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Why Write for us / Guest Post?

There are many reasons why you should guest post:

  • Main reason: Always value add the community around us.
  • Establish authority – by writing good quality articles with quality information to educate the readers, you stand to establish yourself as an authority in your niche/ industry. You must definitely submit submissions that showcase your level of expertise in your field well.
  • Greater link juice – You can build high quality links for your website that will add to the results of your website rank on Google. This is especially true for websites that are highly relevant to your niche.
  • Build relationship and brand name – Frequent guest posting to the readers allows greater familiarity and built up of relationship. Building relationship definitely takes time and thus consistent guest posting will be beneficial. Moreover, your brand name will be consistently shown to the readers and be etched in their minds.
  • Getting exposure (traffic) back to your website – Quality content will attract readers interested in the topic to your website. Greater traffic also helps to boost the SEO of your website.

Posting Guidelines

All articles are subjected to approval.

We are looking for articles that are:

  • Fresh and new i.e. No rehashing of articles from other blogs
  • Full of insightful content for the readers
  • Relevant to the categories that we are in (not limited to i.e. if you feel your articles are relevant to our readers, but not in the stated categories, feel free to send in)

Links and pictures must be:

  • Relevant and helpful to the content
  • Not linked to your business if it is not relevant and only a matter of publicity

Articles must not be a promotional material on your products.

How to apply to write for us?

Choose "Guest Posting" from dropdown, type in your name, company and available titles.