushing?

It is not advisable to do your own chemical flushing — if not done properly, many other problems may occur.


With some research and checking of directories, you will be able to find aircon professionals who can help you with making the right decisions regarding your air conditioning needs.

Should your aircon unit be working for a number of years, it may be more cost effective to replace it rather than engaging in expensive overhaul or repair works.

When searching for a new aircon system, we advise you to consider energy-efficient and eco-friendly units for long term savings.

Lastly, engage in regular aircon servicing and aircon maintenance projects to ensure your AC units last longer.

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