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SGHomeneeds provides a directory of reliable part time cleaners in Singapore. We list the most reliable, rated and reviewed home service professionals in Singapore that can suit your home cleaning needs.

You can find out more about commonly-asked questions about part time cleaners in Singapore.

Reliable Home Cleaning Services In Singapore

SGHomeneeds provides a directory of part time cleaners in Singapore. You can compare and view a list of home cleaners that can suit your home cleaning needs.

Steps to hiring the right cleaning service

There are a few steps you should undertake before deciding on the cleaning service for your home.

First step, be knowledgeable about the type of cleaning services available.

There are 2 main types – regular cleaning and one time cleaning.

Regular cleaning is conducted every weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on your home condition.

Specific Questions To Ask Cleaning Professionals

  • Are you a licensed cleaning contractor?
  • Are the domestic cleaners independent contractors or your employees?
  • Where are your cleaners from?
  • Can I change my scheduled timings on weeks I’m busy?
  • Are there any charges for rescheduling or cancelling a booking?
  • Do I get the same cleaner’s service every session?
  • Can I extend the cleaning hours?
  • Is there any contract for regular/weekly house cleaning service if I want to get the service from?
  • Am I liable to any contract or must I commit to a long term service?
  • What is the termination notice period?
  • How many house cleaners will you be sending for my house cleaning?


  • Any hidden costs or contractual obligations?
  • Do I need to pay agent fees if I want to get service?
  • Do I need to pay any upfront payments or deposits?
  • How can I make payment for my house cleaning service booking?
  • What is the house cleaning payment procedure?

Damage and lost

  • What if something lost from the house?
  • Is there any compensation if something in my home gets damaged?

You can find out more about commonly-asked questions about part time cleaners in Singapore.

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Compare and review the best part time cleaners in Singapore.

View their gallery and portfolio, compare prices of similar cleaning projects in your proximity. You can then read the reviews from previous customers to understand the background of prospective professionals, how they rate their work, and message them directly to ask any specific questions.

Nothing can be more pleasing than a sparkling clean home. But the hectic lifestyle in Singapore doesn’t allow many Singaporeans to invest time in proper house cleaning.

Having enough time to clean and organize the house seems almost impossible.

Hence, these days, there are more and more Singaporeans who are considering hiring cleaning professionals for specific cleaning tasks. These cleaners can zoom right through the tasks and keep your home constantly cleaned.

Thinking about whether to hire or not to engage house cleaning services? Read on to find out how hiring a professional part time cleaner can be beneficial for you.

Steps to choosing the right cleaning firm

Choosing the right firm at the start will make your hiring process a smooth and easy one. You will just need simple research and to know how to ask the right questions. Let’s get into it.

  1. Know what cleaning services are available
  2. Decide on the budget
  3. Browse sources of available cleaners in Singapore
  4. Interview and ask the right questions

Know what cleaning services are available

Cleaning services available

Part time maids do a myriad of cleaning tasks specific to your cleaning needs. The best part is that you can really get very specialised cleaning services.

There are a range of cleaning services that you can opt for from general cleaning to specialised cleaning. Most cleaning companies will have a standard base package, followed by different specialised packages depending on what they are proficient in.

Regular cleaning

This is the most common type of cleaning engaged by Singaporeans. Having a regular cleaning service done can entirely replace your household cleaning needs.

All you need to do is schedule the cleaner to come to your house every week to maintain a clean house.

Some people may try to reduce the frequency of cleaning and cost by doing some simple cleaning activities. Activities include dusting of furniture and simple sweeping of floor.

Regular cleaning consists of these basic cleaning activities:

  • Clean bathrooms
  • Vacuum and mop floor
  • Folding and ironing clothes (May be optional or require request)
  • Clean all rooms
  • Emptying of trash
  • Clean windows and grills (May be optional or require request)
  • Clean kitchen
  • Wipe and cleanse stove area
  • Dusting furniture

One-time cleaning

All the other cleaning packages, apart from regular cleaning, are one-time off.

One-off cleaning usually brings cleaning onto another level. It is usually requested in lieu of events. Do note that deep cleaning almost costs twice to thrice as much as the regular/recurring cleaning packages.

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is usually requested once a year during festive occasions like new year, Chinese new year, Hari Raya etc.

