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SGHomeNeeds provides a directory of reliable plumbers in Singapore. We list the most reliable, rated and reviewed plumbers in Singapore that can suit your home needs.

Best Plumbers in Singapore

SGHomeNeeds provides a directory of the best plumbers in Singapore. You can compare and view a list of plumbers that can suit to your home needs.

When you face a burst pipe at home, leaking faucet or clogged drains, the first thing homeowners do is to call a nearby plumber.

Plumbers can also participate in home remodelling projects, especially those related to kitchen or bathroom, such as moving a bathtub or installing a water heater.

To have a good estimate at your plumbing projects, check out our plumbing cost guide and estimates.

What Do Plumbers Do?

A plumbing contractor can handle a wide range of home projects, from installation and repair of water, sewage and natural gas pipes throughout a home, as well as interior and exterior faucets and fixtures.

Plumbing contractors are also trained to work with water mains, septic tanks, laundry appliances, water heaters, sump pumps and other plumbing and pipe systems.

Some plumbers may be specialised in specific areas, such as in remodelling projects, natural gas lines, overhead sprinklers and more. Others focus on provide basic but 24 hours emergency plumbing services to customers.

SGHomeNeeds Guide to Hiring a Plumber

Plumbers offer a range of services, from emergency leakage fixing to jobs that require higher level of expertise such as:

  • Installation of new pipes, sinks, or tubs
  • Sewer line breaks or leaks
  • Water heater repairs
  • Plumbing jobs that require building permits
  • Septic tank leaks

When it comes to emergency such as a burst pipe or uncontrollable water leakages, hiring a random handyman or plumber may seem like a good idea. However, there have been many instances where a homeowner get ripped off, such as being quoted a few times of the original price.

No matter what the situation, there are some standard questions you should ask before hiring someone, especially making sure they are good rated plumbers.

Questions to Ask Prospective Plumbers

  1. Are you licensed, bonded, and qualified to work in my area? To ensure your plumbing project goes on smoothly, make sure you select plumbers who are licensed and qualified to work.
    PUB Singapore requires sanitary plumbers to take on a license, you can find out more information on
  2. How do you charge? Some plumbers charge by the hour, others charge by a flat fee. If they quote by the hour, it always helps to let them estimate the hours needed to complete the job. This is to prevent unnecessary mark ups by plumbers who may drag the work to earn more.
  3. Do you offer warranty or guarantees on your work? Reliable plumbers give a period of warranty to ensure satisfaction on their work. It is advisable to have these guarantees in writing, with the areas covered by warranty clearly stated.
  4. Do you have experience in similar projects to mine? Most plumbers have a vast amount of experience and can deal with most plumbing issue. However, for bigger projects such as kitchen remodelling, this is a good question to ask and know the answer beforehand.
  5. How much in advance do I have to make an appointment with a plumber?
  6. What are the possible extra charges? Before you hire the plumber, it is best to know what are the possible areas they may charge you for. This is to prevent mark ups and scams, making sure you get what you require from them.
  7. Emergency services: Most if not all plumbers do charge additional for emergency services to compensate for their inconvenience. If you do not want these additional costs, you can make sure to call them within ther normal hours instead of non-working hours.
  8. Can you provide me with a detailed written estimate? Most plumbers are able to give free estimates. This is to ensure the plumbers stick to the pricing and prevent unnecessary mark-ups.
  9. Do you clean the area after the job? While it is not strictly necessary, having a plumber who will clean up any mess generated by his or her work is a big bonus for you.

You can find out more about commonly-asked questions about plumbers in Singapore.

Common Plumbing Problems

  1. Leaking pipes: Leakages usually happen at joints, and this could be caused by poor workmanship or more commonly wear and tear.
  2. Clogged sinks: Slow drainage or clogged sinks can usually be a DIY job, but some clogs may be more tricky than the others. Should there be an overflow of water, it could lead to structural damage to your home.
  3. Leaky faucets: Leaky faucets can be costly if you do not pay attention to it, and could even do damage to your home if the problem gets big.
  4. Faulty water heaters: Loose connections or broken parts may block the water flow from your water heater, causing you to lose hot water for your home.
  5. Low water pressure: Low water pressure can be attributed to the municipal water supply, but it may be the result of debris building up or even leakages in your pipes. It is advisable to get a plumber to inspect and check the source of problems.

Plumber Licensing in Singapore

Since 1 April 2018, sanitary plumbing works in Singapore can only be conducted by 1. PUB Licensed Plumbers (LPs) and 2. SPS-registered sanitary plumbers

For non-SPS registered, freelance plumbers can only:
1. Work under the direction of LPs
2. Work under the direction of the current LWSPs or SPS-registered plumbers under 30 September 2018.

After 1 October 2018, all water service plumbing works and sanitary plumbing works:
1. All plumbing works can only be carried by LPs
2. Plumbers without license can only work under the direction of LPs.

More information can be found on

DIY Plumbing Job

Some smaller, less complicated plumbing jobs can be done easily by ourselves without the need of a plumber. These simple DIY below are meant to only serve as a guide. We advise you to seek professionals’ advice before doing it yourself, and do it only at your own risk.

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