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SGHomeneeds provides a directory of reliable landscape, yard and garden professionals in Singapore. You can compare and view a list of outdoor home professionals that can suit your home needs, rated and reviewed by past customers.

Landscaping can greatly enhance your home’s external appeal, hence its crucial you design your own landscape and garden such that it gives the vibes you want to.
Engaging an experienced landscape professionals can make the most of your outdoor space in a way that showcases your entire home.

Reliable Landscape, Yard & Garden Professionals In Singapore

SGHomeneeds provides a directory of reliable awning and patio cover professionals in Singapore. You can compare and view a list of outdoor home professionals that can suit to your needs.

Other complementary home remodelling professionals include awnings & patio coversdecks, porches & patiosfences, and foundations.

What do landscape professionals do?

The professional landscape industry is broad. Many similar terms include landscape designers, landscape gardener, landscape technician, lawn care specialist, plant doctor, tree service technician.

Landscape professionals offer a range of services, with many landscaping companies offering lawn, garden and hardscaping plans that have been drawn up by a landscape designer or architect.

Others provide design services of their own, while others spend time in a science lab or computers, as well as working in the field and those who supply essential products and equipment to create and maintain landscapes.

A qualified gardener or landscaper will have a thorough understanding of horticulture and will be able to choose plants, garden edging and materials that will complement the tropical climate in Singapore.

In addition, they may be able to assist you in creating a sustainable garden that can save you money on your energy and water bills, while also helping the environment.

Some of landscapers job functions include:

  • maintain plantings
  • take care of weeds and pests
  • perform other tasks such as lawn mowing and pruning to keep your front or backyard looking its best
  • designing, crafting, regenerating, and maintaining outside spaces
  • working alongside the Landscape Architect to sketch and design outdoor environments using all sorts of materials and elements
  • advising clients on plant selection and care.
  • placing elements according to design (e.g. gazeboes, decks, bridges, and artificial ponds, streams, or waterfalls).
  • placing irrigation systems for vegetation, maintain an adequate consumption of water.
  • liaising with contractors and building companies in order to hire the necessary qualified workers in order to realize the design

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Landscapers vs gardeners

Landscapers are often confused with Gardeners due to the fact that they both work outdoors and with plants. While many Landscapers may have a green thumb or a personal liking to using vegetation in their designs, they do much more than that. These professionals usually use all sorts of elements (e.g. wood, stone, concrete, and artificial brooks, streams, or waterfalls) in order to create a harmonious outdoor space.

Many Landscapers may work for architectural or design firms where they may be hired to create or remodel outdoor spaces. In most cases they will work together with Architects from the same firm in order to create an integrated design where indoors and outdoors ambiances complement each other. However, it is also possible for Landscapers to work in firms dedicated solely to outdoor design, or they might as well work as freelancers.

Questions to ask a prospective landscape, yard & garden professional in Singapore:

  • Can you share with me your portfolio and customer testimonials?
  • Have you completed home projects similar to my style, room and budget?
  • What is your certification?
    Do you have liability insurance?
  • What is the start date, end date of the project, and possible obstacles during the project?
  • What will I need to provide?
  • Do I have to be around when you are executing the project?
  • What if the project exceeds the manpower or manhours? Do I have to pay for the additional hours or work?

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