Spring cleaning revitalizes your home by doing a full and thorough cleaning of the house.

Most people will also do a packing of the household and get rid of unnecessary things in the house.

On top of the normal cleaning activities (mentioned above), these are the common added tasks:

For entire house:

  • Wipe and clean exterior of built-in cabinets
  • Clean interior of built-in shelves and cabinets (when empty)
  • Clean and polish glass surfaces
  • Clean all doors
  • Clean and wipe interior windows & pipes
  • Clean fans and lighting fixtures

For kitchen:

  • Wipe and degrease wall tiles
  • Clean and degrease kitchen countertops
  • Degrease kitchen stove and hob
  • Wipe and clean kitchen sink and fittings
  • Clean appliances exterior surface
  • Clean fridge if it is empty and defrosted

For bathrooms

  • Clean tiled walls & floors and grout lines
  • Wash and scrub floor
  • Disinfect & clean basin and bathtub
  • Disinfect and scrub toilet bowl
  • Clean and polish toilet fittings

For living rooms and bedrooms

  • Clean TV console, table tops and more furniture

Moving out cleaning

This type of cleaning is usually done in a relatively empty house. When you have moved out of a house or before you move in to a new house, you can engage this cleaning service.

Moving out cleaning gives your property a fresh clean look.

Post renovation cleaning

Most renovation contractors will provide a home cleaning before passing you the keys to your new home. The cleaning is usually done in house by the contractors or done by outsourced to a subcontractor.

Nonetheless, if your house still has that dusty, renovation smell, this is the type of cleaning for you.

This cleaning service get rids of all the cement, dust, renovation marks left during the renovation.

Other specialised cleaning services

Cleaning faq

Specialised cleaning most of the time cannot be fulfilled by a full time maid. And also, not all companies are able to fulfil all of the following specialised cleaning activities.

There are certain companies that may be more suited to do certain cleaning tasks.

  • Kitchen degreasing
  • Carpet shampooing and steam cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Home disinfection service
  • Steam mopping for floor
  • Sofa steam cleaning
  • Mattress steam cleaning
  • Curtains steam cleaning or dry cleaning
  • Laundry dry cleaning
  • Bathroom chemical cleaning
  • Floor polishing, grinding or varnishing service

Decide on the cleaning budget

Before you move on to deciding on a budget for a cleaning service, knowing about the prices of cleaning services will give you a good start.

Prices of cleaning services

A good cleaning company will ensure you are quoted the right cleaning services price before agreeing on any service or pricing. They will usually conduct a free visitation at your house to properly quote the job.

Regular cleaning

Most companies charge by the hour about S$20 to S$35.

For a 5-room HDB flat, it will take about 4 hours of regular weekly cleaning, which amounts to about S$320 to S$560 per month.

Generally, there a few factors that will affect the number of hours and price of the cleaning service:

  • Size of your house (cleaning square foot)
  • House clutter (The more cluttered it is, the more time is required for cleaning)
  • Special cleaning request
  • Cleaning on certain days i.e. cleaning on weekends may be more expensive than cleaning on weekdays, likewise for public holidays and special occasions
  • Timing i.e. after working hours may command a higher price
  • Whether you require cleaning supplies to be provided by the company
  • Booking period i.e. Booking a cleaning session at the last minute will usually cost more

Note that most cleaning companies will require at least 2h of cleaning service. This covers the transport cost of the cleaner and the cleaner’s effort to make the trip down to your house.

One-time cleaning

For one off cleaning services, there are different cleaning intensities that command different price points. Here is the rough estimation of prices for other cleaning services.

Spring Cleaning S$30 to S$55 per hour 8 to 12 hours of cleaning
Post renovation cleaning S$30 to S$55 per hour 4 to 12 hours of cleaning
Moving out cleaning S$35 to S$45 per hour 5 to 10 hours of cleaning

For a premium price point, check with the company whether they provide these services:

  • Available cleaning service after office hours
  • Last minute cleaning service
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Insurance coverage for cleaner and property
  • Use of good cleaning equipment and products (maybe eco-friendly solutions)

Where to find part time cleaners in Singapore?

You can find part time maids above. This is a list of reliable cleaning companies that are well-rated in the industry.

Facebook is a good source too. Here we search for cleaners in Singapore.

