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SGHomeneeds provides a directory of reliable pest control professionals in Singapore. We list the most reliable, rated and reviewed home service professionals in Singapore that can suit your pest control needs.

Pest infestation is a common problem in Singapore, especially problems related to mosquitoes, ants, bed bugs and termites.

When we face pest infestations, hiring a professional to solve the problem once and for the long-term saves us time, money, and importantly the frustrations.

Whether there’s a rodent in your basement or insects in the attic, call your local exterminator to take care of them — do not try to wrangle them out yourself!

Not sure which type of home pest control service can tackle your issue? Read profiles and ask about their past experiences to get a good idea.

Regulations in Singapore — NEA’s Pest Control Organization (PCO)

We refer you to look at more accurate information.

It is important to make sure that the pest control operator (PCO) you engaged is fully competent to do the job well. Asking for the following information in your quotation/tender invitation will enable you to make a more informed decision:

  1. of trained technicians and workers in the pest control company and their years of experience in vector management
  2. of staff in the company
  3. on the type of technology or equipment (e.g. fogging/misting machines) used for vector control
  4. on past and current track records


What do pest control professionals do?

A pest control professional get rid of pest infestations, and usually spend a significant amount of time educating distressed customers about the various methods that may be used when dealing with the pests.

Pest control professionals typically deal with the following pests:

  • bed bug removal
  • rodent control
  • wasp control
  • flea control
  • cockroaches control
  • ants control
  • spider control
  • fly control
  • woodworm control
  • bird removal
  • dust mites control

In addition, pest control experts must also be aware of certain harmful chemicals which may be dangerous to your pets or young children.


How can I prevent a pest problem?

It depends on what kind of pest infestation you are having.

In general, you must ensure:

  • Proper sanitation/housekeeping.
  • Correct defective engineering/architectural design to prevent pest entry and harbourage.
  • Treatment by licensed and NSRS certified pest management professionals.


Questions To Ask Pest Control Professional

  • Credibility and years of experience: In general, the longer they have been operating, the more experienced they are in dealing with more types of problems.
  • Warranty: if the job does not solve the issue, will there be any rework?
  • Past experience: The types of projects they have completed before.
    • Type of work they’ve done before
    • Type of pests they have dealt with
    • Complexity of past projects they have handled previously
  • License and quality standardof pest control professional
  • Are the exterminators from the company NSRS trained?
  • Are the exterminators bonded and insured?
  • How does the pest control company decide what treatment is needed?
  • Is the company ISO Certified?
  • Are your insecticidesand baits safeto use especially for homes with children (babies) and pets?
  • What kind of traininghave the pest technicians passed?
  • Innovative advanced solutions: Though not a must, good companies are constantly innovating and improving their product or services. For example, using new techniques such as water-based mist, bait and target methods and assistance from dogs, professionals have creatively found procedures to deal with pests the green way.
  • Post termite treatment monitoring: A committed specialist cares for the safety and wellbeing of their customers on a long-term basis. A credible pest control professional constantly communicates, educates and recommends useful tips and practices, not just the pest they are treating, but conducting overall home check for safety and assurance.
  • What if I’m unhappy with the end result? Good companies can do the work again for free or very low cost should it be not up to standard.

Compare and review the best pest control companies in Singapore

View pest control profesionals gallery and portfolio, compare prices of similar projects in your proximity.

You can then read the reviews from previous customers to understand the background of prospective professionals, how they rate their work, and message them directly to ask any specific questions.

You can find out more about commonly-asked questions about pest control companies in Singapore.