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    United Channel specialized in Myanmar foreign domestic workers, who are more service-driven and conservative. Under the leadership of our Directors, United Channel is now one of the leading employment agencies in Singapore. Other than handling foreign domestic workers, United Channel brings in skilled and unskilled workers from developing countries like China, Myanmar and the Philippines.

    These workers will be employed in industries like Shipbuilding, Manufacturing and Service line. Always going above and beyond, United Channel provides an unmatched, exemplary service that cannot be found elsewhere. United Channel has been expanding for the past few years, from a single branch in Katong Shopping Center to 3 branches island-wide. This is made possible because of our valued customers who have been coming back to us as their preferred agency.

    To us, a satisfied customer is a living advertisement and we strongly believe in word-of-mouth. Service is one of our top priority and because of it, we were able to forge a long-lasting relationship with our customers.


    • Airport Shuttle Service

    We provide airport shuttle service for the arrival/departure for your foreign domestic helper. We do pick ups from either the residential address or the boarding house (if the domestic worker is housed with us).

    • Arrangement For Medical Check Up

    United Channel Employment Agency – a licensed maid agency in Singapore, can help you with the arrangement of your domestic helper’s medical check up.

    Other than scheduling basic medical check up imposed by the Ministry of Manpower, United Channel do arrange for additional tests for your domestic helper (if requested by employer). Not only that, if the employers are willing to engage United Channel, a cheaper 6-monthly medical check up fee is guaranteed, via our partner clinic.

    • Cancellation of Work Permit

    United Channel, as one of the largest Myanmar maid agency in Singapore, will definitely do our very best to help our esteemed clients. We provide cancellation on the spot so as to ensure that our clients can save their precious time. In this way, employers also do not have to make 2 trips down to our office.

    In a nutshell, we provide a low cost, time saving service to our client. For our existing clients, it will be free-of-charge, as we believe good service goes a long way.

    • Consultation & Counselling

    Kindly understand that the foreign domestic helpers have travelled to a foreign land to work, therefore it is tough on their part. In some cases, the foreign domestic workers will be emotional unstable and cry as they are homesick. In other cases, the foreign domestic workers might not be able to communicate and express themselves to their employers, hence not being able to focus.

    To help resolve issues like this, United Channel, the maid agency in Singapore with the biggest bio-data, provides counseling service to help the foreign domestic workers move on and express their thoughts. After clearing up and expressing themselves, the foreign domestic workers will be free from their emotional burden. Thus, able to perform better at work, stay motivated and be cheerful.

    • Direct Hire Application

    Being one of the preferred maid agencies in Singapore, United Channel provides documentation service to help employers bring in their maids.

    With this service, employers need not worry about the overwhelming paperwork that accompanied with Direct Hiring. Everything from arranging flight up till the foreign domestic worker arrives at your doorstep will be arranged by us. In this case, employers can then save the hassle of going through all the different procedures and documentation required by Minstry of Manpower.

    • Holiday Drop Off

    United Channel has heard many of our clients feedback to us regarding employing a maid in Singapore, but faced with the problem of “What if the employers go on holiday?”.

    In this kind of case, where will their maid be staying? Rest assured that United Channel can help you in this instance. If you’re an employer going overseas for leisure or business but you do not wish to leave the helper alone in your house, you can actually call us to arrange to have your maid to stay in with us.

    In fact, when your domestic helper (maid) is staying with us, we will also provide revision training to them so that they can refresh their training syllabus. When you’re back, you’ll have a maid that is re-trained and you’ll also have ease of mind when you know that your maid (foreign domestic worker) is safely housed with United Channel.

    • Housing Services

    One of the main issues faced by employers is about the foreign domestic worker’s well being if they go on a holiday. We provide a housing service to house the foreign domestic helpers with us if the employers do not want to leave the foreign domestic worker alone at home. During the stay, the foreign domestic workers will be undergoing training to refresh their abilities.

    In the event you do not wish for the foreign domestic worker to stay with you before their repatriation, we provide housing service to house the foreign domestic worker during the interim period.

    Over at our maids dormitory, we will also provide revision training services to ensure that your maids is retrained and ever-ready to return to serve you at your home.

    • New Maid/Transfer Application

    United Channel is one of the largest domestic maid agencies in Singapore that specializes in Myanmar foreign domestic workers. As an intermediary for both employers and FDWs, we have 1 of the largest databases available in Singapore. On top of being a Myanmar maids specialist, we can also make arrangements for the employment of Filipino and Indonesian maids in Singapore. As long as you provide us with your criteria, we will do our best to meet your requirements.

    To ensure our foreign domestic workers are of a high standard and are able to meet the requirements of employers, we send them for training in our training centers located both locally and overseas.

    All related information is displayed in the biodata, compliant to Ministry of Manpower standards for your kind perusal. For employers who prefer to have a face-to-face interview with the foreign domestic workers, we also can arrange for transfer maids in Singapore. Potential employers can then get to assess the foreign domestic worker by looking at her gesture, expression, behaviour and body language.

    Other than guiding and facilitating on the hiring process, our scope of service includes preparing and submission of documentations, sending the foreign domestic worker for medical check-up, Settling-in-Program (SIP), training and airport shuttle service. Special arrangements can be made to send the foreign domestic worker to and fro for thumbprint, and to the extent of collecting the work permit for you.

    • Overseas & Local Training

    Foreign domestic workers under United Channel are given sufficient training to prepare them prior to their deployment. Even before reaching Singapore, the foreign domestic workers are given training in their native country. Upon arrival in Singapore, additional training is held at our training centers to refresh and ensure the standard of our foreign domestic workers.

    Foreign domestic helpers will be assess by the trainers and base on the reports, sales personnel can better advise the employers and better match the candidate to best suit the employers’ requirement.

    • Personal/Medical Insurance & Security Bond

    With regards to the personal/medical insurance and the security bond, United Channel, as one of the most preferred Myanmar maids agency in Singapore, will endeavor to handle all requirements set by the Ministry of Manpower.

    We will also provide reliable and trustworthy insurance partners to our clients.

    • Recruitment

    Employment agencies play a very important role in connecting aspiring job seekers with employers.Singapore is in the unique position of being a popular destination for foreign workers and competition is still fierce in the local job market.

    If you are not sure how to go about this, we are able to give you an answer. To make full use of employment agency, you must understand how the process works. Firstly, an employer will engage employment agency to assist in assessing and recruiting new employees. The agency will then compile a list of suitable candidates from the pool of resumes that they hold in their database. Lastly, the employer will select their preferred individuals from the shortlist, upon which the employment agency will arrange for webcam interview.

    • Renewal of Work Permit/Passport

    United Channel provide detailed paperwork all done up for our valued clients. Over the years, we have saved our clients the hassle of submitting the documents required by the Ministry of Manpower as well as the collection of the actual work permit itself

    Our professional staff, with years of experience in the foreign domestic helper industry in Singapore, will accompany your chosen foreign domestic worker when they are going for the renewal of the passport for employer who are busy to take time to accompany the foreign domestic worker. In some cases, it could be that the employer do not want to or is not comfortable with the maid being on her own and thus, United Channel is here to help.

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