The NEA directory has all the cleaning companies in Singapore too.

Questions to ask cleaning companies

You choose and interview at least 3 cleaning companies. Be sure to arrange a site visit by the staff to get an accurate price quote.

Speaking to them face to face will also allow you to gauge their customer service and sincerity.

Is the company registered? Do you have a cleaning license?

These 2 questions are the most fundamental questions to establish.

Head on to the NEA public search page and do a quick search with the company’s name. Being in the directory means that the cleaning company is registered and has a NEA cleaning license.

You can also view their clean mark award level in that directory.

According to NEA, cleaning firms providing domestic cleaning services do not need to have the NEA cleaning license.

However, with the NEA license, it means that the cleaners are sent frequently for NEA courses. This is a testament to the cleaners’ cleaning ability and the company’s ability to manage their cleaners.

For licenses, if you are caught hiring unlicensed cleaning businesses, you can be fined up to S$10000 or up to S$1000 everyday for continued offences.

Do you provide sufficient insurance coverage?

Your cleaning company should get your property insured and get their cleaners insured too.

The insurance should protect you from:

  • Any loss goods, damage or theft on your property
  • Injuries resulted on the cleaners during the job on your property

If needed, you can ask what exactly is being covered and how much will be covered.

More importantly, you can request for a seasoned cleaner who has a good track record with the company for a good period of time.

What kind of products or solutions do you use for cleaning?

If you concerned over the type of cleaning solutions and products used, you should ask the cleaning firm.

Some solutions and products may be harsh on the skin and thus harmful to babies and young children.

Sometimes, you may be particular on the eco-friendliness of the product. You may also to choose products and solutions that are not harmful to special types of furniture material and texture.

Do some research on the solutions and discuss with the cleaning company.

Why do you charge this price?

When asking or interviewing a few cleaning companies, they may not justify their prices.

Certain firms charge more expensively because of the good customer service, their insurance coverage, their flexible schedule and many more. Some firms may charge lower prices due to economies of scale and more efficient scheduling system.

Get to know why they charge this price and make a good company choice.

What are the terms and conditions?

Before you sign or agree on any long term arrangement, there are a few things that you should check on.

First, what are the tasks involved in the cleaning package? Get the company to list down exactly the things to be done during the cleaning session. State your expectations of the cleaner and make clear boundaries and cleaning methods you are particular about.

Second, how will I be compensated if any of the tasks is not done?

Third, how early must I inform you of the next cleaning session? This ensures that you get your cleaning session timely.

Forth, do you have any satisfaction guarantee?

Fifth, do you provide emergency cleaning services?

Do you have testimonials or past customers I can speak to?

They will probably give you some online sources of testimonials. Contacts of past customers may be difficult to get.

If you manage to get any testimonial or past customer, get to know how the company is doing in these aspects:

  • Punctuality
  • Schedule flexibility and availability
  • Cleaning skills and professionalism
  • Cleaning equipments used
  • Cleaner’s attitude
  • Trustworthiness

What is the payment arrangement?

It is important to establish and be clear about the payment method and arrangement that you and the cleaning company are comfortable with.

Some companies may require a deposit to prevent last minute cancellations. Some may request for a full month payment before any cleaning is done. There are some that are more flexible and may allow you to pay for that particular session each time after it is done.

Why do you charge this price?

This is a good question to ask. While you speak to a few companies, get them to justify their prices. They may provide these special services:

  • Available cleaning service after office hours
  • Last minute cleaning service
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Insurance coverage for cleaner and property
  • Use of good cleaning equipment and products (maybe eco-friendly solutions)

Other miscellaneous questions you can ask

  1. Do you conduct background checks on your cleaners? The company should do a thorough background check to ensure your cleaning is smooth sailing. Ask the cleaning company what kind of checks they do on their cleaners.
  2. Can you provide with a cleaner with a certain amount of experience? Getting a cleaner that has worked for say at least 6 months may be more trustworthy.
  3. How long has your company been around?
  4. Do you offer any satisfaction guarantee for your customers? Get a company that can list down clearly what they can provide you exactly for your satisfaction.
  5. What cleaning should I go for? What intensity and how long? Get their expect advice on the cleaning type and duration. This is also a chance to see whether the company is genuine in quoting you a suitable and reasonable price for your cleaning needs.